Coming of Age

Coming of Age

A Chapter by Minty Delights



          I was walking down the castle hallways around noon. That was the first time I had heard the voice…

          “Descendent of Ascherit…” it whispered desperately, “Quickly… You must kill her.”

          “Brother Rael!”

          I turned around and saw a small girl at the age of 9. Her brown hair was tied and ornamented with a sparkling, blue rose and wore a pale pink dress. Her smile was from ear to ear.

          “Rose!” I exclaimed as she hugged me.

          She is graced with flexibility so she easily climbed up to my shoulders. As she sat on me, she laughed, “You got my name wrong again, brother! I am Seira.”

          I smiled sheepishly, “I’m sorry, Seira.”

          “It’s alright, brother,” she giggled.

          I was always bad with names, and yes, even with my siblings. I was the oldest of 5 children (3 of which are very rowdy), and always had too much in my head. But thanks to my butler, Kaye, I’m always on schedule.

          As I walked down the castle hallways I met Silvia. She wore a flowing violet dress and had her golden hair tied up. I kissed her as Seira covered her eyes with her small hands.

          “Happy Coming of Age, Rael,” she said.

          Silvia and I are engaged. I first met her at a party to celebrate her 13th birthday. She was the daughter of Grand Duke Rodin Loyard and Duchess Fenla Loyard. They were close friends with my father and mother as they go way back to their childhood.   

          She was very different from my other candidates. She was strong headed and her inability to act lady-like was always amusing. However, I started really liking her when she played the oddly familiar and beautiful piano songs at her birthday.

          I confessed to her at the age of 15 when it was her 14th birthday. I remember the event as if it was yesterday.

          I went up to her at the party, nervous but confident.

          “Silvia?” I asked with a smile, “Can I have a word with you?”

          She looked at her lady friends, blushing, “My pleasure.”

          Caelus, an old friend who persuaded me to confess, mouthed “good luck”. I held up a thumb as I brought Silvia to a balcony and confidently confessed. Her face went pink.

          “To think the famous crown prince would choose me, the least feminine of all your candidates, is surprising.”


          “What,” she asked, “You don’t know how popular you are?”


          She smiled, laughing, “Then I guess saying that I am a very lucky girl shows how much?” She kissed me on the cheek.

          “Yes.” I smiled.

          I introduced her immediately to my parents and they approved of her. When my parents officially announced our engagement I was the happiest man in the world. We will be getting married next year, when I turn 20.

          “Thank you, Silvia,” I said

          Seira pouted, “I wanted to be first!” Jealous and angry, she started to kick me on the chest.

          Silvia laughed and squeezed Seira’s cheeks, “I’m so jealous how he can carry you like that though.”

          “Humph!” Seira crossed her arms.

          “I’m being fought over by two girls,” I joked.

          They both blushed.

          Silvia looked at her gold watch to hide her face but instead she looked surprised, “We should get going.” Glancing and smiling at Seira, she held out her open hand in front of her. Seira suddenly held in laughter.

          Silvia whisptered, “Umlin”

          Immediately after, she made a portal to the castle’s dining room. When we went through I could already hear the whispers. Seira covered my eyes with her hands.

          I heard a muffled command from inside, “Open the door,” I was not startled that my father knew I was here. He was always graced with the magical ability to know where people are. However, he must see the person at least once.

          Right after Karias’ excited squeal, Seira’s younger twin brother, the door opens and Seira removes her hands.

© 2012 Minty Delights

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Minty Delights
Part one of Chapter one. :) Enjoy

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