My friendly Ladies

My friendly Ladies

A Poem by SmittyJas

Friendships that last thru eternity


Four of the ever so Kind and Lovely Ladies
I have Ever met for it has taken my whole
Lifetime to find this so loving crew oh You Bet !
They Will Be forever engraved in my mind Forevermore

Here are Their Precious Names the order doesn't Matter
For each is Just as Important as the next in the lineup
For My Soul will ever keep them close in My Mind and Heart
Liz Oh Queen Like the one of England sweet and ever kind

Anna-May the Gal with two first names Kind as ever could be
For friends we shall always be My heart Smiles
When she is around says kind words of me
Then there is My Friend Dear Marene a New York Queen

Liking to dance and sing she is full of Joy Oh Boy
She can Place a Smile on ever Small Child for that
Is her greatest talent The Blessing God Handed Over to Her
From the Days of her early Youth and even now wiser than most

All who love and respect her
Know of her kind and gentle spirit
Cause it is filled with The third Part
Of the Holy Trinity Her Light

So shines on top of the Hills
Because the Holy Ghost has entered
Her Very Soul So You Know she is lead
By the Spirit of God Truly Blessed Indeed !

My Oh My Amy Dear Amy
So sweet tender and always so kind
You have taught me many things

Oh Good Things
Like that Tim McGraw Song
Always Be Humble and Kind

You Just can not Go wrong
With that type of advice
You will not have to ponder
About it twice

Take it for what if is
The way you should treat others
As You would want others to treat You
A message from God Above the Lord Of Love !

Our First Master, Teacher, Rabbi, And Lord over All,
Thank You Amy for showing Me How Much
Laughter Can Heal the down and out Hopeless Heart !
For Good Music is a blessing to the Soul,

Amy Keep walking in the light
and you shall not stumble
In the darkness of this world of ours Amen !

Now Back to the Top With the Queen Of England
My dearest Friend the ever so Humble
Queen Elizabeth who would never know
it but as a Child of the Living God who is all knowing,

Loves all who Believe in the Works and Resurrection
Of His One and Only Son Jesus Christ
For There names shall be written Down In the book of Life
They shall not see the day of the Rapture !

May Peace, Love and the Glory of God
Be Shown To You Amen
I say this to All My Friends and Family
In this World In Which I Live !

© 2019 SmittyJas

Author's Note

There is hope for the hopeless !

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Added on November 25, 2019
Last Updated on November 25, 2019



Pittsburgh, PA

Hi My name is Jim been writing poetry for nine years started on AOL with a few new friends on a tuesday night poetry night. We would meet and post poetry and learn from each other and I learned a lot .. more..