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Completed Chapter 31: "Discomfort"

Completed Chapter 31: "Discomfort"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 31 of Completed


Rie exclaimed, “Eiko, what happened?” She saw tears rolling off Eiko’s cheeks. She was stunned by her facial expression. She never saw Eiko cry before. Eiko suddenly hugs her tightly and bursts more in tears. Rie wrapped her arms around Eiko and pats her back. Itsuki didn’t have any words to say and stayed silent. Rie let Eiko cry until she couldn’t cry anymore. Eiko used her hands to wipe her tears. Rie unwraps her arms around Eiko and asks, “Do you want to go home?” Eiko nodded. Itsuki hands Eiko a tissue and says, “I don’t know what happened, but whenever you feel ready to talk about it, we will be here for you.” Eiko thanked him and started to wipe her face.


She started to stand up and Itsuki placed her heels in front of her. He said, “You almost forgot your shoes.” She nodded. Before she put her foot in her heels, she noticed the dirt and blisters on her feet. She put her feet into the heels and felt a sting of pain from her blisters being rubbed by the inside of the shoe. Rie said, “Do you need help walking? Walking in heels can hurt your feet after a while.” Eiko nodded her head and she took Rie’s hand. Rie spotted a nearby bench and walked towards it. She helped Eiko sit down.

Itsuki was on the phone and called for a cab. He ran over and said, “The cab is going to arrive pretty soon.” Rie said, “That’s great. Let's just sit here and wait.” Itsuki sat down with the girls. They waited for the cab in silence. Itsuki felt a bit awkward from the silence. He was twiddling his thumbs. Eiko stared at the ground and asked, “Itsuki, when is the cab coming” Itsuki looked at his phone and said, “The cab would be ready to pick us up in ten mins.” Eiko impatiently stared at the time on her phone screen. Every minute that passes, Eiko feels more anxious to get home. She gripped her phone tighter and wished that the cab would come faster. Her right leg starts to shake uncontrollably.


Rie noticed her shaking leg and asked, “Is everything alright, Eiko?” Eiko said, “I’m fine.” She used her right hand to stop her leg from shaking but it wouldn’t stop. Eiko said quietly, “Please stop shaking. Stop it.. Stop..” Her leg continued shaking and it made her feel frustrated. She pounded her fist into the leg and said in a louder voice, “JUST STOP SHAKING!! STOP IT!! STOPPP!!”


Rie grabbed her fist and cried out, “Stop hitting yourself, Eiko!! That’s not going to  make yourself feel better.” Eiko stopped and tears were rolling down her cheeks. She screeched, “I just want the cab to hurry up!! The more I stay here, the more I feel uncomfortable! I WANT TO LEAVE NOW!!!”


Rie rubbed Eiko’s back and said in a calm voice, “The cab is going to come soon. I understand how uncomfortable you feel. If it makes you uncomfortable, we can walk farther away from the hotel. Would that help?” Eiko sniffed and nodded. Rie helped her up and walked with Eiko away from the hotel.


Itsuki watched the whole situation unfolded and had no idea how to help Eiko. All he could do was watch. He clenched his fists and followed the girls. He saw the girls stopped at the bus stop near the hotel.


As he was walking, his phone rang. He answered and said, “We are waiting for you near the bus stop of the hotel.” He ran after the girls and said, “The cab is coming now.” Rie said in relief, “That’s good.”


A car pulled up in front of them and the driver slid down his window. He asked, “Are you Itsuki?” Itsuki popped his head in the window and said, “Yes, that’s me.” The driver said, “Get in.” Itsuki got his head out of the window opened the car door. He said, “You girls can go in first.” Rie thanked him and escorted Eiko in. Rie sat next to her. Itsuki came in the car last. He closed the cab door. The cab starts to drive off.

During the cab ride, Itsuki was flipping through his phone. Eiko started to feel drowsy and fell asleep on Rie’s shoulder. Rie stared at Eiko’s face and saw how red and swollen her eyes were. She sighed and said to herself, “I’m glad that I decided to give you waterproof makeup. It would be a shame if it was ruined from your tears. I never expected for Hiroyuki to be the reason that you cry. You care more about Hiroyuki than you realize. I wonder how much longer it is going to take for you to notice your true feelings.”


The cab reached Eiko’s home first. Rie gently woke her up. Eiko slowly opened her eyes. Rie said to Itsuki, “I’m going to grab my bag from Eiko’s house and I will be back.” Itsuki said, “That’s fine. Take your time.” Rie held Eiko’s hand. Eiko unlocked the door and the entire house was dark. Everyone was sound asleep in their rooms. Eiko said, “Rie, wait here. I’m going to grab your bag from my room.” Rie asked, “You sure?” She nodded and quietly walked upstairs to her room.

She grabbed the bag and walked quietly downstairs. She gave her the bag. Rie started to open the bag and grabbed some wipes. She handed the wipes to Eiko. Rie said, “You need to take the makeup off before you sleep, or else your skin will break out.” Eiko said, “I will.” Rie said, “Well good night Eiko. I will see you at school on Monday. If you ever need anything, just hit me up.” Eiko nodded and Rie opened the door. She walks towards the cab. Itsuki waves out from the car. Eiko waves back and lets out a forced smile. He moved back to make room for Rie to come in. The cab leaves. She watches the cab leaves until she couldn’t see it anymore. Her forced smile slowly began to fade.


She walked back inside and headed to her room. She sat in her chair and used the wipes to remove the makeoff on her face. She quickly took off her dress and headed to the bathroom to quickly bathe. Eiko put on a shower cap. She filled the tub with enough water to submerge her body. As she entered the water, she felt a stinging pain from the warm water touching her blisters. She used her hands to clean her feet and the rest of her body. She got out of the tub and drained the water. She quickly dried herself off and wore pajamas.


She turned off the lights and left her desk lamp on. She saw her phone on her desk and saw no messages on her phone. She sighed and put her phone back onto her desk. She tackled her bed and got into her sheets. She tried to close her eyes to fall asleep but her eyes wanted to remain open. She let her eyes wander in her room and sighed. She thought about the entire ballroom event happening and grit her teeth.

She felt her blood boiling and threw one of her pillows onto the floor. She said in an annoyed tone to herself, “Why was I so powerless in front of Kura?!! What did she really mean by those words? I might not have known Hiroyuki for as long as she did but I knew him.. Wait.. Did I really get to know him? What do I really know about him?” She grunted and said to herself, “Why am I getting so worked up over this?!! Who cares about all this, it’s not my problem!” She threw a blanket over herself.


The next day, Shinji and Fumiko woke up and brushed their teeth. They rushed downstairs all excited, awaiting to see their sister finishing cooking their favorite breakfast. They quickly became disappointed to see that Eiko wasn’t even in the kitchen. They decided to wait in the kitchen till Eiko came downstairs. They stared at the wall clock above the kitchen sink. It was 9 am, then it was 9:15 am, then it was 9:30, and it became 10 am.


Fumiko puffed her cheeks and cried out, “What’s taking big sister Eiko so long??!! She’s usually awoken at this time.” Shinji sighed and said, “Maybe she had a long night at the party and got back extremely late. Why don’t we watch some t.v while waiting?” Fumiko got off the chair and said, “I guess, we could wait a bit longer.” Fumiko walked towards the living room and grabbed the remote off the black wooden coffee table.

She jumped onto the gray couch and used the remote to turn on the t.v. The t.v had a superhero anime on and it was called the fair heros. Fumiko exclaimed, “Hurry Shinju! A new episode of the fair heros came out! Shinji quickly got out of his chair and sat on the gray couch. They watched the fair heros for a few hours. Fumiko’s eyes were so glued to the t.v that she forgot how hungry she was. Shinji was getting a bit tired of the show and he glanced at the clock. It was 12 pm.


His eyes widened from surprise and yelled, “Fumiko, it’s already 12 pm! We still haven't eaten anything yet and big sister Eiko hasn’t even come downstairs yet!” Fumiko was too distracted by the t.v to notice Shinji’s voice. Shinji tapped her with a bit of force and said in a louder voice, “It’s 12 pm!!!” Fumiko said in an unconvinced tone, “It’s not 12 pm. It hasn’t been that long.” She turned to look at the kitchen clock and gasped. She cried out, “If big sister Eiko hasn’t come downstairs yet then that means something happened to her!!” Shinji nodded and said, “Let’s go to her room and check.”


They ran upstairs and knocked gently on Eiko’s door. They both said in a low voice, “Big sister? Are you still sleeping?” There was no answer and they said in a much louder voice, “Big sister? Are you awake? Big sister!!!” They twisted the doorknob and swung the door with a lot of force. They saw that she was still sleeping and sighed in relief.


Fumiko walked over to the bed and started to shake Eiko. She said, “Big sis, it’s already 12 pm! You didn’t make our breakfast yet. Are you going to wake up?” Eiko groaned and said in an irritated tone, “If you’re hungry, there’s cereal in the cabinet! Can you leave me alone?!! I am not in the mood!” She threw the blanket to cover herself. Fumiko slowly walked back. She looked down on the ground and tears filled her eyes. She cried out, “Big sis is being a meanie! I don’t need your help with cooking anyways! I could do it myself!” She rushed out of the room.

Shinji followed after her in concern. Eiko frowned and hugged her knees under the sheets. Fumiko ran into her room and started sobbing on her bed. Shinji finally caught up to her. He started to pat her head gently. He said in a calm voice, “I am sure big sis didn’t meant what she said. She just needed some time alone and we came at the wrong time. It’s not your fault.” Fumiko continued sobbing and said in an upset tone, “I know it’s not. It’s just that I never saw big sis get so upset before. I feel bad for making her mood worse.” Shinji continued to pat her head and said, “How about when mom and dad get back from work, we cook something for Eiko?”


Fumiko started to cry less and nodded. He smiled and held her hand. He said, “While we wait for mom and dad to come back home, let’s eat our cereal.” She said in a low voice, “yeah.”


Meanwhile, Eiko’s dad was looking over some documents in his office. His black desk phone rang and he picked it up. He said, “Good afternoon, This is Taiki the music producer from Harmony music studio.” A familiar male voice said, “Good afternoon Taiki. This is Noam. The reason why I am calling through here is because I didn’t have a chance to get your cell number. I’m sorry that I am calling you while you’re busy at work.”

Taiki said happily, “No matter how busy I am at work, I can always make time for you. How are you doing?” Noam sighed and said in a depressed tone, “To be honest, not well… I called today to tell you what happened at the party last night.” Taiki was surprised by his response and said, “ Alright, I’m all ears.” Noam explained the whole situation about their relationship with Kura’s family and what happened at the party. He said in a sorrowful tone, “The reason why I’m telling you all this is because I’m afraid that we might have got Eiko involved in this whole mess. Eiko probably felt hurt from what happened last night.”


Taiki leaned back into his office chair. He said in a gentle tone, “I see. I thank you for letting me know about this situation as soon as you could and caring about Eiko. I know you’re probably busy all day with covering up the leaked videos of the party. I’m sorry for what happened. I will do my best to help Eiko and I wish you luck with getting Hiroyuki back from the Fujiwara family.”


Noam thanked him and wished him a good day. Taiki did the same and said goodbye. He put the desk phone back onto its stand. He let out a big sigh. He looked at the picture frame on his desk that showed all four of his kids smiling together and holding hands. He stared at Eiko and said, “What am I supposed to say in this situation?”


Someone knocked on his door. Taiki said, “Come in.” Emi opened the door and said, “I am done with work. Are you ready to go home now?” Taiki said, “Yeah but before we go, I need to tell you something.” He told her everything that Noam said to him over the phone. He said in a troubled tone, “When we get back home, I don’t know what to say to Eiko.” Emi walked over to him and rubbed his back. She said in a calm voice, “We just got to give and show Eiko all of our support. When she needs us, we will be here.”

Taiki looked up at her and said, “You’re right. We should hurry back home to see how she is doing.” Emi nodded and said, “I will call a cab.” They were back home. Emi unlocked the door. Fumiko and Shinji hugged her and said, “Welcome back home mom and dad!” Fumiko said, “Mom, we want to cook something for Eiko.” Emi smiled and asked, “Why?”


She said, “Because big sis isn’t in a good mood. I accidentally made her mood worse and I want to make it up to her.” Shinji said, “And we want to help her get better!” Emi bent down on her knees. She stroked both Fumiko and Shinji’s cheeks. She said joyfully, “I’m happy to see you two care so much about Eiko in your own ways. We can make something for her tomorrow. I think that she might need more time alone to think and reflect on her feelings. Is that okay Fumiko and Shinji?”


They both nodded and walked to the living room. Taiki couldn’t stop smiling from the sight and he was about to cry. He said emotionally, “My two youngest kids are doing all they can to help their older sister. I can’t be beaten by them!” Emi said, “How about you attempt to make dinner for Eiko?” Taiki gasped and said, “I can’t cook well. You know that I burn everything.” Emi stuck out her pointer finger at him. She grinned and said, “But there is one dish that you didn’t manage to burn and it was Eiko’s favorite as a child. Do you remember what it was?”


Taiki’s eyes gleamed and said, “It was cream of mushroom soup. But do we have all the ingredients for it?” Emi smiled and said, “We do. Now, get going!” She pushed him into the kitchen and Taiki started to prepare to make the soup. He chopped the mushrooms, garlic, and onions. Then he cooked them in butter. He mixed the chicken broth with evaporated milk in a deep silver pot. He added pepper and salt to season. He took a sip and said, “Perfect.” He served the soup in a white bowl.


He put the bowl in a wood tray and carried it upstairs. He walked towards Eiko’s room and knocked a few times. There was no answer. He said, “Eiko, I’m going to come in.” He left the soup on her desk and looked at Eiko. She was still hidden in her sheets. Taiki said, “I heard what happened last night from Noam. I just want to let you know that we are all here for you no matter what. I will support any decision you make because I trust you. I just want to know that I left some cream of mushroom soup on your desk. When you’re done with it, you can put it outside of your room.”


After he said that, he left the room. He closed her door quietly and went back downstairs. When she heard her dad left, she peeked out of her covers. She could smell the soup and her stomach started growling. She got out of her bed. She was still in her pajamas and had messy hair. She walked to her desk. She saw a wooden spoon next to the bowl. She scooped up a bit of soup and sipped it. She said to herself, “This is yummy. Reminds me of childhood.” She drank more and more till there was no more left.


She left the wooden tray outside and went back into her bed. She stared at the ceiling and slowly went back to sleep. Her dad went upstairs to see if she finished, and he was delighted to see an empty bowl. He said to himself, “If she was able to eat, I think she will soon have the strength to power through this tough situation.”




© 2020 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 31 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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Added on March 29, 2020
Last Updated on July 26, 2020
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