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A burning of psychology,

creating attempt by a lack of form.

Choosing to manifest of endless identity,

and still I would call myself plain.

Lost through the resurrection of greater pursuit.

Leaning back to inhale deeply,

the man tells me of his inspiration,

at the mirror sight of my condensed image.

Reminding me that even as my worth is numb,

to them I am the world.

The king of carbon copy and plastic smiles.

Yet beneath the individual perception,

that a mind can live without breadth of their actions.

A pain is felt beneath every second.

And burning beneath the benality,

of choosing the path between the rights of fate,

lies my future lover, my past friend, and the minutes ago of our meeting.

Her and her friend,

puppets in my hand,

with the string wrapped gracefully around my neck.

Undetected by the ones unaccustomed to slight of hand.

Leaving the sweet littering my wrists,

to stare unsightly at my ugliness.

The paranoia only leading to my disdain for their presence,

and the absence of all the feelings which truly matter.


Against the wall,

she will take everything I've ever known.

Only to destroy herself.

Past right and wrong,

there is love and seduction.

Above the world,

in a hell produced by vertigo.

Losing my place,

I will become distracted by other possibilities.

But in the end,

it is all the same.

The drinks taste sweet,

to cover up the sour.

Am I a pawn or something more?

Finding place between thighs and beats.

I call it harmony.


© 2012 SocialSynthetics

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Added on November 1, 2012
Last Updated on November 1, 2012
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