Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Sloan Chambers

This isn't much, just a thing... yeah...

"So, what do you want for breakfast?"  Carmen asked, shooting up from the bed to the kitchen.  Today was the last day they got to see each other for a long time, so she wanted it to count.
Evan turned over, threw the covers off, and slowly dragged his feet to the end of the king-size bed.  He ran his fingers through his shaggy brown hair, knowing it was the last time he'd do it for years.  He rubbed his eyes with his large hands, moving his jaw back and forth.   "Evan,"  Carmen said, bending down from her five-eleven to sit next to him.  "I know this is a hard thing to do, and you know I'm going to miss you horribly, but I'm so proud of you.:
He nodded.  Slow and gentle, wondering how he could have signed up for this.  He got married yesterday, and he was having trouble taking off like this. 
She rubbed his back and hugged him, letting her head rest on his shoulder.  He put his head on hers and they stayed like that for a few minutes.
"Now," Carmen said, squeezing his hand. "What would you like for breakfast?"  She let her eyes wander and took a deep sigh, thinking about their last moments together.
"Let's see what we have."  He said, standing.  Evan was a giant, standing at six foot seven inches, while he slouches.  Which he always did.
Carmen hoped that the military would do something good for him.  Yet, she was worried.  Her father was in the military, and was... abusive, so say the least.  She new Evan was calmer, stronger, and more dedicated than her father, but she worried.
She followed him into the hall, smiling as he reached backward and grabbed her hand.  They walked into the living room/kitchen together, admiring their apartment with new eyes.
Evan opened the small door to the pantry.  He wondered what he should eat to commemorate his last days.  there was wedding cake, lucky charms, tomato sauce, three slices of people, a bottle of Scotch, and a packet of gum.
"Perfect," he said calmly.  "Amazingly perfect."

"Evan,"  Carmen said, smiling.  "This is the most I've ever eaten."
He smiled.  "We should do this more often."
"And be one, very BIG, happy family,"
"You'd still be beautiful."
"You would still be my adorable Evan,"  She said, admiring the old nickname.  It was from back in middle school.  Its crazy, how the  time flies.  How she meet her soulmate this early.  
Some people would beg to differ.  Some say that your soul mate is right next to you.  Some say that don't exist.  Some say they're crazy getting married this crazy getting married this young, the day Carmen turned twenty one.  Well Evan had been twenty one for three months and six days!
Evan rolled over the futon and grunted.
"What time do we have to be there?"  Carmen asked.
"Well, its five fifty-three.  We-I mean,"  He shook his head, embarrassed and pained at the mistake. "I have to be on the flight by nine."
Carmen held her stomach.  "Uh oh.  I think I might puke."  She said.  She ran into the bathroom and vomited.  "I just ate too much,"  She said, he bottom lip trembling as she wiped it off.  "And I can't stand the fact of you leaving!"  She wailed, tears streaming down her tan face.
Evan jumped up from the couch, alarmed by the crying of his lover.  Carmen was sniffling. 
"Hey, hey now,"  Evan said, cradling her in his arms.  "I'm not going to be gone too long.  We can video chat everyday."
"I promise I'll write you,"
"Okay, I'll write back everyday."
Evan went up to the step that Carmen was on.  He took her head and pulled it into his chest.  After a few minutes, his bare chest was soaking.  It looked as if a hurricane unleashed its full force on his torso.  And it was all Evan really wanted, to be close Carmen.  And it was all Carmen really wanted, to be close to Evan.  
It may be the last time the saw each other.  

© 2010 Sloan Chambers

Author's Note

Sloan Chambers
What do you think of the Emotion in this? To deep, or too little? Too much of what? Too little of what? What do you think?

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Added on September 24, 2010
Last Updated on September 25, 2010
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Sloan Chambers

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