Rebecka and Stella Excert 2 (Rebacka's P.O.V)

Rebecka and Stella Excert 2 (Rebacka's P.O.V)

A Story by Alisha Martin

Another part. I still have no Title for this book.


             And just like that, just as easily as she'd blown my life to bits, she was gone. Zip. Zilch. Nada. It was like she'd never exsited. All I had to prove she'd ever been there were what had to be hundreds of Jones Cream Soda bottle caps all over my, now messy, apartment. They were like little capsules of hope. Proof that not all was lost.  Every morning I'd stash a few in my purse before I'd head to work.  So as the day wore me out, I could reach into my bag and pull one out, the little fortunes were guaranteed smiles. And I do love guarantees.

                 The first couple of weeks, I saw her everywhere. When I'd go and get gas for Albert, she'd be leaning against him. At starbucks, she'd be peeking into the window. At work, every curly haired skinny chick had her knowing smile and encouraging eyes.

                 When I stopped seeing her, I just heard her. Her words followed me down the ailes at work. They rang in my ears at home, as I prepared for an outing. Always telling me to "Chill out," and "Go with the Flow,"


I even wished she was still there to shut me up and tell me it's okay.

I don't have to be perfect.

© 2010 Alisha Martin

Author's Note

Alisha Martin
Review Please! Also, title names?

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I really like longer stories to read and this short story seems like it could stretch out into a longer story. I hate that about authors, but I'm sure I do it too. Anywho, great job.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Another good short story.
I really could see this as a long story, but that's up to you.
Nice job again.

Posted 14 Years Ago

wow this seriously needs to be a longg story.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Title: Jones Caps.
I love the whole thing of finding a guarantee and bringing it with you everywhere, it's pretty neat and makes me smiles. Also I love how Rebacka acknowledges that she doesn't have to be perfect :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on March 9, 2010
Last Updated on March 9, 2010

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