Cell Phones in the Trees

Cell Phones in the Trees

A Story by LiliansGift

We have to write little vignette for my AP English 2 class. Here is the result.


                Mommy is taking you to Daddy’s house, and you can’t stop smiling even thought the day is blue and gloomy. You love seeing your Daddy, and this weekend is no different.

                But it is. Mommy is tense. She stops at the end of the driveway instead of going all the way in, and you see Daddy walking toward you, dark and angry, no shirt hiding his big belly.

                You get a front seat to the fighting, they’re loud and you aren’t paying attention to the words, just the tones and the movements and you want them to stop yelling because your ears are starting to hurt and you’re a little scared and confused. You just wanted a nice weekend with your Daddy.

                Mommy keeps a metal thing in the front seat floorboards. You usually avoid it, it looks sharp and mommy said not to touch it. But today it’s sticking up, and you’re so disoriented and panicked that you move your leg in such a way that it just slices. Your knee is bleeding, and now you’re really crying because you want your Mommy and Daddy to notice, you want them to kiss it and make it better like they usually do.

                But they don’t. They keep yelling and for some reason Mommy throws her cellphone into the woods, and this sticks out because it’s so weird. Why would you throw a phone into the woods? Was is a bad phone? Your leg is still bleeding as Mommy backs out of the gravel driveway, and you watch your Daddy’s heaving form as she drives you away from him

                You didn’t get that weekend with Daddy after all.  

© 2012 LiliansGift

Author's Note

Feedback is my crack. :D

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Added on October 8, 2012
Last Updated on October 8, 2012
Tags: driveways, fighting, mother, father, blood, 4years old, cars, cell phones, weekend, divorce



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