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SHE: A Tribute

SHE: A Tribute

A Poem by Ankita Dwivedi

She's so close to us yet we are miles away from her .

You see, we have a legacy of silence and a history of violence. 
Programmed to tyranny, designed for destiny. 
Misogyny in the air, steady your sight. 
Don't let your hands tremble, don't dare to fight. 
She says, women are preyed upon like perpetrators.
 Tamed like an animal.
Caged in a box someone else created. 
She is holding her breath exasperated. 
She asks,  why is everybody so misunderstood?
Taking women's success for contingence,
 tears for weakness,  body for shame, 
womanhood for disdain,
 wrapping women in pink feathers of prejudice.
 Innocently alluding their manhood to mockery. 
She says, they close all the doors for us. 
Then they pull our chairs in chivalry
 and say that they aren't invited at our table. 
It's not her fault. Maybe it's not his as well. 
It's our fault. 
You see, we need to find out what we're doing wrong as a culture
 that continues to give asylum to prejudice century after century
 or, this world will be a living mortuary. 
You see, we need to stop asking her to wear more clothes in public,
 and stripping her naked of pride and consent behind closed doors 
in the name of culture. 
She bleeds every month to keep the world going.
 She sometimes wear her scars and sometimes her smile for the showing. 
She's not a machine to birth children and serve.
 Don't make her rights sound as demands,
 it's s something she deserves.
 A woman is warmth of heart. 
Without her there's no home. 
Now, she's realising the bauty of her eyes.
 She's letting that power breed like fireflies.
 Her claws cutting through sharp edges of air.
 She's driven by desire,standing naked in front of you.
 Challenging everything you have ever believed in. 
So clench your fist tight.
 With hope in eyes. 
If you are a he, she or other. 
Don't tell me. No,  don't even bother. 
Just treasure the remains of world on you palm and don't let it slip away. 

© 2020 Ankita Dwivedi

Author's Note

Ankita Dwivedi
Tribute for all the girls and women in our life , they deserve this .So let's slow down for a moment , stop and acknowledge a woman for she's the reason you're breathing today.

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We need to be challenged by those women who have suffered for centuries. It's how it was, not how it is now...and it never should have been.
We are equals in relationships, in all things...
Equal partners and we need each other and need to appreciate each using, no abusing...just diffusing old and worn out customs...Appreciation needs to be in abundance.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Ankita Dwivedi

1 Month Ago

wisdom reflects in your words and we need more men like you , sir . Who without accusing us of anyth.. read more
This is one of those poems that are important to read for everyone, male or female. You bring attention to a different culture than we experience in the U.S. Although, that is not to say we have not seen the destruction of many women through oppression, murders and rape.

Your poem has merit that is worth reading. Lets hope someday they'll be a change for the better in whatever positive way that can come about.

Great writing.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Ankita, sadly misogyny exists. In some parts of the world and within some cultures it is far worse than others. It is shameful as I firmly believe in equality for all. I am proud to say I am a descendant of Millicent Fawcett Garrett, a suffragette who has a statue erected in Parliament Square to honour her work. In my country I have seen vast improvements in opportunities for women. I see many talented women in top positions in industry and government. I am pleased to say I have not been confronted by misogynistic behaviour during my career. It starts with education. Education for all and then it may be a slow creep, but eventually your dream will be achieved. Your lines spell out clearly what some women have to endure and tgeur treatment as second class citizens. Young women like you, feisty abd intelligent can make a difference. It is you who can take this inequality and shake it by its neck in a fight for change. A powerful read. Don't give up on what you believe in.


Posted 6 Months Ago

I endeavor to treat both men and women as individuals--not as members of any group.
Like some; don't like others.
Apparently, you've had some very bad experiences; crude, thoughtless people
are, unfortunately, everywhere.
Powerful poem, Ankita!

Posted 6 Months Ago

Ah-so, Beautiful Poetess 👋🏼

Each and every day (often, through the night), I worship all of God's lovely lady flowers He so generously and thoughtfully set upon this earth to admire, love, and appreciate in every way possible for a man to do, and I try in every way I can imagination to let her (all the hers that come my way) know how much and in what ways I do sooo enthrallingly give my thanks for them, for YOU, and each other special woman, too.
Ya know, Ankita? I'm not sure if it's okay for a grown man to tear-up over a poem, but the beautifully embracing passion breathing in the soul of your words have caused me to.
The only thing I regret about this amazing piece is that I didn't write it … though, I relate to and feel it in such deep ways I surely could have.

Bless You always, Our Lovely Lady-Poet, for sharing your bright soul, inspiring skills, kindest heart, and wondrously brilliant, intelligent mind.
My warmest, most grateful hug to thee, Little Flower! ⁓ Richard 🍃

Posted 6 Months Ago

Ankita Dwivedi

6 Months Ago

Oh, dear friend... I am sorry it made you tear up and it is completely understandable for a man wit.. read more
Richard 🍃

6 Months Ago

All women are beautiful in their own ways, some more-so than others … like You. ; )
This is beautiful! I absolutely love how you lead up with the powerful lines talking about the the bad things and feeling that women have to deal with, and then you lay down the cherry on top with the "It's our fault." and then talk about what is wrong with the culture as a whole. AMAZINGLY well written! I love it and your style a lot! I hope you have a day as amazing as yourself!

Posted 6 Months Ago

Ankita Dwivedi

6 Months Ago

I am glad you liked it.. It was a pleasure meeting you my friend. Thanks for visiting. :)
I acknowledge what you said Ankita ! We come so far away just because of the contribution of our life mother, for few their wives and for few, special person as sister or girlfriends. They are truly the one we can't level the contribution with anyone. Tribute is heartily felt and accepted from my side too. Nicely penned poem with smartly captivating lines.

Posted 6 Months Ago

This poem speaks volumes! It also has so many good lines. I also like your manner of writing, it has a soft passionate touch of poetry but simplicity speaks from the heart and that can be felt so easy and it's impressive. It reminded me of two songs by Tupac Keep Your Head Up and Dear Mama.

I know this probably isn't your type of music lol, but the lyrics are so real.

"She bleeds every month to keep the world going."
"Don't make her rights sound as demands,
it's s something she deserves." fave lines.

Posted 7 Months Ago

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Added on October 7, 2020
Last Updated on October 7, 2020
Tags: strength, feminism, freedom, rebellion, acceptance, love, light


Ankita Dwivedi
Ankita Dwivedi

Noida, Utttar pradesh, India

Hey guys!! read my poetry and do give your reviews. I need your support. I really hope that it will lead every individual to find something they felt at some point, a feeling they thought were alien... more..


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