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Let's talk about it,Shall we?


Hatred is a common word to us,to everyone.But what exactly hatred means?


Some says that if you don't like that person it is considered that you hated that person.

When someone do something to you which you don't like you will start to hate that person.

If there's anything you extremely dislike, you hated it.


Well...the examples that you read are common to people but that doesn't explain what hatred means,so what is it?


Hatred is a powerful emotion to everyone,it is something you dislike, avoid, disgust, and many more meanings.


Hatred is a word but it's meanings are many. To people they have their own meanings, for me hatred is what blinds us from loving, caring, and what they are doing that seems wrong thinks its right.


To put it simply, lets have an example:


There is one boy name Max then he met a boy named Alex, the same age like him. They became bestfriends they spend their times together, eat together, study together like they are siblings. They are very happy...until Alex changed. He act differently to him he started to hate him, beat him, bully him. It was too painful for Max to think that his bestfriend changed. The once Alex he knew was gone...sick and tired he decided to talk Alex, asking "why did you suddenly changed! Did I ever do something to you?!" but Alex replied "I'm the one who's asking that you know! you were the best in the class, the leader, the role-model, Everything! so why can I!?" Max was shocked. he was jealous of him that lead to hate him.


See? hatred is powerful, it cannot hurt physically but mentally. for a boy like Alex he lacks acknowledgement to other people except Max but he needs more than one so when he started to looked at him many people acknowledge him, that caused him to be jealous that lead him to hate him.


Jealousy, Pride, Envy are example that can lead to hatred.


It hurts the person who hates him or her but some hated each other that cause chaos to each other. while some do not mind that they are hated, because they have love ones who can support them or they are brave to stand up for themselves.


What I Hate Is Hate. I hate it but it can't be avoided you hate things with reason, each have meanings, different meanings.


But their is one thing I learned.


When A Man Learns To Love, He Must Bear The Risk Of Hatred

© 2013 SasuSakuLoVer

Author's Note

Soo? what do you think is it bad or good?

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I think its really good. There are some things in it that haven't been written properly, but overall its really good. :)
It shows the true many meanings of hatred and how hatred can be communicated sometimes and actually hurt people physically and mentally. To be honest, I have never really hated anyone, so I wouldn't know that 'feeling' of hatred, but I do dislike people, I never say I 'hate' people because I think its an extremely cruel word, well that's just my opinion anyways ;) To go through something like hatred must be really hard. I'm sorry for getting back to you really late, I took a long break from this website :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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