Black Republicans

Black Republicans

A Story by John Dennis Gillespie

Political Ideas from a Young Boy

Growing up in a family of liberals, I was fed liberals thoughts and beliefs on the consistent basis. Growing up in a family of Christians, I was fed christian thoughts and beliefs on the consistent basis. Residing in a community that promoted prejudice into their children and thus causing their children to justify their newly found racial beliefs by saying, “It’s what I’ve been taught my whole life,” I began to question if I believed what I believed was right because my family told me it was and if there was a possibility they could be wrong. So I quest for knowledge and with my experiences, I believe I received insight on my various beliefs. I recently started to read the bible for simply literary enjoyment rather than any spiritual benefit and I intend to do the similar readings for many other spiritual context in order to receive knowledge on all religious beliefs to fully decide my own. For now take note that I believe in God and I believe I always will because my rationality for beliefs goes far beyond any holy scripture. Now on the political scheme of things, I won’t pretend to have all of the answers because I am nearly a young boy, not a scholar. However, I encourage Black Americans to review the conservative side of the field. Data shows that over 71% of Black Americans since 1936 has identified themselves as Liberals. But, why? Democrats economic policies generally offer government assistance and government involvement. I agree that the government should assist their people in the country, but I don’t think we should become government dependent. Conservatives believe in more individual responsibility and I still think that black people are capable of fending for themselves. I think that the more we depend on the government, the longer we carry around the stereotypes that were handed to us. I think if we stray away from government assistance or use it scarcely in order to build up our own empire then that is the best way to become great in America. I do not believe this is the only way, but I think it’s a fine one. The promotion of hard work in America on every ethnicity, class, and more is essential. What do you think?

© 2013 John Dennis Gillespie

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Added on October 8, 2013
Last Updated on October 8, 2013
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