( He is) ~Ash of my Flaws

( He is) ~Ash of my Flaws

A Poem by Sophy Freebirds

Whenever you feel you are not enough, whenever looking at the mirror saddens you, For all those times- Smash the mirror!, change your reflection, embrace your imperfection.

Wandering eyes, straying from the assurance
Does he always do that? Feign he is innocent?

And you loathe the reflection you see ,
Trying to bloody your hands with a piercing,
wanting to look like the dream that he loves.

Smash that mirror of his expectations,
Kick him out of his past dreams
Because you ain't his definition of perfection but
you are your own version of sweet destruction.

If he can't take the fire burning within her( you)
Then let him turn to ash, of your flaws.

~ Sophy Freebirds

© 2017 Sophy Freebirds

Author's Note

Sophy Freebirds
Just put yourself in front of the mirror and feel what i feel. <3

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Ah yes true feelings, that i do have. thanks again for this lovely poem.

Posted 3 Years Ago

you enjoy seeing him burning :), after a long time tigress, you are back hunting. excellent work, n images in mirror are mere reflections, don't take them seriously, you are too good then just being a perfect picture. enjoy your birthday and where is my cake btw :) i m hungry

Posted 3 Years Ago

To quote a John Prine song, "You is what you is and you ain't what you ain't." There seems to a favorite lie going about these days that everyone is equal. How do I know it is a lie? It's very simple. The simplicity rests in invariability. The rich man never says to the bum on the street, "I'm worth every bit as much as you!" The pretty girl never says anything similar to the plain. The college educated never points out that he is just as bright as the illiterate. But it is invariably the opposite because it is a lie you see and silly pride or envy or inward disgrace demands justice (or what that particular person deems as justice) and the lie of "equality" is born. We must learn to do away with this sort of self-deceit and accept that we all can't be brain surgeons or rocket scientists or billionaires who live in mansions. Our inequality doesn't devalue us as human beings any more than an expensive bottle makes the contents taste better. We can't all be champagne but for my money I'd place a bet that more palettes out there are better suited to beer anyway. I don't want to be what anyone else is. How droll, how unoriginal and boring. I'd rather be the most unique thing in the world and be me. Because there's only one of me you see and that makes me rather special and precious...if not to others, then at least to myself. And if someone else should share that opinion, all the better and we can be different and special together. Cheers.

Posted 3 Years Ago

That is right, when someone loves you they love you for who you are, not what they can turn you into. I had a couple girlfriends in the past trying to change me so I left them behind.

So great seeing new work from you, seems like it has been a while.

Posted 3 Years Ago

We are who we are defined by us and not others. We should accept our flaws but work to be better at things and relationships. Positive affirmations within and setting realistic goals are very helpful and attainable. An excellent one...:).........

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on August 31, 2017
Last Updated on August 31, 2017
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Sophy Freebirds
Sophy Freebirds

Balangir, Odisha, India

Christened as Sophy i try to live up to this name.Introduction is something i am never good at.But if you want to know me,read me. My Real name is Ankita Sagar.Will be turning 19 soon this Septembe.. more..