Saga Challenge-Week 1

Saga Challenge-Week 1

A Story by SnuggleBunnyQueen

This is a challenge that one of my friends gave me off of another site... It is going to be several small pieces and then eventually I will put them all together.


                The blank walls stared back at me. There was nothing resembling home here. Then again, I already knew this wasn't my home. The main thing that I couldn't stand was feeling like the walls were moving closer to me, slowly making my space smaller than it was before.

                I guess this is what prison is like. Tara, why did you go get yourself into this mess?! Yeah the guy was attractive, but that's no reason to risk your life!

                I needed to find where home was and what it meant to me again. I know that home was not with the guy that I was with. He was willing to have me thrown in jail for his deals gone bad without even trying to keep me out of it.


                The local motorcycle club, (MC for short), Ravaged Savages, had a new president. I had been around this boring area all of my life. I had seen them riding their bikes down the roads for runs together, but never really paid attention. Lately though, they weren't only doing their normal rides, but they also started taking kids from the youth center on rides around the area to get them out.

                There were other changes that benefitted the community. Their legitimate jobs were construction workers, so last weekend they had actually built a new playground and surrounded it by trees that were so young they had no leaves still. It was the right time of year to start planting them, even though I wasn't sure exactly what type of trees they had planted.

                His hair was a dirty blonde, shaggy, and a little had grown over his ears. His eyes were emerald green. They looked as if they pierced through whatever they looked at. He stood around five feet ten inches, if not a little taller. He had a thick southern accent with a t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes on. He also wore a black leather vest with the club logo and patches on it; included were sunglasses that all Savages wore.

                I walked up to the heavyset man wearing the VP patch. He had a beard that was gray and very wiry. His voice, I already knew, would echo louder than most men. He appeared to be near six feet tall, if not almost six three. He probably weighed more than two hundred, closer to three hundred, pounds.

"Hello." I was very nervous walking up slowly and cautiously towards a man that was more than three times my size. I knew that they would all be carrying guns, so I was careful as too not to sneak up on the members.

                "Yes, darling? Aren't you a little lost from the high school?"

                "No sir, I graduated a year ago. I was wondering if I could have a second with your Pres."

                "I believe that he is currently busy."

                "Is there some way that I can set up an appointment to talk to him. It's about the work that you all have done in the community lately." I didn't want to talk to him about that honestly, but I needed something to get me to at least talk to him face-to-face.

© 2012 SnuggleBunnyQueen

Author's Note

This is INCOMPLETE!!! I will continue working on this. I will be posting the newest additions every Saturday to show you what I have accomplished throughout the week. My weekly goal is from 500+ words; my total word count goal is to make it up to 10k... Long way to go...

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I like what you have so far. Keep it up.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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