Completed Chapter 23:"The aftermath"

Completed Chapter 23:"The aftermath"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 23 of Completed


Eiko came home from her birthday party with her friends. Her dad was reading the newspaper and asked, “Did you had fun hanging out with Rie?” Eiko said, “Yeah I did. I got some cool gifts.” Her dad puts down the newspaper and asked, “What did she give you?” She walked towards her dad to show him the keychain. Her dad looks at the keychain and said, “I knew it's a keychain from your games.” 

He looked up at Eiko and noticed the flower hairpin. He started to make a suspicious face and pointed at the hairclip. He asked, “And who gave you that?” She replied casually, “Ah just one of my friends.” He got a little surprised and said confused, “I thought you only had Rie as your friend?” Eiko said, “Well I made two new friends.” Her dad squinted his eyes and asked boldly, “Are your two friends girls or boys?” She said, “They are both guys.” Her dad exclaimed, "TWO GUYS?!!!" Eiko covered her ears from her dad's loud voice and said, "Yeah. Is that a problem?" Her dad started gritting his teeth. He screeched, "They better not be interested in my daughter! What are their names?? Tell me where do they live??" She said, "Chill down dad. They are just friends." He slammed his fist on the desk and yelled, "All guys have dirty intentions! I don't want any dude near my daughter!" 

Eiko whined, "Mommm. Dad won't stop making a deal of me being friends with two guys." Her mom pops her head out of the hallway and said happily, "I am happy that my daughter is finally making some guy friends." She asked, "Are you interested in any of them?" Eiko screamed, "Nooo!! I can't believe mom is also making a big deal about this!" The twins came downstairs from all the ruckus and asked, "What's going on?" Her mom said, "Eiko has two guy friends!" 

Fumiko said casually, "Oh that. We already met one of her guy friends." Her dad rushed over to Fumiko and asked, "What was he like?" Fumiko said, "hm.. tall, and handsome. It seemed like he really liked big sister." Her dad's eyes widened in surprise and asked in a worried tone, "And how do you know this?" Shinji said, "He was being pretty nice to big sister despite how cold she treated him." Fumiko exclaimed, "And we saw that he tried to hold big sister's hand!!" Eiko covered Fumiko's mouth and yelled, "That didn't happen!!" Fumiko said loudly, "It did happen! You just too block headed to notice!" 

Her dad made an annoyed face and said in a grumpy tone, "What's the name of this fella?" The twins said together, "Hiroyuki." Her dad said sarcastically, "What a nice name..." Eiko said, "I don't get why you're making a big deal out of this. We are just friends." Her dad's expression became serious and said, "I will see if that's true. Invite him to our house sometime." Eiko sighed and said, “Alright. You can see with your own eyes. " Her dad smiled and said, "I trust you for now but I will make the final judgment with my own eyes." 

She nodded and was about to walk to her room. Her mom said, Are you ready to celebrate your birthday with us?" Eiko said, "Just a little celebration." Her mom put a small cake with a candle.

Eiko looks around and asked, "Where's Kenshin?" Her mom said, "Kenshin is taking his finals at college." Eiko nodded. Her mom lit up the candle and they wished her a happy birthday. She blew out the candle and ate a small slice of the cake. 

She went to her room and stared at the mirror. She smiled at herself and took the hairclip out of her hair. She kept staring at it and touching the hairclip. She put the hairpin down on the table. She got ready for bed and went to sleep. She woke up the next day for school. She got ready and put the hairclip in her hair. She went to the classroom. Rei grinned and said cheerfully, "I can tell that you like that hairclip!" Eiko nodded and said, "It's really pretty."  Hiroyuki's comes into the classroom and noticed that Eiko had the hairclip on. He smiled and had a small talk with the girls. Itsuki greeted them good morning.

During class, the girls in her class noticed Eiko's hairclip. They were texting and gossiping about how the hairclip didn't suit Eiko. One of the girls said, "I heard that Hiroyuki got that for Eiko's birthday." Another said, "No way! Eiko is not good enough for Hiroyuki!" It became PE, and Rie noticed the girls gossiping about Eiko. While doing stretches, Rie asked, "Have you noticed the girls in our class gossiping about you?" Eiko shook her head and said, "Not really. And to be honest, I could care less." Rie said, "Well that kind of stuff doesn't really bother you." 

The gym teacher called out Eiko and said, "Can you take off the hairclip? We are going to do the fitness exam today. And I don't want you to accidentally break your hairclip from the exercises." She nodded and said, "I will go back to class to put it away." She ran back to class and took out her hairclip. She put it inside her desk. Some of the girls in her class asked to use the bathroom and went to the classroom. One of the girls went into Eiko's desk and took the hairclip. One of the girls complained, "I can't believe that Hiroyuki gave such a pretty hairclip to Eiko. She totally doesn't deserve it!" The other girls agreed and kept insulting Eiko. They were saying things like ," She took Hiroyuki away from us! She is such a hypocrite! I thought she hated him! She is such a fake b***h that thrives for Hiroyuki's attention!"

The girl threw the hairclip on the floor and started to stomp on it. The other girls joined in. Parts of the azalea hairclip started to crack. Eiko went inside the school to get a drink of water and heard some noises from the classroom. She went to the classroom and opened the door. The girls look at her in surprise. Eiko noticed the cracked hairclip on the floor. She rushed over and picked up the hairclip. Her anger started to boil. One of the girls laughed and said evilly, "That's what you get when you steal Hiroyuki away from us!" Another girl sneered and said sarcastically, "Aww is Eiko gonna cry?"

 Eiko glared at them and punched one of girls close by to her. The girl fell down and her nose started to bleed. The girl shouted, "I am going to tell the teacher on you! You're going to get suspended!" The girls run to the gym teacher and said loudly, “Teacher!, Eiko punched her!” Rie noticed all the fuss the girls were causing and walked up to the girls. Rie asked, “Did Eiko really punched you?” 

The girl with the bloody nose shouted, “Can't you see that she made my nose bleed?!!” Rie said, “Eiko never punched anyone for no reason. You probably did something that pissed her off.” The girl with the blood nose screamed, “I didn’t do anything!” The gym teacher yelled, “Enough! It doesn’t matter if she did something to Eiko or not. Eiko shouldn’t punch anyone for any reason!” Eiko came back to the outside of the gym. The gym teacher said, “Eiko, I am going to need to see you at the faculty office after gym.” Eiko nodded. Rie walked towards Eiko and asked, “Are you okay?” She said, “I am okay.” 

After gym, Eiko walked with the gym teacher to the faculty office. Hiroyuki and Itsuki walked out from the gym and noticed. They walked back into the classroom. Rie was sitting in her seat and sighing. Hiroyuki asked, “Why was Eiko with the gym teacher?” Rie said, “She punched a girl in our class.” Itsuki shouted, “Eiko isn’t the type of person who would do that!” Rie said, “I also agree with you. The girl probably did something to Eiko.” Hiroyuki asked, “Did you know who the girl was?” 

Rie pointed to the girl. Hiroyuki started to walk towards that girl. Rie quickly got up and was about to grab him. She shouted, “Wait, what are you doing?” He walked quick enough to evade Rie’s grasp. He stood at the girl’s desk. The girl looked up and started to get teary eyed. She said in a sad voice, “Look what Eiko did to me! She gave me a bloody nose!” The other girls in her group said, “Yeah! Eiko punched her out of nowhere!” 

Hiroyuki put his palms firmly on her desk and stared into her eyes. He asked assertively, “Did Eiko really punched you out of nowhere?” The girl kept staring into his eyes and started to feel more pressured to tell the truth. She cried out, “I took her hairclip and stomped on it.” He asked, “Why did you do that?” She gritted her teeth and shouted, “Because Eiko took you away from us! She’s such a hypocrite saying how she hates you and now you two are suddenly getting along! I don’t get why you don’t want to hang out with us anymore!” 

The whole class felt tense and nobody could say a word. They were all waiting for Hiroyuki’s reply. He sighed and said in a disheartened tone, “I am disappointed in you and everyone else who joined you.” He walked off and went back to his seat. The girl and the other girls all felt crushed by his words. The teacher came into class and started the next class. 

© 2020 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 23 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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Last Updated on July 26, 2020
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