Completed Chapter 28: "A concerned older brother"

Completed Chapter 28: "A concerned older brother"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 28 of Completed


Kenshin has just finished an animation class and he packs his belongings. He stands up and his phone vibrates in his pocket. He takes out his phone and saw it was a message from Hiroshi. It said, “I want to talk to you about something. Meet me up at the rooftop.” Kenshin replies, “Sure, I will be there in a few mins. Gonna buy some bread. Want anything from the cafeteria?” Hiroshi messaged, "Get me some iced tea." Kenshin said, "Okay." 

He walked downstairs to the cafeteria and brought a curry bread. The cafeteria lady handed him a plastic bag. He went to the vending machine and got an iced tea and soda. He put the drinks in the bag. Kenshin walked back upstairs and headed to the rooftop. He opened the door and walks towards Hiroshi. Kenshin notices Hiroshi staring at the baseball team practicing on the field. He stood next to him. Kenshin takes out the iced tea from the plastic bag. He hands Hiroshi the iced tea. Hiroshi thanked him. He opened it and took a sip. 

Kenshin takes out his curry bread and starts opening it. He asked, "What did you want to talk about?" Hiroshi sighed and said in a concerned tone, "It's just about my younger brother." He said, "Alright. I am here to listen to you out." Hiroshi grips the iced tea can a little tighter and said," You know my dad's company. Did you know it used to be a small business?" Kenshin was a little surprised and said, "I didn't know that. How did it get so big?" Hiroshi said, "My dad became friends with Akio Fujiwara who recommended a huge international network. It helped expand my dad's business worldwide and booming." Kenshin said loudly, "Akio Fujiwara the CEO of Fuji electronics?? One of the richest companies in Japan?!!”

Hiroshi nodded and said, “Yeah, that one.” Kenshin said a bit confused, “What does that have to do with your brother?” Hiroshi sighed and he looked at clouds swaying in the blue sky. He said, “After my dad became close friends with Akio, our families were introduced with one another. Akio and his wife became interested in Hiroyuki. Hiroyuki was very bright and well spoken at a young age. As our families got closer and closer, and they grew more fond of Hiroyuki. They wanted to combine our families together by engaging Hiroyuki with their daughter Kura in the future.” Kenshin sigh and scratched his head. He said, “That sounds very complicated” 

Hiroshi said, “This goes way deeper than you think. Hiroyuki did fall for Kura and they were very close. They started dating in the first year of highschool. But after the second year of highschool, Kura gradually changed. She used to be a sweet, and innocent girl. But she became manipulative and toxic. She hurt Hiroyuki and lashed out a lot of negativity towards him. They eventually broke up. Hiroyuki wants nothing to do with Kura. I am not sure how Kura actually feels about him, but I know she feels obligated to obey her parents’ wishes. And now, Kura’s parents can’t accept the fact that Hiroyuki doesn’t want to be with their daughter. They make my parents feel compelled to pay back for Akio’s influence on the growth of his company internationally. And the only way to do that is pay them back by engaging Kura and Hiroyuki together. Akio has enough influence to crush my dad’s company at any time.”

Kenshin took a deep breath in and asked, “What kind of advice can I give in that kind of situation?” Hiroshi said in a higher pitch, “I am not asking you to find a solution for this problem. I just want to know what will you do if you were in my shoes. If your little sister was in the same situation as him, what would you do? How would you help?” He had a serious look on his face and stared at Kenshin. He waited patiently for an answer. Kenshin became quiet for a few moments and he stared at his half eaten curry bread. He casually said, “I would probably not do much.” 

Hiroshi’s serious expression changed to a confused expression. He grabbed Kenshin’s shirt and start shaking him violently. He said a bit angrily, “Are you being serious?? What kind of answer was that?!!” Kenshin said, “But there’s really not much you can do in that situation. It’s not like you can stop her parents. And this isn’t just any problem one concerned big brother can solve.” Hiroshi stopped shaking him and he said in a frustrated tone “I know that very well!! I know I can’t do much to help my brother and there’s no solution for it! But..I want to do all I can for my brother! I want for him to understand that I am always here for him! No matter what happens, I will be there. I just want him to rely on me a little more and he doesn’t need to repress his painful feelings to himself.” 

Kenshin pats his shoulder and said in a soft voice, “You got your answer. You just need to be more patient with your brother. You also need to put in more trust in him. He needs some time to sort out his feelings and to feel comfortable enough to share those feelings with you. And if he’s your brother, I bet he is a strong person. Even though I only met him once, I got a good feeling that he’s a lot more capable than you think.” Hiroshi became stunned from his words. Kenshin starts to walk away and he waves a hand in the air. He said, “I gotta go now. I got class soon. See you later!”

Hiroshi’s expression lightened up and he shouted, “Thanks for listening to me out! I knew that I could count on you!” Kenshin puts a thumbs up in the air. Hiroshi immediately smiled and sipped the rest of his iced tea. He looked up at the blue sky and said, “That was so refreshing.”

© 2020 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 28 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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Last Updated on July 26, 2020
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