Four days in December

Four days in December

A Poem by SmittyJas

When an Angel of the Lord Had taken both my Parents home to God's Heavenly kingdom

Four Days In December !

Four Days In December,
Those Days I will always Remember
When that amount a time passed away
Everything had changed on those days

There were Seven Children whom were about
To Become Orphan's and feel the sting of Death
For the Longest time after those early days of December
The First until the Fourth exactly as it was God Plan

For when God calls no one knows the second, minute,
Hour, day, months, or Year that shall be the last of the living years
But Both George My Loving Father and Delores My Loving Mother
They were Called very close together as they were in Life and in Love

My Wife received a call From My Oldest Brother to check on Mother,
You see the Pair of Medic's had rushed Father to the Hospital
the Night before With chest pains and a possible Heart Attack
My Wife Found the door to the home locked and no one answered

She Prided open the window crawled into the home and found My Mother
Had Passed away from a Stroke dew to a history with Diabetes and Heart problems
Now Father lingered on for 3 more days then passed following Mother on the long
Journey Up that Stair way To Heaven For All That They have done has been forgiven

As Seven Children with their Families grieved and weeped over their loses
Together they shall always remember those first four days of December of the Year
Nineteen Hundred and eighty eight Yes time changes everything and Families grow
By leaps and bounds every year we remember George and Delores Smith
At Our Summer gathering picnic calling it the Smith Family Reunion

We all Gather in Prayer and say a blessing over the Day of their Wedding Vows
November 25,1942 this Passing Year would of marked a 77th Year of Marital bliss
For the most wonderful couple you would ever want to meet so humble and kind
Meek and Mild feeding us seven hungry Children on Union wages and Prayers,

In the City Neighborhood in which I grow to love and respect I now Call Myself
(A Dead end Kid) for there was no way out on each end of Old Lautner Street
On the Back end of Troy Hill On the North Side of Pittsburgh Pa
Above where the Hinze Food Plant is Located and many whom live in the City work there !

So each First week of December we as a family take the time to remember
The passing of our Parents so dear to us not so long and far away
In our minds they shall be always be here to stay no one can take them away
For Love is an eternal stay for ever and ever and always
Earth is temporary Heaven is eternal ! The Promise Land the New Jerusalem !

Just In case You Have forgotten What You should never forget
A Pray and A Blessing to one and all Relationships
In the Family Of George Joseph Smith Senior
and His Ever So Beautiful Wife Delores Elizabeth Erb Smith Of Troy Hill.
May their Spirits live free in the the promise land of forevermore God's Kingdom !

© 2019 SmittyJas

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Added on December 2, 2019
Last Updated on December 2, 2019



Pittsburgh, PA

Hi My name is Jim been writing poetry for nine years started on AOL with a few new friends on a tuesday night poetry night. We would meet and post poetry and learn from each other and I learned a lot .. more..