Life Un-lived

Life Un-lived

A Poem by Scarlet Letter

How did it get like this?

Laying in my bed
The sound of the world
Bearing down on me.
Nothing is as it should be.
How did it get like this?
The beginning was so assuring 
Fresh with life,
Dwelling in faith
Boundless desires
All of creation before me.
But now...
Unfulfilled promises,
Ambitions defeated
Before even taking off.
Hope lays in ruin,
Peace just a fading prayer
Shattered dreams are all I have left.
So much time wasted
With mundane tasks, 
Nothing ever changing.
A life un-lived.

© 2010 Scarlet Letter

Author's Note

Scarlet Letter
I don't think it's done yet. Feel free to add input or lines for me to use.

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I'd consider it quite complete as it is.
I think everybody knows the feeling of missed chances and hopelessness, when the future appears bleak because the past has already gone by and opportunities then have not been seized, resulting in options not being available now.
That there have been things we didn't do, but should have done, in retrospect.
I believe that we shouldn't dwell on inglorious pasts and focus on the present, on living the now, so we can say we lived later.
It's never too late to change the future, even though we cannot alter what has and hasn't been done.
But as endless possibilities of how to shape tomorrow lie before us, we are free to pick whichever we like.
You've got a true talent for describing depressing scenarios, and I like the way your words flow freely, like thoughts.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I think its perfectly done! Its great, i think every person once feels like this and you make it sound so sad and hopeless that you hit it perfectly i think its great!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Actually I think its fine just the way it is. this is a fantastic poem!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Such a dreary but incredible write...
Gives one a feeling of hopelessness
suffercating the life right out of you.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on December 2, 2010
Last Updated on December 2, 2010


Scarlet Letter
Scarlet Letter


I love art of all forms. The types I practice are writing, charcoal/oil pastels, music, photography, and more. Every time I look at something I see if it would be best as a picture, drawing, poem, or .. more..