Completed Chapter 30: "The ballroom"

Completed Chapter 30: "The ballroom"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 30 of Completed


Rie walked towards Eiko’s house and brought a huge bag. She rang the doorbell. Eiko quickly came to open the door. Eiko noticed Rie’s large tote bag and she exclaimed, “Does that bag contain all the stuff you’re going to put on my face?!!!” Rie smiled and nodded. Eiko gasped and whined, “I changed my mind. I’m not going to the party!” Rie grabbed Eiko’s shoulder and had an evil grin on her face. She said with an abnormally sweet voice, “It’s not nice to refuse a best friend’s offer. Especially if she is going out of her way to help. Also don’t tell me that you forgot about the good food?”

Eiko’s ears perked up from the last statement and she gritted her teeth. She gave in and said, “Fineee. I guess I will endure it.” Rie nodded and patted her head. She said, “That’s a good girl.” Eiko said, “I guess we will go to my room to dress up.” She walks to her room and Rie follows behind her.

Eiko sits down. Rie takes some clips out and uses them to hold Eiko’s bangs away from her face. She starts to take a cotton pad and pours a bit of toner onto the pad. She places the toner bottle down on the table. She pats gently on Eiko’s face. Rie said, “The reason my bag is so big is because I put what I was going to wear in the bag. You know that I won’t put that much makeup on you. I am only going to put on a bit to enhance your appearance.” Eiko sighed and said, “I know. I just don’t like putting makeup on.” Rie nodded and threw the pad in the garbage. She said, “And that’s why I am doing it for you.” She takes out a foundation bottle and pumps a few drops in a makeup sponge. She puts the foundation away in her bag. She starts patting it into Eiko’s face.

She takes out some setting powder and gets a brush to spread the powder all over her face. She uses a brush to put a bit of blue eyeshadow for Eiko’s eyes and spreads a bit of pink blush on her cheeks. Rie uses a bit of red lipstick on her lips. She grabs a handheld mirror for her. She asked, “What do you think?” Eiko’s eyes widened and she said a bit shocked, “This is me? I look so different!” Rie said cheerfully, “I did a great job, didn’t I?” Eiko nodded. Rie said, “Well we aren’t finished yet. I still gotta do your hair. But first, wear your dress.”

Eiko put on her dress. She sat back in her chair and cried out, “I thought you were done. I am getting tired of sitting here.” Rie said, “I am the one doing all the work. Just put up with it for a little while.” Eiko said, “Fine.” Rie brushed out her hair and took out a curler from her bag. She plugs in the outlet near the desk and starts curling her hair. After using the curler for ten minutes, she parts the left side of her hair to the side. She proceeds to brush Eiko’s hair again. She sprays some hair mousse and massages into her hair. Rie exclaimed, “I am done!”

She hands Eiko a mirror. Eiko's eyes brightened in delight and she smiled. She said, “You’re really amazing, Rie. This transformation gave me some confidence in myself.” Rie nodded and she said proudly, “Of course! I am just glad that you like it!” Eiko asked, “What about your outfit?” Rie had a big grin and said, “I got my whole outfit in my bag!” She takes out a lace white dress. She asked, “Don’t you think this will look cute on me?” Eiko nodded and started watching Rie getting herself dressed up.

Rie starts putting on the dress. She put on some makeup and braided her hair. She uses pins to make the braided hair into an updo. Rie gleamed and exclaimed, “I am done!” Eiko clapped and gave a thumbs up. She yelled, “You look great!!” Rie giggled and said, “I know I do!” She looked at the clock and said, “We got to start going to the party! It takes about an hour on the train.” Rie grabbed her bag and walked downstairs. Eiko followed after her.

Eiko’s parents just came home. Her dad met Eiko’s eyes. He dropped his bag and shrieked, “My daughter looks so pretty!! I need to take a picture to remember this moment! It’s been so long since I last saw you dress up!” Her mom was smiling. Shinji and Fumiko came downstairs. Fumiko exclaimed, “Why are you guys being so noisy?” Shinji yawned and said, “What’s going on?” They both saw Eiko in her dress and gasp in surprise. Fumiko screeched, “Big sister looks so beautiful!!!” Shinji asked, “Where are you going?”

Eiko said, “I got a party invitation from Hiroyuki and I don’t have time to chat.” Eiko’s mom asked, “How are you going to get to the party?” Eiko replied, “The train.” Her mom sighed and said, “Honey if you go by train, you’re going to ruin your look. It will be such a waste. I will call you a cab.” Eiko waved her hands and whined, “Mom, you don’t need to waste money on a cab! It will be fine!” Her mom was already on the phone and said, “Yes, I will like a cab to pick us up now! Thank you! Have a good night!” Her mom winked and said, “No worries, the cab will be coming in a few mins. Don’t worry the cab is free because we use them often in our company.”

Eiko sighed and said, “Alright, thanks Mom.” She sat down on the couch in the living room. Rie smiled and said, “At least, we don’t have to worry about missing the train.” Eiko said, “I guess.” Her dad exclaimed, “Before the cab arrives, this is a chance to take a picture of you girls together! It would be a nice memory!” Rie nodded and said happily, “You can use my phone to take a picture! I can send it to you all!” Eiko scratched her head and said, “You guys just like doing whatever you want. I am only allowing one picture to be taken of us.”

Rie smiled and said, “That’s fine. I will take it!” She handed her phone to Eiko’s dad. Eiko’s dad said, “Girls stand up and show your full outfit! 3...2..1.. I am going to take it now! Smile!” Rie was standing next to Eiko and  her hands posed for a peace sign. Eiko smiled a bit. Eiko’s dad showed them the picture. Rie said, “For a first attempt, that picture doesn’t look bad! I am going to make it my wallpaper!” Eiko’s mom exclaimed, “The cab is here! Get going girls!” Eiko grabbed Rie’s hand and shouted, “See you guys later!” Her parents yelled, “Have fun at the party! Don’t come back too late!” The twins waved goodbye. They got into the cab and the cab driver asked, “Where to?”

Eiko said, “To  Sato hotel.” The driver nodded and went to the destination. Rie was amazed at the scenery from the cab window. Eiko stared at her reflection of the car’s window and let her thoughts wander. After an hour, the cab said, “You arrived at the destination.” They thanked the driver and got out. Rie’s eyes gleamed and she shouted, “Wowwww!!! The Sato hotel was much bigger than I expected!” She started taking pictures. Eiko saw a lot of people coming out from limos and expensive cars. Rie’s eyes shined and shierked in joy, “Some of those people are famous celebrities! I can’t believe it, I get to see them in person!”

Eiko grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s get going! We don’t want to keep the guys waiting for us.” They walked inside the hotel and the hotel was decorated with gold ornate wallpaper. There were large chandeliers shining like gems hanging from the ceiling. Red velvet chairs with gold arms and backs. There were multiple gold statues decorating the hotel hall.

Eiko was unfazed from the sight and walked up to the receptionist desk. The receptionist lady smiled and asked, “Are you here for the 20th anniversary party of âme?” They nodded. She asked for their names. They gave her their names. She smiled and said, “I see your names. Put these plastic bracelets on your wrist. These bracelets will allow you entry into the ballroom and you must show it to the bodyguards to enter into the party. The party will be located on your right in the ballroom.” She used her hand to signal the direction of the ballroom. Eiko thanked her.

Eiko and Rie began walking in that direction. They slipped on the plastic bracelet that said âme on it. They saw the bodyguards blocking the entrance of the door to the ballroom. Eiko and Rie showed their bracelets and the bodyguards let them in. The ballroom was grand with walls that were white and gold. There was one enormous flower shaped chandelier in the middle of the ballroom. The floor was white marble. There was white tablecloth draped over the tables with white roses in vases. Small candles lit in glass jars. Eiko looked around the ballroom and felt a bit nervous. She said to herself, “I really can’t get used to this.” Rie spotted Hiroyuki and Itsuki from a distance. She waved to them and they took notice.

They started walking to the girls. Hiroyuki’s eyes widened as he got closer to Eiko. He was astonished by Eiko’s new formal look. Itsuki smiled and said happily, “Rie, you look so beautiful!” Rie giggled and said gleefully, “And you look pretty handsome yourself! I can’t believe we had the same idea to both wear white to the party! You look unexpectedly great in an all white suit!” Itsuki blushed a little and smiled.

Hiroyuki stood speechless in front of Eiko. He couldn’t stop staring. Eiko started to feel nervous from his stares. She started to fumble with her fingers. She said awkwardly, “Why do you keep looking at me like that? You’re making me feel embarrassed.” Hiroyuki scratched his head and said in a low bashful voice, “Sorry...I just think you look stunning in that dress.” Eiko’s eyes started to light up and she quickly covered her face. She exclaimed, “Now, you’re making me feel more embarrassed by saying that!”

Hiroyuki felt a bit panicked and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel that way!” Rie and Itsuki were watching closely at the two and grinning at the view. Eiko started to uncover her face and she finally got a good glimpse at what Hiroyuki was wearing. Hiroyuki was wearing a black and white tuxedo. His hair was gelled back. She realized that his face looked different. She walked closer to his face and said, “I almost forgot that you wore glasses. You look pretty cool without them.” Hiroyuki let out a slight smile and asked, “You really think so?”

Before Eiko could say anything, the light turned off and Hiroyuki’s parents started walking to the center of the ballroom. Noam announced with a microphone, “ I would like to thank everyone for making the time to come to our 20th anniversary  party for âme! My wife Manami would like to exchange a few words.” He passes the microphone to her. She said happily, “I hope everyone enjoys the party! Don’t hesitate to come and talk to us!”

Rie exclaimed, “Wow, your mom looks like a model!” Hiroyuki said, “Well, she is a former model.” Hiroyuki starts hearing someone call his name and he sees his brother waving his hand out. He clicked his teeth and said in an annoyed tone, “Here comes an annoying person.” Itsuki asked, “Who is that guy that’s calling your name?” Hiroyuki sighed and said, “My older brother.” Hiroshi walked up towards them and he was trying to catch his breath. He said in an exhausted tone, “I finally found you! It was hard finding you in the crowd. Mom and dad want you to greet some people.” Hiroyuki said, “Alright, I will head to them.” Hiroshi smiled and said curiously, “Before you go, can you introduce me to your friends?” Hiroyuki gestures his hand and said, “The guy with the white suit is Itsuki. The girl in the white dress is Rie. The girl in the navy dress is Eiko.”

He immediately went to grab Eiko’s hands. He said in a cheery tone, “So you’re Eiko! You’re just as beautiful as I imagined!” Eiko was stunned by his reaction and didn’t know what to do. Hiroyuki slapped him on the back of the head and yelled, “Don’t touch people without their permission! That’s rude!” Hiroshi cried out, “That hurts! Why are you being so mean to your older brother!” Hiroyuki said, “Cause you’re being ridiculous! I am going to meet up with our parents. I better not see you lay a hand on Eiko or you’re going to get it!” He glared at him and started walking off.

Hiroshi laughed and said, “That’s the younger brother that I know and love!” Eiko sighed and said, “Why does his nonchalant attitude sorta reminds me of Kenshin?” Hiroshi turned around and asked, “Are you guys hungry?” Rie said, “I didn’t eat all day so I can indulge in all the expensive food!” Itsuki said, “I am a little hungry.” Eiko said, “Honestly, that was the only thing I was looking for.” Hiroshi smiled and said, “The food is all you can eat buffet. The hotel chef and waiters will be serving you. I recommend that you get Kobe beef steak, the fresh bluefin tuna sashimi, and the assortment of our macaron flavors. Those are the specials for tonight.”

Eiko and Rie’s mouth start to water. Eiko said excitedly, “Rie, let’s start with the Kobe beef steak!” Rie nodded. They started to run off. Itsuki tried to catch up with them. He said, “Hey, wait for me!” Hiroshi laughed and said, “I’m glad that this time Hiroyuki made some good friends.”

Eiko and Rie started to plate a mountain of food on their plate. They sat down at the table and started to devour their food quickly. Itsuki said, “If you girls don’t slow down, you’re going to choke! And we are at a fancy party. You need to show some courtesy!” They start to slow down and eat in smaller bites.

Noam spotted Eiko and the crew. He walked over to their table and said, “Manami, this is Eiko. The girl I spoke often about. Those two are Rie and Itsuki. They are also Hiroyuki’s friends.” Eiko was surprised by their sudden appearance. She quickly stood up and bowed. She said, “ I would like to thank you two for inviting us to the party. I appreciate it.” Itsuki and Rie followed along. Manami smiled and said, “You don’t need to act so formal in front of us. I was very excited to meet you. You’re as gorgeous as I thought you were! I’m also glad to meet the rest of his friends too!”

A celebrity was calling out their names and waving. Manami said, “ Ah, someone is calling for us. I’m sorry that I had to end the conversation short. I hope to get the chance to talk more! See you!” Manami and Noam waved goodbye. Eiko, Rie, and Itsuki quickly sat down. Eiko said in a tired tone, “That was nerve wracking. I didn’t think they would personally come.” Rie sighed and said, “Sameee.” Itsuki said, “Who knew famous people could be exhausting to talk to?”

Eiko asked, “I wonder what's taking Hiroyuki so long? We are almost done eating.” Itsuki said, “Probably have a lot of people to greet.” Eiko starts poking at her food. She starts to hear a door being slammed open. A lady’s voice shouting in the speakers, “How dare you not invite us to the party?!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!”

They looked up from their table and saw a lady with glasses walking into the ballroom. Kura was standing on the side with the lady. Eiko gasped. Noam and Manami ran over to the lady and Kura. Noam tried calming the lady down and said, “I apologize for not inviting you Mrs. Kata Fujiwara but we have our reasons.” Kata snapped at Noam, “THERE’S NO EXCUSE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!” Noam stood speechless and was trying to deescalate the situation. Kura stood behind her mother and her hands were clenching the hem of her purple dress.

A drop of sweat dropped off Manami’s forehead and she felt the entire crowd staring in silence. Some of the guests took their phones out and started to record the commotion. Manami said in a bit of a nervous tone, “Mrs. Kata, what can we do to help you calm down?” Kata folded her arms and scoffed, “The only way is for you to let us stay at the party and I order for you to allow Hiroyuki to live with us.” Hiroyuki shouted in rage, “ARE YOU SERIOUS??” He came out of the crowd and cried out, “You have no right to do that!”

Kata laughed and said in a scorned tone, “You don’t have any right to refuse. I have power over you. My husband can easily cause your dad’s company to go bankrupt. Do you want me to go that far?” Hiroyuki gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He looked down on the floor and yelled, “What about Kura? Does she truly want this to happen?!!” Kata started to frown and said boldly, “I know what my daughter wants and she fully agrees with my decision. Right Kura?”

Hiroyuki looked up to see her answer and stared at her. Kura slowly started to stop clenching her dress and she had a blank expression. She said in a monotone voice, “Mother is correct. You should listen to her because she knows what is best.” After hearing those words, Hiroyuki had a devastated look on his face. He couldn’t move a step.

Kata grabbed his arm and said, “I’m not in the mood to stay at this low class party. Let’s go Hiroyuki, I will get everything ready for you.” Everyone stood in shock. His parents couldn’t do anything but stare at Kata walking away with their son. Kura was walking behind them. Hiroshi just came out of the bathroom and was confused to the whole commotion. He witnessed Kata taking Hiroyuki away and started to rush over to stop it.

The crowd blocked him and continued to take pictures. Itsuki and Rie looked at one another with disbelief and then they looked at Eiko. Eiko’s face turned white and she quickly got out of her chair. She started to run after Hiroyuki but the heels started to slow her down. She stopped for a moment to take them off and threw them on the floor. She ran barefoot. They already walked out of the ballroom and headed to a limo waiting outside of the hotel.

Eiko cried out, “STOPP!!!” Kata and Kura turned around to see who was saying that. Eiko started to breathe heavily. Kata asked, “Who are you?” Eiko said loudly, “I am Hiroyuki’s friend! Let him go!” Kata sneered and said in a mocking tone, “I don’t have time for your foolishness. Let’s go, Hiroyuki.” Eiko shouted, “Hiroyuki!! What are you doing going along with all this??!!” Hiroyuki had no reaction toward her words and just followed Kata inside the limo. Eiko tried to walk after them but Kura stood to block her. The limo’s door closes.

Eiko looked aggressively at Kura and said in a hostile tone, “Move out of my way! I won’t hesitate to physically move you aside.” She tried going the other way that Kura didn’t block. But Kura walked to block that path. She glared at her. Kura looked directly into her eyes and said in a detached tone, “If you don’t stop, then you’re just making it harder for Hiroyuki. You know that he will be treated well and it’s an honor for him to be married into my family.” Eiko grabbed Kura by the collar of her dress. She cried out in an angry tone, “That’s not what Hiroyuki wants! You can’t just make him submit because of your family’s power!” Kura shouted, “Do you really know what he truly wants?!! Don’t speak like you know him!”

Eiko’s grip becomes weak from her words and Kura pushes her aside. She said in a brash tone, “You just live your normal, average life. Hiroyuki doesn’t need you.” She got inside the limo and the limo drove off. Eiko slumped down to the ground and tears started to fall out of her eyes. She stared up at the starry night sky and said to herself, “I shouldn’t have attended this party.” Itsuki and Rie just ran out of the hotel and ran towards her.

© 2020 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 30 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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