A Poem by Scarlet Letter

So fragile...

A tornado of confusion
Reels around my mind
As I sit here, dumbfounded
I can't help but wonder...
Who am I?
Sweet and innocent to the world,
Perfection in their eyes.
So why am I so wicked within?
This evil inside
Envelops me in a shroud of shadows.
I am revolting.
A rotting corpse,
Purifying from the inside out.
The stench of decay
Fills my nostrils.
The repulsiveness of my existence
Make my soul retch.
Is the only way to keep
From self-destruction.
Does no one smell
This reeking carcass
Of decaying remains?
Alas, I am a grand thespian,
An artist of deception.
As I perish inside, 
They are oblivious
For my exterior shows another side;
A delicate, white porcelain figure,
Appearing hard as stone,
Not realizing how easily I shatter.
Don't move, don't breathe,
I may break apart
Vanishing in to dust,
Left in the mercy of the wind.

© 2010 Scarlet Letter

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Sometimes, our insides and our outsides mismatch. Sometimes, others can't tell what we feel like from how we look and behave, from how we appear.
And while most wish that somebody notices their distress, at the same time we WANT to look strong to others, and in most cases being emotional is seen as a sign of weakness.
Sometimes, though, people just aren't aware of anything because they don't want to. As astounding as their blindness can be sometimes.
Your descriptions are beautiful, the dark scene is really brought to live by your words. Simply amazing.
The actual questions go well with the stream-of-consciousness-character of your poem, it expresses the wonder that, as I assume, we all feel at times. Who we really are, why people see something different in us than what we think we are and why they are so blind at times.
Absolutely awesome.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Although not in verses or rhyme, this is a descriptive narrative in which the reader is left with few opportunities to doubt the writer's meanings. I have reviewed some of her other poems recently, and noticed the references to an emotional state of self-loathing in at least one other poem by this writer. It is quite atmospheric and dark, with a sincere menace about it. Who will be next, to add a piece of work to my writing group? Thanks for sharing this with us - Scarlet! Perhaps, many more will follow? Let us hope so!

Posted 13 Years Ago

A fantastic read. An outstanding work.



Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on September 10, 2010
Last Updated on December 19, 2010
Tags: porcelain, fragile, depression, sad


Scarlet Letter
Scarlet Letter


I love art of all forms. The types I practice are writing, charcoal/oil pastels, music, photography, and more. Every time I look at something I see if it would be best as a picture, drawing, poem, or .. more..


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