A Bad Politician: Spoken Word

A Bad Politician: Spoken Word

A Poem by John Dennis Gillespie

Politics and America


Welcome to New America.

Can I call for anarchy?

I called for more peace and they order more war for me.

This is tragedy; an empire falls story.

We're the New Rome watch the empire fall shortly.

There's revival and there's sure to be a revolution.

Eye for eye leaves two blind and it's always been our resolution.

We decide to cease instead of reach, fight besides unite and it made us fall quick into the wayside.

Wealth is our incentive and greed has been our notions.

It's every man for yourself; we are used to being lonely.

These people think like money, kill, then blow trees, money, spend, and grow greed.

Step on the unfortunate their soil for their own needs.

Born into poverty dying in poverty; we find it monotonous; kids are scared to repeat.

So these kids prepare to delete, any competition if the competitions risen then these kids will not succeed.

Cause these kids only have dreams of materialism and imperialism was never seen without making some body bleed.

I believe in the good of the people and the power of numbers.

I believe a label changes the nature of the same old function.

Because black wall street has turf wars too.

This land is their land, in their hands, what will they cause you.

Maybe they brought you, these idealism that you needed nice car just to raise your children

That you needed the government to come and take your buildings

That you needed some more killings to feel safe from killing.

Maybe I will die a bad politician.

Yeah, a bad politician.

But, what do I know? 

I'm just a civilian that believes in more money for schools and less money for prisons. 

That it's important to make rules to stop these epidemics 

and that the minority should be heard and that somebody should listen.

Progression before tradition.

Election directly within no more representatives guessing about the way the people are living.

Cooperating the systems; no parties for politicians. 

Maybe I will die a bad politician.

A faulty philosopher; A man with failed visions.

But, never as man with no goals or ambitions.

With no hope in my people and love for existence. 

I'm trying to never die a bad politician. 


© 2013 John Dennis Gillespie

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Added on June 8, 2013
Last Updated on June 8, 2013
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