Why Have You Forgotten?

Why Have You Forgotten?

A Poem by Adam M. Snow

A poem about September 11th

Why Have You Forgotten?
Written by Adam M. Snow

Why have you forgotten that day,
that left our hearts dismayed?
You told yourself you won't forget,
but in your heart, you surely did.

Why have you forgotten that fire,
the torment brought on by evil's desire?
The lives we mourn that had perished.
Memories gone though we never cherished.

Why have you forgotten the smoke-filled sky?
We helplessly watched our loved ones die.
We saw fear reign supreme,
for a moment as our nation screamed.

Why have you forgotten the heroes who gave it all?
They were still inside as the towers fell.
The sacrifice that should always be remembered,
during that morning of September.

Yet on this day, many years have passed.
Your promise to remember, never did last.
You told yourself you won't forget,
but in your heart, you surely did.

You laugh at jokes about that day,
when evil indeed had its way.
You've forgotten the lives that were lost.
You became selfish, but at what cost?

That day should not be made a joke,
or hidden behind a mirror and smoke
. That day should always be remembered.
That one day, that black September.

Never forget that day,
when the sky turned grey.

© 2019 Adam M. Snow

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I very much like the tone, vivid and with intensity. Though I do hope this doesnt turn into islamiphobia.

Posted 3 Months Ago

9-11 changed our world. After this day. The mad men took over and we are in a great mess today. Few can forget this day. We learn too late, who were friends and who were the enemy. I believe we chose the wrong enemy. The terrorist were from are so-call friends. Powerful and needed words my friend.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Your words give meaning to that day and beyond. Sometimes life gets in memories way, but my minds eye sees it clearly, still.
Fifth stanza...many years "have" passed.
Fourth stanza..They were still inside, as we saw the towers fall.
Their sacrifice...
A great tribute, Adam.

Posted 1 Year Ago

a touching and well deserved tribute to a great city and the vicious attack it endured

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on September 11, 2019
Last Updated on September 12, 2019
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