On Houses and Love Like Things

On Houses and Love Like Things

A Poem by Soma-ko

Look at my tower of anxiety,

the steel beams of doubt,

that hold everything with
such unwavering conviction

yet creak once a step dresses

its silver deceptions of security.




to my foundationless dungeon

of insecurities. The walls here

made of clouds mixed with mist,

an illusion I trap myself within,

hear the echoes as I tap these

thin walls. How deep it goes

to absolutely nowhere, yet all.


You’re the first person I’ve invited

to my humble abode, my house

of steel supported by clouds. Look

as much as you want, touch what

you see, but know, this is my home.

Know, I am it’s master. So before

you mention ‘new’ discoveries to me,

Know, that I am the one who placed

it there.




my love. Stay as long as you’d like.

There is no such thing as overstay,

break what you’d like, try to deceive

my doubts, dress my illusions, my dear

if love is true, make this home yours.

© 2016 Soma-ko

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Added on October 29, 2016
Last Updated on October 29, 2016




Please, if you want me to read your piece I beg you to send me a read request, because lately I've been more focused on studying and cramming in a few hours of relaxation, so writing and reading i.. more..

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