Chapter Four- Charlie

Chapter Four- Charlie

A Chapter by Hingabe

In Chapter Four, Charlie and Miranda create a "relationship".

Charlie sat down next to Miranda, who was lying down asleep.  He liked to come into her hut sometimes.  The sound of her breathe calmed him down.  It drew him away from the calamity of reality.  Not that he couldn't handle it. 
She shifted in her dreams, a sweat breaking out on her forehead.  He touched her arm, a tingling sensation coming from his fingertips up his hands and into his head and all the the way down to his feet.  Like an electric force pulling them together.  As soon as their skin made contact, she settled down.  Her chestnut coloured hair stuck to her face, and he gently pulled it away.  Miranda West was a fine sight!
No!  What was he doing?  Allowing himself to be consumed by idle fantasies that would never come true.  He was nothing.  There are many finer men in this tribe for her grace to be pleasured with.  She would not fall for a b*****d child like him.
Love is a painful mistress. 
Miranda grew restless on her cot.  She turned and shook.  Charlie had to put an arm around her to keep her from falling. 
"Charlie, what are you doing?"
He slowly released her but kept one hand underneath the cot to catch the beauty if she fell.
"What are you doing?"
"Oh, just... checking in on you."
Charlie nodded.  "I may leave if you wish,"
"No, no, its okay.  I-I like company."  She put her delicate legs over on the ground.  Her feet hit the ground, and she sat down next to him with a dancer's grace.  "What's up?"
"Umm... the sky?" he said, his voice raising at the end like a question.  What an odd question.  Doesn't everyone know the sky was in the direction of 'up'?  Had she bruised her brain during the heat stroke?
She shook her head.  "Let me rephrase.  How are you doing?"
"Oh, well.  I am doing fine, thank you for asking.  How are you?"
"Good.  That stuff you gave me last night really helped my throat.  Thanks."
"You are quite welcome."  He had done it!  He pleased her!  Now her beauty was head-in-head with her headstrong personality.  He will stay with her until she sends him away.  Could you love someone in just three days?  One of them, when you just put a wet cloth up against a sweaty forehead.  To Charlie, yes. 
"Charlie, can I ask you something?"
"Yes, you may."
"Why do sometimes you act like you like me, but when I try to show that I like you, you just shut down!"  She threw her arms up in exasperation. 
Charlie smiled.  "I do like you,"
"Well then why don't you show it?"
"I thought you did not like me,"
"Do you like me?"
"I guess, yeah."
Charlie beamed with the sun's radiance.  "So we are on the same terms here?"
"Yes,"  She nodded, closing her eyes in peace.  
"Excellent,"  But not all was excellent.  Charlie knew that he was not worthy, and she would come to realize this.  It would come down to Love, pure and sheer, to see if they would remain on those terms.  He stroked her arm- up, down, up and down- tracing every perfect dent and bump in her slender forearm.  Charlie wiggled closer to Miranda, purely for body heat reasons- of course.  For, it was truly cold in Hendomre.
Miranda rested her head on Charlie's strong shoulder.  He rubbed her back, all thought's focused on Miranda and Miranda's safety.  She lifted her head until she was eye-level with Charlie.  
Excellent,"  She repeated, staring into Charlie's eyes.  MIranda pronounced each syllable with defined promise.  
They moved closer to each other, eye's locked like a romance novel.  Charlie contemplated all the scenario's that could occur at this very moment.  His dark hands grew sweaty as their lips met. 
Miranda's hands locked around his neck, moving closer with each kiss.  Charlie wiped his hands on his pants and then cupped her face in them.  Her flawless skin and lips enveloped his, making a perfect O. 
Charlie was the first to pull away.  He should not allow himself to get hooked unto her like this!  He would get hurt.  
Their noses touching, about to kiss again.  
"Miranda, time to get up!"  Said a gruff and old voice from outside her hut.  
"Mr. Kabul- I better go."
"Charlie!"  Mr. Kabul spoke.  "I didn't know that you were here."  His voice was kind, but his eyes said a different story.  They screamed 'What are you doing here boy?  What?  Watch yourself boy.' 
"I was just leaving,"  He spoke calmly.  Charlie mustered up all his strength and stood up.  He released Miranda's warm hand after a squeeze.  She looked up at him longingly, two pairs of green eyes interlocking, speaking a language of their own.  He bent over and kissed Miranda's forehead.  He wanted to make it more like a smack in the face to Mr. Kabul more than anything.  Like, ' Ha!  Look, I can do what I want.'
"Well, breakfast is being served."  Mr. Kabul said, strutting out of the hut.
MIranda's precious lips parted into a laugh. 
"What?"  Charlie wondered if he had made a fool of himself.
"Nothing!  I just never imagined that this was ever happen!"
"Hmmm...  Nor did I.  Come on, love, let's go eat."

The mess hall was nothing new to Charlie- but the child-like wonder in Miranda's eyes held a new story. 

© 2010 Hingabe

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