Completed Chapter 25:"Curiosity"

Completed Chapter 25:"Curiosity"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 25 of Completed


Eiko came back home and took a shower. While taking a shower, she was lost in thought about what happened today. She thought about the moment when she saw how focused he was and how her heart felt when he smiled. She put her hand on her chest. She felt her heart pounding faster and her body temperature warming up. Her heart felt light as a feather. She asked herself, “Why am I feeling like this?” Eiko turned off the shower and dried herself off.

She wore her pajamas and dried her hair with a towel. She stared at the mirror in her room and thought back on the moments from when they first met till now. She said in her mind, “Wow, I can’t believe that we became close friends. It’s weird to think how I used to hate him.” She hung her towel on the chair. Eiko laid on her bed and stared at her wall. She thought to herself, “This isn’t the first time my heart felt this way. The first time was when we were studying at the cafe and I got embarrassed that he noticed that I was staring at him.” She got up from her bed and took her phone from the table. 

She went back to bed and typed in google, “Why does my heart feel light?” She scrolls through the results and sees that it lists heart problems. She said, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my heart. Maybe I should try adding this.” She typed in the google search bar, “Why does my heart feel light when I see him?” Eiko sees a forum about talking about when people see their crush, their heart feels light. She click it and read through it. She sees comments saying how it’s love. 

Eiko’s eyes widened from the sight of the word and the word love kept popping in her head. She shakes her head and laughed sarcastically. She said to herself, “I am not in love with Hiroyuki! That’s just ridiculous.” She closed the page and puts her phone back on the desk. Eiko closes her eyes and Fumiko’s voice suddenly popped in her head. Fumiko saying, “I saw Hiroyuki trying to hold big sister’s hand. It seems like he really likes her.” Eiko tried to ignore it and turned to her side. 

She said to herself, “I don’t understand why I am feeling this way about him. In the beginning, he was just a jerk. But the more time we spent together, I started to see more sides of him. I never knew how considerate and warm he could be. When we hung out for the first time, it was really fun. When I saw him helped Rie and Itsuki study for tests, I was impressed by how much effort he was putting in. Now that I think about it, that time was when I started having these weird feelings.” 

She looked up to see what time it was. The clock read 1 am. She said surprised, “It’s already this late??!! I have been thinking about this for too long! I should try to sleep.” She tried shutting her eyes but kept opening them. She stared at the wall and couldn’t fall asleep. The next morning, Shinji and Fumiko ran up to her room and woke her up. They scream and shake the blankets, “Big sis! Make us breakfast!” Eiko got up and whined, “I am getting up!” They noticed the eyebags under Eiko’s eyes. Fumiko asked, “Did you not sleep well last night?” She said, “I was just overthinking about something.” Shinji asked, “What were you thinking about?” She answered, “Nothing important. What do you two want for breakfast?” They both yelled happily, “Pancakes!” 

Eiko spend her weekend taking care of the twins and playing games at home. The next day at school. Eiko came in school earlier than usual. She contemplated if she wanted to put the clip on but decided to keep it in her bag. She came into homeroom and nobody was there yet. She took out her phone and started to scroll through social media. She heard girls talking and footsteps approaching the classroom. The door opens and Eiko looked up from her phone. She sees the girls from last friday and the ones who broke her hair clip. She looks back to her phone. 

One of the girls was nervously walking up to Eiko’s desk. She said in a skittish voice, “Hey E-eiko. I got something to say.” Eiko puts her phone down and asked, “What is it?” The girl’s hands starting to hold tight onto her shirt and said, “I’m so sorry for breaking your hairclip! I was just jealous of you spending time with Hiroyuki and I will do anything to pay back for the hairclip!” The other girls started apologizing too. Eiko said, “You don’t need to pay me back for the hairclip. I got it fixed.” 

The girl asked, “Is there anything else we can do, to make it up to you?” Eiko thought about it for a moment and said, “Not really.” The girl started begging and said, “Please! I will do anything! I want to really make it up to you!” Eiko said, “I don’t get why you’re being so fussy over it. I already forgave you. That should be good enough.” The girl sighed and said, “It’s not good enough.” Eiko noticed the girl looking a bit sad. She asked, “Is it something that has to do with Hiroyuki?” The girl nodded. Eiko said, “If you’re really want to make it up to me, then promise me that you will respect Hiroyuki’s space and decisions.” The girl said, “I promise!” Eiko nodded and went back to looking to her phone. The girl went back to her desk.

Eiko thought to herself, “She’s willing to go that far for Hiroyuki. She must really like him.”

© 2020 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 25 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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Last Updated on July 26, 2020
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