SasuSaku: Cherry Blossom In The Rain

SasuSaku: Cherry Blossom In The Rain

A Story by SasuSakuLoVer

Sakura hates Raining in Konoha,It's not because she dosen't want to be wet it's because she feels that the rain is weeping and needed to be replaced by a Rainbow.

SasuSaku: Cherry Blossom In The Rain.
Disclaimer: I DON"T OWN NARUTO.

It was raining in Konoha,Team 7 is resting in a nearby store shielding them from the rain(THEY ARE OUTSIDE IN THE STORE BUT THEY ARE PROTECTED FROM THE RAIN).Naruto is waiting until the rain stop,Kakashi is reading his Icha-Icha book,Sasuke is well,being Sasuke and Sakura is a little different.
"Uhhhhh,I'm tired of waiting!!!"Naruto shouted in annoyance.
"Be patience Naruto,it will stop soon."Their sensei said calmly.
-cricket sound-
Sakura stood up and looked to the rain with sadness in her eyes.
"what's wrong Sakura-chan?"Naruto asked.
"I hate rain..."Sakura raised her hand a little letting the raindrops fall into her hands.
Naruto and Sasuke looked to each other confused and looked to their sensei.Kakashi closed the book and looked to his only female team member.
"are you afraid of getting wet?"Kakashi asked.
"It's not that...I hated raining because for me it's a sign of weeping."
The boys became speechless until Sasuke spoke.
"you're always crying-'
"Trust me..I don't want anyone to feel what I feel when I'm crying...That's why I don't want the clouds to cry and weep like I do!"Sakura shouted as her hands ball into a fist.
"Sakura-chan"Naruto blink at her.
Sasuke became shock at the outburst of Sakura along with Kakashi.
"I'm sorry..."Sasuke blushed saying those words.
"For what?"Sakura looked at him.
"you know it..."he blushed more this time.
"it's okay..but right now..."Sakura looked to the raining skies.
Suddenly Sakura walk forward where the rain fell down.
"You're going to catch a cold there!"Sasuke shouted which Naruto and Kakashi looked to him in shock.
"Oh really?"then Sakura pulled Sasuke from where he stand.
"Now I'm wet..."Sasuke pouted and looked at Sakura causing him to blush.
"Don't go without me!"Naruto shouted and ran to them and pulled them to make a group hug.
"You're to tight dobe!"Sasuke argue.
"yeah thats right Naruto!"Sakura said teasingly.
"Nevermind that!"Naruto said hyper as ever.
Kakashi looked to them and sakura waved at him to join them which Kakashi denied.
"I'm going to catch a cold you know"Kakashi rubbed the back of his head.
"Oh really?!"They asked to their sensei.
 sakura,sasuke and naruto drag him to the rain and laughed together.
Then suddenly the rain stop and a Rainbow showed up.
"Its Beautiful.."Sakura stated.
Sasuke looked to Sakura
'She's More Beautifull than the rainbow....I...I Love her...Very Much'Sasuke thought and smiled
The End....

© 2013 SasuSakuLoVer

Author's Note

I was Inspired by a picture and if ya wanna see the picture its in the image.

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Added on May 7, 2013
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My nickname is sola but I wrote SasuSakuLoVer instead so you either call me sola or my display name. my age,I won't tell you. my hobbies are,I have a lots of hobbies but I love making Naruto Fanfi.. more..