Completed Chapter 29: "The invitation"

Completed Chapter 29: "The invitation"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 29 of Completed


Hiroyuki came back home from walking his dog. His parents greeted him from the dining room. The dog ran up to Hiroyuki’s dad and he exclaimed, “How was your walk, Fuwa?” Fuwa starts licking Noam’s face and wagging his tail happily. His mom giggles from the sight. Hiroyuki asked, “What did you two do today?” While petting Fuwa, Noam said, “We are planning on a special event for this weekend to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company.” Hiroyuki said, “Ah, I almost forgot about that. This is around the time where we would have the anniversary event.” He went to grab a glass of water and started to take a sip.

 Manami said happily, “I also want to mention that we are thinking about inviting your friends!” Hiroyuki starts to choke on his water and he said a bit surprised, “Why do you want to do that?” Manami clapped her hands together and exclaimed, “After hearing what your dad said about your friends, I really want to meet them! It’s been awhile since you last introduced us to your friends.” Hiroyuki got a napkin to wipe his mouth and he asked, “Mom, What’s your true intention?” He stared at his mom suspiciously. Manami smiled and said, “I am just very curious about the girl named Eiko.” Hiroyuki raised an eyebrow and asked, “Why are you so curious about her?” She beamed and said, “I want to see with my own eyes how she captured your attention.” She looked at him with wholehearted eyes.

Hiroyuki sighed and said, “Okay! I will invite them! Are you happy now?” She had a huge grin and said, “Very!” Hiroyuki started to walk out of the dining room and said, “I’m going to work on some homework.” His parents both said, “See you later!” Manami started giggling and said, “I can’t wait to meet her!” Noam said, “I also can’t wait for that too.”

The next day at school, Hiroyuki walked into the classroom. He saw Eiko, Rie and Itsuki talking with one another. He approached them. They greeted him good morning and he greeted them back. He said, “I got to ask you three something.” Eiko asked, “What is it?” Hiroyuki asked, “Are you three available this saturday?” Itsuki said, “I am.” Rie said, “I got time!” Eiko said, “Me too. And why are you asking us this?” He sighed and said, “My parents want to invite you three to the 20th anniversary event at our company. Do you guys want to come?” Rie’s eyes sparkled and said, “Eiko, we should go!” Eiko said, “Sure, as long as the food is good.” Itsuki said, “It does sound like fun! That’s nice of your parents to invite us to such a grand event!”

Hiroyuki said, “The event is on Saturday, and starts at 7 pm. You must wear formal attire and the event is held at Sato hotel.” Rie exclaimed, “Sato hotel??!! That’s one of the fanciest hotel in Japan! A lot of big name celebrities stay there and host big parties!” Eiko sighed, "But I really don't like to wear dresses." Rie whispered in her ear, "But think about all the good food." Eiko instantly perked interest and she exclaimed, “I’m coming!” Hiroyuki said, “I will tell my parents to write your names in the invitation list. You just need to show up and tell the receptionist your names. After that, you guys are all set.” Itsuki gives a thumbs up and said, “I look forward to it!”

The bell rang and homeroom started. During class, Eiko was thinking about what to wear to the party and she realized that she didn’t keep any formal clothes in her closet. She was contemplating about which store to go and it became lunch time. Rie walked over her desk and called out, “Eiko, it’s lunchtime. Did you brought lunch?” She quickly got up from her desk and grabbed Rie’s hand. She ran out of the classroom and headed to the girl’s bathroom. Hiroyuki and Itsuki were confused. Hiroyuki asked, “I wonder why she did that?” Itsuki shrugged and said, “No idea. Let’s just wait for them in the cafeteria.”

Rie was out of breath from running and said, “If you had to go to the bathroom badly, you didn’t have to drag me along.” Eiko put her hands on her shoulders and said in a panicked voice, “I don’t have any formal clothes in my closet! What do I do???” Rie was caught off guard from seeing Eiko’s nervous face. Rie smiled and said, “I can help you pick an outfit afterschool.” Eiko felt relieved from her answer and thanked her. Rie said, “I never seen you act so panicked before. Why are you freaking out over that?” Eiko sighed and said, “When I went to formal events in the past with my parents, I always feel like everyone is judging everything I do. It can be scary and they scrutinized you for every little mistake. That’s why I am worried about my appearance in the party. I want to look presentable and not make Hiroyuki look bad.”

Rie had a concerned look on her face and said, “I’m sorry that I kinda pushed you to go.” Eiko shook her head and said, “It’s okay. I am mainly going for the food and Hiroyuki’s parents decided to invite us. It would be impolite to refuse.” Rie gives her a thumbs up and exclaimed, “I will make you look super cute for the party!” Eiko whined, “You don’t need to do that! I want to look average. I don’t want to stand out too much!!” Rie grinned and said playfully, “Nope~ I am going to make you look great! It will boost your confidence in parties.”

Eiko let out a little sigh and said, “I really can’t win against you.” Rie giggled and said, “Well duh, I am your long time best friend!” Eiko smiled from hearing her words and said, “You’re right.” Rie said, “Let’s go to the cafeteria. The guys must be waiting on us.” They walked to the cafeteria and saw the guys sitting in the same usual spot. They sat down in their seats. Itsuki asked, “Did something happened?” Rie shook her head and replied, “It’s a secret between two girls!”

The rest of the day ended and it was time for everyone to go home. Itsuki and Hiroyuki walked with the girls out of school. Rie said, “Today, you guys don’t need to accompany us. We got plans after school! See you guys later!” Rie waved and quickly grabbed Eiko. Eiko shouted, “Byeee!” Hiroyuki became curious and said, “I wonder what those two are up to. It seems suspicious.” Itsuki said, “Probably some girly things that we guys won’t ever understand. What do you want to do?” Hiroyuki said a bit confused, “I didn’t know we made plans after school too.” Itsuki said, “Well if the girls made plans without us, then we can do the same. Unless you’re busy?” Hiroyuki said, “I am not busy and you make a good point. I guess we can go to the arcade?” Itsuki nodded and said, “I like the sound of that.”

Rie was walking into the city and look around for clothing stores. Eiko asked “Why didn’t you told the guys where we are going?” Rie said, “Wouldn’t you feel a bit embarrassed if Hiroyuki knew you didn’t have any formal clothes in your closet and how you freaked out about that earlier?” Eiko had a flashback on how she quickly dragged Rie out of the classroom and her face got a bit red from embarrassment. She used her hands to hide her face and said distressed tone, “I feel like such an idiot. Why did I made a scene in the classroom?” Rie said, “It’s okay. I got you, girl.”

Rie spotted a clothing store and grabbed Eiko’s hand. They ran to a store called Comfee. They were greeted by the store employees. A store employee asked, “Is there anything specific you’re looking for?” Rie said, “We just want to look around.” The employee nodded. Eiko looked around the store and the store had a lot of sophisticated and feminine style clothing. Rie grabbed a few dresses from the clothing rack and said, “What do you think of these dresses?” She shakes her head and said, “I don’t like any of them and I told you how I don’t like wearing dresses.” Rie said, “I know but picking a formal dress is easier than coming up with a whole outfit. And it wouldn’t hurt for you to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.”

Eiko said, “You’re right. I will try to see if I can find a dress that I like.” Rie beamed and said, “I appreciate that you’re willing to try.” They looked over the entire store for over an hour. Rie was out of breath. They left the store. Rie said in an exhausted tone, “I can’t believe we couldn’t find a single thing you like in the store. You’re picker than I thought!” Eiko said, “I’m sorry but if I am the one wearing it, I should pick something I like.”

They walked deeper into the city and Eiko passed by a mannequin display glass. The mannequin was wearing a navy blue flowy dress. She stopped and stared at the dress for a few minutes. Rie noticed her stopping and said, “Oh, that’s a pretty dress. Do you want it?” Eiko nodded and they walked into the store. Eiko went to the store employee and asked for the dress from the mannequin display glass. The store employee got it for her and said, “It would cost $80.” Eiko was surprised by the price and said, “That’s kinda expensive for a dress. Maybe I would get something cheaper.” The store employee smiled and said, “It’s expensive because it’s a limited exclusive dress for this collection. And also congratulations!”

Eiko looked confused. The store employee said, “We had a secret special deal with this dress. If you decide to buy the dress, you would be the 100th person to buy the dress. The 100th person who buys the dress, would get a free matching set of heels from the collection!” Rie exclaimed, “Eiko, this must mean something! You should definitely get the dress!” Eiko looked at the employee seriously and asked, “How much do the heels normally cost?” The employee said, “It normally cost $100.” Eiko quickly handed money to pay for the dress. The employee put the dress and shoes in the bag. She thanked them.

Eiko had a huge grin on her face. Rie said, “You’re always after those deals and getting your money’s worth.” Eiko said, “Well, because I can’t waste all my precious money over a dress. I need my money for future games.” Rie sighed and said, “I should have known that’s why you took such a long time picking a dress.”

© 2020 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 29 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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