There's Always a Time for Beginnings

There's Always a Time for Beginnings

A Chapter by SomerSunshine

        "I don't know, I just don't know!" Jeremy screamed. Neither of them knew what to do. And now it was going to kill her, because Jeremy couldn't make up his damn mind.

        Blood was seeping out of the corners of her mouth, and gurgling sounds were being made in the back of her throat. Ethan willed himself to not look down again at her horribly shredded chest. This was all Jeremy's fault, and looking at what had happened would make it all too real, and that last thing he needed was for this to be real. 

        "I swear to God, Jeremy. If you don't hurry up and change her, then she will die. She's suffering. And you know it. Either you kill her, or change her. Your call." Ethan bit his lip to keep his emotions in check. He loved her, too. He wanted to change her. He wanted to be able to see her smile, laugh again.

        But Jeremy ignored him, because whatever Ethan had to stay didn't matter- and Jenny was his. She'd always be his. This was his decision alone. He would have to change her. Deep down, Jeremy loved her, and he wouldn't be able to let her go like this. Ethan couldn't let her go like this.

       They were on the same page on this one. They had to be. And changing her was the only solution. Even if it meant that she would become a totally different person. She was worth it.

        "I'll do it." Jeremy muttered to himself, and kept repeating it, teeth clenched together. Tears were streaming down his face, and Ethan let his shoulders relax slightly.

        Everything was going to be okay. For once, everything was going to be okay when everything was going oh-so wrong.

        Jenny was beginning to shiver, probably feeling cold from the blood loss. Her eyes were rolling around in her head, and for a brief, fleeting second Ethan could see her eyes connect with Jeremy's. It was like they were having a silent conversation, and then her eyes rolled back again.

        Her hair was stiff- the dark chocolate locks she wore were now sickly covered in dried blood. She had things hanging out all over the place. The pin of a yellow tulip she always wore on her shirt was now over thirty feet away, bent beyond repair.

        Her shirt was in threads, just barely hanging on to her slim frame. He couldn't stand the sight of her mangled body- just bent and torn beyond repair.

        He looked around slowly, and he could barely hear her short gasps or Jeremy's agonized groans anymore. He could focus.

        The stars were in a beautiful disarray above them, and he could barely see them through the trees. He could distantly hear a cricket or two, and the sound of an owl flying. Everything seemed so oblivious to the chaos going around them.

        "Ethan, leave." Ethan jumped at the sound of his name.

        "What?" Ethan looked down at them, and they looked the same as they had a few seconds before. Jeremy was still on his knees next to Jenny. But he had a determined look on his face. The tears had dried, and the look that he had chilled Ethan to his core.

        "What?" He gasped. "Why?" His eyes connected with Jeremy's, and he knew the answer. He knew the meaning behind Jeremy's face, had seen it before, and could feel the shock make it's way onto his. No.

        "Go, Ethan." He repeated.

        "You can't do this. Please."

        "Get the hell out of here!" Jeremy yelled. Ethan began to shake. He looked up once, and saw the owl soar above his head.

        "Go, Ethan!" He roared, and Ethan began to slowly back away, hating himself more and more with each step he took. He couldn't leave, he couldn't leave her with him. Her death was on his hands now. He needed to turn around. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair.

        With each step, the self hatred began to build and stack and run through him until it was all he could feel.

        The farther he got away from it all, the less he could hear the choked sobs behind him.

        The farther he got away, the less he could hear the sound of a neck being broken. The less he could hear the sounds of a life being taken away.

© 2010 SomerSunshine

Author's Note

Tell me what you think! (: Be as harsh and as truthful as can be.

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Added on November 4, 2010
Last Updated on November 6, 2010
Tags: Vampires, Love, Beginnings, Death




My name is Somer, and I'm just a girl from Minnesota. I love to write, and one day I hope to become an author. I like stories with a lot of feeling, and run-on sentences. So hopefully my stories h.. more..

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A Story by SomerSunshine