Completed Chapter 27: "Gaming session"

Completed Chapter 27: "Gaming session"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 27 of Completed


While Eiko was laying in bed, she was watching funny cat videos. She laughed and said to herself, "These cats are just so silly." The video ended and she started scrolling through a list of videos. Her phone starts to ring and the screen said ,"Incoming call from Rie." Eiko answers and asked, "Hey Rie, what's up?" Rie asked in a hesitant voice, "Can I ask you for a favor?" Eiko said, "Depends on what it is." Rie said in a nervous tone, "I want you to help me play conqueror." Eiko became quiet for a few secs. Rie noticed the silence and called out Eiko's name. Eiko asked, "Are you serious?"

Rie said confidently,  "I am." She asked, "Why are you suddenly interested in playing conqueror?" Rie became quiet. Eiko said, "I will still teach you no matter what the reason is. And I am happy that you want to play it." Rie said in a soft tone, "Because Itsuki sometimes talks about it, and how you guys play together. And I want to know more about what Itsuki likes and spend more time with him. Sometimes, I get jealous not able to join in on the conversation, when you guys talk about games." 

Eiko smiled and said, "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get you started. Did you download the game yet?" Rie's eyes sparkled and her expression lightened up. She hurried to her computer and said, "I didn't download it yet. How much is it?" Eiko said, "First step, let's download the game. The game is free." Rie said, "That's good because I am running a bit low on money." 

After the game finished downloading, Rie opened the game. Her screen had a large sword going through the word conqueror with flames. The screen loaded a generic avatar. Eiko said," First step is to make your Avatar. Pick which features you like." Rie started clicking quickly through the options and said, "It's hard to pick one! They are all so cute!!" She clicked a lot of frilly items for her character and clicked on bunny ears. Eiko asked, “What will you name your avatar?” Rie thought about it for a while and typed Usagi. She said, “Her name would be Usagi.”

Eiko said joyfully, “What a cute name!” Rie smiled and said, “Thanks! Now, what’s next?” Eiko said, “Do you see an icon that says class?” Rie said, “Yes.” Eiko said, “Trying pressing it. Class is the role you want to play in a fight. You can be a knight, mage, healer or archer. Those are the common classes most people choose. There are many others. Choose one that suits you best. I am a knight. Hiroyuki is a mage. Itsuki is assassin.” Rie clicked through the options and she stopped at the priest option. 

She pressed it and read the info, “Priest is a support class character. During fights, Priests can heal and boost attack and defense. Priest can remove curse and dangerous special effects like poison. Priests are weak in attack. It’s recommended to use this class when you are in a group. One special attack for priest is holy unity. When your teammates fill the combo bar, the priest can unleash holy unity. Holy unity can do a minimum of 10,000 damage.” Rie said, “I am not much of a fighter anyways. I prefer to do support. I think the class priest suits me best.” 

Eiko exclaimed, “I agree! It really suits your personality. Now you’re all set. You just gotta follow the beginner tutorial! After you complete the tutorial, I will help you level up.” Rie said happily, “I can’t wait!” After Rie completed the beginner tutorial, Eiko joined in her server. They fought many monsters and Eiko guided Rie on how to support her in fights. They did a lot of side quests and she gained a few rare items. They played for a few hours. Rie shouted over the phone, “I never knew a game can be this fun!” 

Eiko grins and exclaim, “I told you it was fun! I am impressed that you were able to communicate me over the phone while playing. We usually use chicord to communicate in games.” Rie said, “I admit it’s a bit difficult to use my phone. My phone is low on battery now and heating up. I should make an account on chicord.” Eiko said, “You should. When you finish making an account, I will add you in our group!” Rie said in an excited tone, “I can’t wait! When are we going to all play together?” 

Eiko said, “Maybe we can try tomorrow?” Rie said, “Yeah I need a bit of a break. My hands are cramping up. I am not used to playing this long at a game.” Eiko said, “Yeah that happens. Take it easy and rest your hands. I really had a lot of fun playing with you and helping you level up.” Rie said happily, “Me too! You were so helpful and patient with me. I appreciate your help, Eiko!” Eiko said joyfully, “Anytime! Ah, Fumiko is calling for me. I gotta end the call. After you make the account, message me!” Rie repiled, “Yes I will. See you soon!” Eiko said, “See you later.” She hangs up the call. Rie started to make her chicord account. She chose a cute bunny for her profile picture. She messages Eiko about finishing making her account. 

Rie’s grandma starts calling her. Rie goes downstairs and her grandma is in a wheelchair. Her grandma was in the living room. She walks towards her grandma and said, “What is it grandma?” Her grandma slowly said, “Can you be a dear and make me some rice porridge?” Rie nods and she starts to make rice porridge. She began washing the rice and draining the water from the rice. She boiled the rice in a pot. She fried up some salamon. The pot’s cover steamed aggressively and began to rattle. Rie turned down the heat and served the rice porridge in a wooden bowl. She set aside the salmon and pickled japanese plum in separate dishes. She put them on the dinner table. 

Her grandma pressed a button on the wheelchair to move and she arrived at the dinner table.

She smiled at Rie and said softly, “Thank you for always making nice meals, Rie!” Rie set down a wooden spoon next to the bowl. She said, “Yeah of course grandma! Be careful of the hot porridge. Make sure to blow it and eat your food slowly.” Her grandma nodded. Rie walked across the kitchen and sat in the living room. 

Her phone rang. She saw a message from Eiko. Eiko said, “Tell me your chicord name. I am going to send you an invite to our group. Make sure to download the chicord app. We can use chicord to just talk and send each other things. It’s not just used for gaming.” Rie downloaded the app and logged in. She set Eiko her chicord name and notified her about finishing downloading the app. Rie got a notification from chicord. She opened it and it was Eiko. Eiko send her the link to the invite. Rie clicked on it and she was instantly in their group. She saw on the side that Hiroyuki, Itsuki and Eiko were online. 

In the group chat, it said, “Rie has just joined the group.” Hiroyuki and Itsuki welcomed her in the group. She saw Hiroyuki has a picture of a dog on his profile pic. Itsuki had a cool game character as his profile pic. Eiko had a music note as her profile pic. Rie thanked everyone for the welcome. Eiko messaged, “Are you guys available to play tomorrow with Rie and I?” Itsuki and Hiroyuki both said yes. Eiko said, “What time should we start playing tomorrow? How does 1 pm sound?” Hiroyuki, Itsuki and Rie agreed. Eiko said, “Alrighty, I will see you guys tomorrow at 1 pm.” Rie send an excited bunny gif. Hiroyuki put a thumbs up. Itsuki send an anime girl jumping up and down saying yay gif. Rie smiled. Her grandma said, “Rie, I am done with my porridge.” Rie got up and went to assist her grandma.

The next day, Rie was in her room waiting for it to be 1 pm. She started to scroll through random videos to kill time. She had chicord opened up on her screen. She looked at the time. It was 1 pm. Eiko send a message, “Is everyone ready? If you’re ready, join the call.” Rie sees Eiko in call and joins her. Eiko said, “Oh hello Rie! How are you doing?” Rie said, “I’m doing great. I really like chicord so far.” Itsuki and Hiroyuki joined at the same time. They both said hello. Rie laughed and said, “Hey guys!” Eiko said, “I will meet you guys at the dark cave in conqueror.” 

They logged in their games and joined Eiko in the dark cave. When Rie was in the dark cave, she instantly impressed with their avatar’s outfits. Itsuki had a black and blue hooded robe ninja outfit. Hiroyuki had a black and red mage outfit. Eiko had an elegant knight outfit. Itsuki said, “Oh Rie, You chose the role priest?” While spinning her avatar around, Rie said happily, “Yeah! Don’t you think my priest outfit looks cute?” Itsuki smiled and exclaimed, “It really suits you!” Rie said joyfully, “Thank you! All your characters seem so cool! Eiko already told about the roles you play! I will try my best to support you guys and not be a burden!” Hiroyuki said, “You won’t hold us back! I know you will do well.” Rie said, “I will do my best!” Eiko said, “This game is teamwork. We won’t abandon you. You’re our support. We will do our best to protect you.” Itsuki said, “Yeah like what they said! We got each other’s back!” Eiko said, “Let’s get ready to join inside the dark cave in… 3...2..1..GO!” 

They joined the cave together. They walked inside the cave. Eiko is the front of the party. Hiroyuki is at the left and Itsuki is at the right. Rie is at the back of the party. Eiko said, “Itsuki, is there any monsters nearby?” Itsuki uses his skill darkness sight and said, “There are six low level goblins a couple of feet away from us. Behind the low leveled goblins, there are two wizard goblins and two support goblins.” Eiko asked, “What level are the wizard and support goblins?” Itsuki said, “The wizards are level 50. The support goblins are level 30.” Hiroyuki said, “Our strategy will be Eiko will charge first at the low level goblins. This will give Itsuki an opening to temporarily paralyze the wizard goblins. I will kill the support goblins. Rie will continue to support us with attack and defense boost magic.” Rie started to feel nervous. 

Eiko charges at the low level goblins and swings her sword. Rie supports Eiko with attack and defense boosts. Itsuki uses the opening to use his skill to temporarily paralyze the wizard goblins. Hiroyuki uses fire magic to one hit k.o. the support goblins. They defeated all the monsters in just a few mins. Rie exclaimed, “You all are so amazing!” Hiroyuki said, “We just work well together. Now, let’s continue further into the cave!” Each and every fight, Rie got better in observing who needs help and was able to quickly switch from healing to boosting. 

Itsuki said happily, “Rie, you’re doing such a great job! You’re learning to adapt to our fighting styles and great at understanding when we need help!” Rie had a huge grin on her face and said joyfully, “It’s all cause of Eiko’s great teaching.” Hiroyuki said, “I know how great Eiko is at the game, but you deserve some credit too. Despite only playing with Eiko in battles, You did such an excellent job keeping up with us and learning to work as our team supporter!” Eiko said, “I agree with Hiroyuki! And I really appreciate you giving Conqueror a try for us. It makes us really happy!” After hearing everyone’s words, Rie couldn’t stop smiling. She said emotionally, “You guys need to quit it or you gonna make me cry from your compliments.”

The music suddenly changed in the game and it became dissonance. The cave turned completely dark and eerie. Rie started to panic a little and said, “What’s going on?” Eiko said, “I am guessing it’s a secret boss level. Itsuki use darkness sight.” Itsuki tried using darkness sight, he cried out, “Darkness sight isn’t working! My level for darkness sight isn’t high enough to use!” Rie said nervously, ” I know this isn’t a great time to ask but what’s a secret boss level?” Hiroyuki said, “A secret boss level is a randomized boss event where a rare boss spawns at random locations. They are very hard to beat but drop extremely rare items.” 

Rie shrieked, “How can we beat something we can’t see?” Eiko shouted, “We are just gonna throw array of attacks in different places and whoever finds it, we will target that area. And when we lose sight of it again, we will repeat the same technique.” Rie asked in a worried tone, “Then, what can I do to help?” Eiko said, “Just wait there, since it’s dark, it’s not easy to locate where we are. We will distract the monster away from you. Hiroyuki and Itsuki, are you guys facing my back?” They exclaimed, “We are.” Eiko screamed, “Good! Now let’s kick some a*s!” Eiko, Itsuki and Hiroyuki released a barrage of attacks. Itsuki said, “The monster is in my direction! I see his hp go down from my attack.” Eiko and Hiroyuki charged into Itsuki’s direction. They all attacked the monster. The hp stop going down. Eiko asked, “Now, where did that monster disappeared off to again?” 

Rie screamed. They saw Rie getting attack and her health was going low. Itsuki rushed to help her and took damage from the monster. Rie yelled, “Itsuki!!!” She started to try to heal him but Itsuki is receiving more damage than recovery. Itsuki said calmly, “It’s okay Rie. Stop wasting your magic points on me.” Rie said in a sad tone, “But..but.. It’s my fault that your character will die.” Itsuki said, “It’s not like this is the first time I died in the game. It’s not a big deal. Besides, Hiroyuki and Eiko got our backs.” Hiroyuki and Eiko released a multiple combo attacks. Rie watched in awe of Hiroyuki and Eiko’s astonishing duo combos. Eiko said loudly, “Rie, take Itsuki away from the battle. We got this!” Rie hurried and grabbed Itsuki a distance away from the battle. 

Rie bite her lip and said in a disappointed tone, “I don’t like feeling so helpless in the fight.” Itsuki said,” But you’re not helpless. Did you forget about the priest's one and only attack?” Rie remembered when Eiko talked about the special attack Holy Unity. She watched the bar fill up for that attack. That bar became extremely close. Rie said, “I will be back!” Rie made a ran to the monster. Eiko and Hiroyuki’s mp started to run out. Rie’s bar made a chime noise to indicate it was full. Rie screamed, “Move out of the way Eiko and Hiroyuki!” They moved out of the way and saw Rie unleashed Holy Unity on the monster. They were mesmerized by the animation of a goddess releasing a bright beam of light. The darkness unveiled and the monster looked like a dark humanoid shadow. They beat the monster! 

Rie saw the items the monster dropped. She picked it up. It was a dark veil, shadow dagger, high experience bottle for darkness sight, and five million gold. After defeating the special boss, everyone who was involved in the fight, was instantly healed. Eiko and Hiroyuki both exclaimed, “We just knew you could do it!” Rie smiled and said proudly, “It’s all thanks to everyone!” Itsuki walks towards them and they all high fived one another. She clicked in her inventory and clicked the items. The items each had a description and right clicked to the options of the items. She slid her mouse to the icon that said, “Give to team member?” Rie thought about splitting up the reward.

She said, “Itsuki, you can get the high experience bottle for darkness sight. So you can level up your move.” Itsuki said, “But even if you aren’t an assassin, you can still trade this for something useful to your class.” Rie said, “I insist. We all worked together. And we all played an important role in the fight.” She hands the shadow dagger to Eiko and 2.5 million to Hiroyuki. They both thanked her. Eiko asked, “Why did you decide to keep the dark veil?” 

Rie said happily, “Cause it’s pretty and it has a cool ability that let that monster be invisible. If I use this, you guys wouldn’t have to worry about protecting me and could focus on the fight.” Eiko was impressed and said, “I’m glad that you’re adapting well to this game!” Hiroyuki asked, “And what would you be doing with the 2.5 million gold?” Rie giggled and said playfully, “That’s a secret~” She thought to herself, “Ah, I’m so glad that we got to play together today!” Eiko asked, “Rie, are you ready for another round?” Rie examined, “You betcha! Let’s kick some a*s!” 

© 2020 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 27 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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