Completed Chapter 40: "The comeback"

Completed Chapter 40: "The comeback"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 40 of Completed


It was the morning of the wedding. Hiroyuki was sitting in a royal blue dining chair. Hiroyuki was wearing a wine red tuxedo. A male hairdresser was using a curling iron on his blond hair. Hiroyuki was staring into a large rectangle mirror across from him. Kura was sitting next to him. A female makeup artist did her eyeliner. Kura was wearing a flowy off the shoulder white dress. Her hair was put into a braided bun. There were white flowers wrapping around the bun. 

The hairdresser asked, “How do you like your hair?” Hiroyuki’s fringe was a bit curled. Hiroyuki said, “I like it. Thank you!” The hairdresser grinned. The hairdresser packed his bags and left the room. Hiroyuki glanced at the makeup artist applying red lipstick on Kura. Kura stood up and walked closer to the mirror. Kura checked herself out. Kura said, “This is good. You can leave now.” The makeup artist said happily, “Thank you, Ms. Kura!” She put her makeup away and left. 

Kura walked towards a circular window. There was a white plush seat below the window. Kura sat down and saw the ocean waves gently rolling in the distance. Hiroyuki said, “I didn’t expect your parents to pick a cruise to be our wedding venue. I thought it would be the same old restaurant they love going to.” Kura said, “I guess because they value our wedding that much.” 

Hiroyuki stared at his silver watch. The time was 9:30 am. Hiroyuki sighed and said to himself, “The wedding will start in three hours.” Kura said in an exhausted tone, “Yeah, seems like a long excruciating wait.” Hiroyuki looked up from his watch and said a bit surprised, “Wow, I assumed we wouldn’t have much of a conversation today. I thought we would be waiting in awkward silence for three hours in this room.” 

Kura scoffed at his words. Kura said, “Talking to you wouldn’t be as bad as sitting here in awkward silence. I can tolerate that a lot more.” Hiroyuki snickered and said, “That’s true. I’m glad to hear that. I was worried that this whole wedding was going to crush you with all the pressure and burden.” Kura gripped on both her shoulders. Kura said in a depressed tone, “That’s not something you should say on the day of a wedding.” Hiroyuki said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say it like that.” Kura said, “Well you’re not wrong. I feel heavy right now. I honestly don’t want to go through this but I’m not brave enough to go against my parents’ wishes.” 

Hiroyuki glanced at her and asked, “Why are you telling me this?” Kura said, “Because someone gave me the courage to talk about it. I know it’s late for me to say this but I apologize for hurting you in the past and now. I used you to help gain recognition from my parents. I thought if I married you then everything would be solved. But that’s not the answer. I won’t truly be happy like that.” Hiroyuki immediately stood up from his chair. Hiroyuki asked, “Then why are you still going through with this?” 

Kura said, “I’m going through this because I'm still afraid of going against my parents. I decided to put my trust in someone else who can help put a stop to this. And that person is someone who finally realized how they truly feel about you.” Hiroyuki falls back into this chair. He put both of his hands on his head. He said in his mind, “Why is Eiko trying to involve herself in my issues? I can take care of it myself! I don’t want her to be caught in this!” 

He asked, “Do you know what Eiko plans on doing?” Kura said, “Not really. She didn’t say anything specific.” Hiroyuki stood up from his seat and was ready to leave the room. Kura shouted, “Wait!! Did you even completely hear what I said?” Hiroyuki stopped moving. Hiroyuki asked, “About what?” Kura said aloud, “About how she truly feels about you!” Hiroyuki slammed his fist into the wall. Kura jumped from the noise. Hiroyuki cried out, “I don’t know if I should feel happy about that. I haven’t even finished settling anything yet! How can I get back to her when I am in this state? And you’re telling me she’s coming here to fix it?!! This is something I have to face alone. I don’t want her to get hurt trying to fix my problems.” 

Kura automatically became silent from his words and looked back at the ocean. Hiroyuki walked to the door. Before he could open the door, the door opened. It was Kata wearing a light green lace dress. An okame mask covered her face. It was a white mask that contained a smiling japanese woman's face. Kata said, “Oh Hiroyuki! Good timing! I wanted you to greet some important guests. They asked to see you and Kura. Follow me. And don’t forget to wear your masks!” Hiroyuki said, “Alright. We will.” Hiroyuki took his white and red fox half face mask from the drawer. Kata grabbed her white and pink floral cat half face mask that was hanging on the wall. They put it on their face. 

They followed after Kata in a long velvet red hallway toward the outdoor deck. The sun was shining brightly on the deck. A slight breeze blew through Hiroyuki’s hair. The outdoor deck was filled with many white bamboo tables and chairs. They were covered in traditional japanese designs and decorations. There was a bamboo wedding arch sitting in front of the deck. A white cloth was tied around the arch. Yellow and white flowers were wrapped around it. 

There were a few guests dressed in formal clothes with a traditional japanese mask on their faces. They were using their phone to take pictures of the arch and decorations. Kata introduced the guests to Hiroyuki and Kura. Hiroyuki smiled and shook their hands. Kata proceeded to do the same. The guests were complimenting how charming they looked together. Hiroyuki was nodding but his mind wasn’t focused on the conversation. He thought, “I hope granny Yubi received my letter. I don’t think I have the patience to continue with this farce for the rest of the day. Here’s hoping that things end peacefully.” The guest’s voices began to slowly drown out. Hiroyuki concentrated on the sounds of the ocean waves crashing by the dock and the seagulls chirping in the air. 

Hiroyuki noticed a male waiter walking towards them. The waiter tapped Kata’s shoulder. He whispered something in her ear. Kata’s delighted face gradually turned shocked. Kata said to the guests, “I have something to check. I will be back. Enjoy yourselves!” Kata followed the waiter. Hiroyuki thought, “I wonder what happened? Was it granny Yubi? Should I follow them to see?” 

One of the guests asked, “Are you excited about getting married today?” Hiroyuki didn’t respond. The guest tried to ask the same question again. Kura put her hand over his shoulder. Kura grinned and said, “Yes, we are! Right babe?” Hiroyuki snapped out of his thoughts and bobbed his head. Hiroyuki said in an overly friendly voice, “We can’t wait to tie the knot!” The guests giggled and said, “Did you hear that she called him babe?! That’s so adorable!” 

Hiroyuki said, “I’m going to check the reception area to see if any more guests have arrived. It was nice talking to you all!” Kura walked behind him and said awkwardly, “Me too! I’m going to do the same! See you soon!” The guests nodded and said, “See you later!” Hiroyuki headed over to the rear deck. Hiroyuki held on to the railing and asked a bit annoyed, “Did you have to follow me?” Kura said, “Well, it was the perfect excuse to get out of making small talk.” Hiroyuki sighed and said, “Fine. Do what you want.” Kura leaned on the railing. Kura said, “Are you curious where my mother headed?” Hiroyuki replied, “Not really.” Kura said, “Is that so? Are you secretly hoping grandma comes to save you?”

Hiroyuki quickly turned his head to face her. Hiroyuki asked, “How did you know about that?” Kura said in a condescending voice, “I mean it was obvious why you would suddenly send grandma a letter out of nowhere instead of just calling her.” Hiroyuki said, “Oh I guess it was that obvious. Are you going to tell your mother about it?” Kura shrugged her shoulders. Kura said in a confused tone, “Why would I do that? It’s not going to stop grandma from coming. You know how strongly she feels about us.” 

Hiroyuki chucked and said a bit relieved, “That’s true. I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens.” Kura looked up at the light blue sky. The puffy white clouds were swaying back and forth. Hiroyuki notices two people up ahead acting suspiciously. They were searching for something. Hiroyuki walks up to them. As he walked closer, he saw one of them wore a monkey mask and another wore a red horned demon mask. The one with the monkey mask wore a familiar lace white dress with curly dark sandy hair. The one with the red demon mask had a familiar white suit with short light brown hair. 

Hiroyuki instantly knew who these two were. Hiroyuki cried out, “Rie and Itsuki, is that you?” They both turned around and asked, “Yes? How did you know our names?” Hiroyuki took off his fox mask. Hiroyuki exclaimed, “It’s me! I can’t believe you guys came!” Itsuki automatically jabbed his hand in Hiroyuki’s stomach. Hiroyuki kneeled in pain. Hiroyuki dropped his mask on the floor. Kura ran over and screamed, “What’s going on here?” 

Hiroyuki put his hand out and said, “It’s fine. These two are my friends.” Kura responded with an awkward, “Alright.”  Itsuki clenched his fists and shouted, “That’s for worrying us and leaving without a word! We actually thought we wouldn’t see you again!” Rie pounded her fists on his back and yelled, “And this is for making Eiko cry!” Hiroyuki put both his arms up and quickly surrendered. Hiroyuki said in an ashamed tone, “You’re both allowed to hit me as much as you like. It’s my fault. I’m sorry for leaving you guys without a word and hurting Eiko. I promise I will explain everything when it’s over.” 

Itsuki locked his right arm around his neck and squeezed a bit tight. Itsuki said aloud, “You better!” Kura asked, “Wait.. since you two are Eiko’s friends, does that mean Eiko is here?” Hiroyuki’s eyes widened from hearing that sentence. Hiroyuki said in disbelief, “Eiko is here right now?” Rie said, “Yeah she is with your parents.” Hiroyuki tapped Itsuki’s arm. Hiroyuki said, “I’ve got to go now! I can’t let Eiko be involved in this!” Itsuki quickly let go of his arm. 

Hiroyuki asked, “Where did they go?” Itsuki said, “I think they went to a private lounge room?” Hiroyuki darted from the rear deck back to the front deck. Itsuki said, “There he goes. I guess our job here is done.” Rie smiled and said, “Yeah, let’s hope everything goes alright. We can wait for them out here.” Kura rubbed her head unsure what to do. 

Hiroyuki ran past the guests from earlier. One of them asked, “I wonder why he’s in a rush?” Hiroyuki dashed inside the cruise and went to the end of the hallway. Hiroyuki stopped in front of the door. He could hear voices muttering behind the door. Hiroyuki’s hand nervously touched the doorknob. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, then firmly gripped the doorknob and twisted it. 

The first thing Hiroyuki saw was Eiko in a bold orange dress standing strong in front of Kura’s parents. His parents were sitting behind her. Eiko said in a powerful voice, “The person Hiroyuki loves currently is me! And I feel the same way about him!” Kata quickly stood up and cried out, “So what? I’m not going to believe the words of some girl. We all know that Hiroyuki has loved Kura since childhood. Kura is the only person that is worthy to be Hiroyuki’s partner!” Akio was trying to calm her down as he noticed Hiroyuki in front of the door. Akio exclaimed, “Hiroyuki, what are you doing here?”  

Before Hiroyuki could respond, Kata interrupted him. Kata screeched, “Listen to this Hiroyuki, your parents suddenly decided to give up their company and return all the money to us in exchange for calling off your marriage with Kura! This is not something we agreed on!” Akio said nervously, “This isn’t our choice to make. Maybe we should just accept it.” Kata snapped at him, “What do you mean it isn’t our choice! This is unacceptable! I already came up with the wedding and everything. I’m not going to stop it! It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. Right, Hiroyuki?” 

Hiroyuki’s parents anxiously awaited his response. Eiko held her hands tight together. Hiroyuki clenched his teeth and stared right at her eyes. Hiroyuki said in a blunt tone, “No, Ms. Kata. I’m sorry but you’re wrong. This wedding won’t happen. I don’t love Kura anymore. I love that girl now. ” Kata slowly walked back to the wall. Kata’s face was shocked. Kata said in a doubtful voice, “This can’t be true. But what about Kura? Are you going to leave Kura alone? She loves you.” Hiroyuki shook his head. Hiroyuki said in an honest voice, “She never once did. She pretended to love me in order to gain recognition from you. She doesn’t feel happy about this wedding.” 

Kata slammed her fist into the wall and yelled, “That’s not true! I know Kura more than anyone! Kura does want to marry you! And she really loves you!” Hiroyuki continued shaking his head and said, “Ms. Kata, you unfortunately don’t know your daughter as well as you think. Kura was suffering so hard trying to meet your unrealistic expectations but you were never satisfied. Did you truly try to understand how she felt?”


Kata became silent. Kura walked slowly into the room and asked, “Mother and Father, is everything alright?” Akio turned to see her. Akio nervously smiled and said, “Oh Kura, you’re here. We are currently discussing with Hiroyuki’s parents about calling off the marriage.” Kura said in a low voice, “Oh..” Kata walked towards Kura. Her hands laid on Kura’s shoulders. Kata weeped, “Hiroyuki said that you weren’t happy about this marriage? Is that true?” Kura looked down on the floor and was afraid to answer. Her body slowly started to tremble. Kata began to shake Kura. Kata shrieked, “Tell them all that it’s not true! That you are the perfect partner for Hiroyuki! You are Kura Fujiwara! The CEO's daughter of Fuji’s electronics! They can’t refuse us!” Kura couldn’t say a word to her mother. 

Akio walked over. Akio said in a concerned tone, “Stop it, Kata! You’re making Kura uncomfortable!” Kata smacked Akio away. Kata continued to shake her. Kata howled, “I am your mother! I know what’s best for you! Don’t you agree?” Kura didn’t respond. An eldery voice cried out, “That’s enough! You’re scaring the poor girl!” Everyone turned to see the voice coming from Yubi wearing a pink kimono in a wheelchair. Yubi moved closer to Kata. A foldable walking stick was sitting on her lap. Yubi quickly unfolded it and shoved it in front of Kata’s face. 

Kata’s face flinched and asked in an overly delighted tone, “Mother Yubi, What are you doing here?” Yubi snapped, “I don’t recall giving you permission to call me mother. And you know exactly why I am here.” Kata immediately retreated. Akio walked over to Yubi’s wheelchair. Akio nervously smiled and said, “Mother, I don’t think you need to be here to listen to our discussion. We can sort this out ourselves. I don’t want you to overstrain yourself.” 

Akio was about to place his hands on her wheelchair. Yubi whacked his hand with her stick. Yubi said in a stern voice, “You don’t get to decide that. I do.” Akio rubbed his red hands and withdrew from her. Yubi said, “This whole marriage is called off! I am officially announcing it. I don’t care what kind of deal or contract you all made in the past. Hiroyuki and Kura don't need to put up with this for our sake. They should do what makes them happy.” Everyone anxiously looked at Yubi. Yubi glanced at Kura and said, “Come here, Kura dear.” Kura nods and walks over. Yubi holds her hands. Yubi said, “I’m sorry that it took long for this granny to notice. I know that you feel that it’s important to listen to your parents and meet up their expectations but it shouldn’t control how you live your life. That’s something only you can decide.” Kura furrowed her brow and said in a concerned voice, “But if I do that, doesn’t it make me a bad child for rebelling against my parents? If I become a bad child then I am not suited to take over Fuji’s electronics. The Ceo of Fuji’s electronics must be perfect in every way.” 

Akio’s face became distraught and couldn’t bear to look at his daughter. Kata’s mouth was about to say something but nothing came out. Kata struggled to speak. Yubi held Kura’s hands tighter. Yubi said in a gentle voice, “That’s not true. You don’t need to be perfect to take over the company.” Kura gazed into Yubi’s eyes. Kura asked in an unconvinced tone, “You really think so?” Yubi nodded and said, “I know this because when I took over the company from my father, I made so many mistakes. The company almost went bankrupt under my hands. But thanks to the many people supporting me, we were able to pull the company through. The CEO does play a significant role in the company but they can’t complete all the company’s tasks by themselves. They rely and trust others to manage it together. Another important quality to being a CEO and person is being able to make tough decisions. If you can’t make a decision, then nothing will change. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re willing to take the risks to improve the company or your life. What do you want to do, Kura?”

Kura grasped Yubi’s hands a little tighter. Kura cried out, “I- I don’t want to marry Hiroyuki!” Kata’s eyes began to tear up. Kata clenched her chest and screeched, “Why Kura?? I thought that was what you wanted!” Kura took a deep breath. Kura stared directly into her mother’s eyes. Kura exclaimed, “I only did it because I wanted to make you and father happy but it didn’t make me happy. It was suffocating having to pretend to be in a relationship with Hiroyuki and faking my emotions. I appreciate that mother and father always had the best intentions for me but this time, I want to be in control of my own life.”


Kata sobbed and smacked the ground furiously. Kata yelled in desperation, “How could this be?! I thought I was the perfect mother who knew everything about her daughter but I was wrong all along!! I can’t believe I caused my own daughter so much grief. I’m sorry Kura.” Akio bent down to comfort Kata by rubbing her back. Akio said in a guilty tone, “It’s also my fault. I should have noticed earlier and communicated with Kura better. I fail at being a father. I’m also very sorry Kura.” Kura said, “It’s okay mother and father. I should have let you know about my true feelings instead of hiding it.” Yubi released Kura’s hand. 

Yubi moved her wheelchair in front of Kura’s parents. Yubi pointed her stick at them. Yubi said in a harsh voice, “Stop with the excuses and saying these what ifs. If you are truly sorry, then take responsibility for your mistakes!” Akio and Kata both stood up from the floor. Kata wiped her hands and said, “The marriage is off. I apologize for all the trouble I caused for Hiroyuki and his family. I won’t bother you with any more threats.” Akio said, “Noam, you can keep your company. We aren’t entitled to take it away from you. And I’m sorry for everything. I can understand if you want to separate ties with us.” Kata and Akio both kneeled on the ground and bowed. 

Noam and Manami were astonished by their actions. Noam said, “Please raise your head.” They both looked up at Noam. Noam said, “We both made mistakes. Instead of apologizing to each other, let’s focus on improving parent and child relationships. It’s something we all need to work on.” Akio said, “You’re right. We need to.. No. we have to do better for Kura.” Kata said, “Yeah, we do.” Yubi nodded her head and adjusted her glasses. Yubi noticed Eiko and said aloud, “Is that you, Eiko?! I am surprised to see you here!” 

Eiko grinned and said, “Yeah it’s Eiko, granny Yubi! Glad to see that you’re doing fine.” Yubi smiled and said amused, “It’s a small world. I never would have thought you were connected in all this.” Eiko nervously laughed. Eiko said, “Y-yeah me too.” Yubi said, “Well even though the wedding is over, it doesn’t mean the party is over! You kids should go enjoy yourselves. While we adults have our important discussions! Now go!” Yubi ushered Eiko, Hiroyuki and Kura out of the room by using her stick. 

Eiko scratched her head and said, “Well this is awkward. I can’t believe granny Yubi kicked us out.” Kura folded her arms and shouted, “Wait a sec, how did you know grandma?” Eiko said, “Ah, I met her the other day when I was shopping.” Kura bobbed her head. Kura glanced at Hiroyuki staring at Eiko. Kura let out a slight smile. Kura quickly shoves Hiroyuki and said, “You two haven’t seen each other for awhile. So catch up! I’m going to get myself a drink.” 

Kura briskly walks away from them. Eiko asked, “Wait.. Kura!” Kura waves her hand in the air and shouted, “Enjoy yourselves love birds!” Kura continues walking off. Eiko and Hiroyuki both instantly blushed from her remark. Eiko shrieked, “L-lovebirds?!!! What do you mean by that?!” Hiroyuki snickered a bit. Eiko squinted her eyes and asked a bit annoyed, “And what’s so funny?” Hiroyuki said, “It’s your reaction. They are always entertaining to see.” Eiko puffed her cheeks and said, “There you go, making fun of me again.” Hiroyuki said in an endearing tone, “I’m not making fun of you. It’s just one of the things that I like about you.”

Eiko’s eyes widened and her heart began beating faster. Hiroyuki said, “Let’s try going somewhere else. I know a nice spot to go. Follow me.” Hiroyuki started to stroll out of the velvet hallway. Eiko was behind him. Her eyes were glued to his empty right hand. Eiko’s hand slowly approached his hand. Her fingers interlocked into his hand. Hiroyuki suddenly stopped moving for a moment. Hiroyuki firmly held onto her hand. Hiroyuki continued to walk. Eiko’s face became warmer. She kept her eyes on their hands together. 

They walked out of the hallway and towards the front of the cruise. Hiroyuki gently released his hand. Hiroyuki pointed across the ocean. Hiroyuki asked, “What do you think of the view?” Eiko could see how vast and clear the ocean was. The sun was sparkling on the water’s surface. There were colorful fish swimming below the ship. Eiko replied enthusiastically, “It’s wonderful! I've never seen ocean water be this clear! Hiroyuki beamed from her answer. Hiroyuki coughed and asked in an awkward voice, “So... I heard from Kura that you recognized your feelings for me? Is it true?” Eiko gripped onto the cruise’s wooden railing. Eiko slowly turned to look at him. Eiko said a bit nervously, “Y-yeah it’s true.” Hiroyuki scratched his cheek. Hiroyuki asked, “When did you start noticing your feelings for me?” Eiko’s cheeks began to get red. Eiko said in a low voice, “About a month after Kura’s mom took you away.” Hiroyuki’s lips formed a slight smirk. Hiroyuki asked, “And how did you find out about it?” Eiko’s cheeks turned more red and exclaimed, “My older brother helped me recognize these feelings!” Hiroyuki said, “Really? That’s good to know. If I ever get the chance to see him, I should thank him.” Eiko squinted her eyes at him and asked in an irritated tone, “Why would you have to do that? Is it because I’m dense?”

Hiroyuki shook his head. Hiroyuki said in a merry tone, “No, because I didn’t think this would ever happen. And I feel extremely happy that it did.” Eiko placed her hands on Hiroyuki’s cheeks and looked into his blue eyes. Eiko cried out, “You’re not being fair! All these things that you’re saying are going to make my heart jump out of my chest! It’s dangerous.” Hiroyuki placed his hands on top of hers. Hiroyuki said in a sweet tone, “Then, why don’t you do something that will make my heart jump out?” Eiko furrowed her brows thinking of what to do. Eiko stood on her toes and removed her right hand away from his cheek. Eiko closed her eyes. Eiko pressed her lips onto his cheek. 

Hiroyuki could feel her gentle and soft lips touching his cheek. Eiko said in a bold voice, “Now we are even.” Hiroyuki stroked his cheek and instantly had a big grin. Hiroyuki said in a cheery tone, “It seems like someone else is more dangerous than me~” Eiko put her hands on her hips and said loudly, “Well that’s the only way I could think of to get back at you!” Hiroyuki giggled and said, “It was a nice surprise. I didn’t expect it.” Eiko pouted. 

Two voices suddenly were calling out to them. It was Rie and Itsuki. Rie was out of breath. Rie said, “We finally found you two. How did it all go?” Eiko said, “I think everything should be okay now. We got it all handled.” Rie said in a delighted tone, “That’s great! What were you two doing here?” Eiko’s face became flushed like a tomato. Eiko said, “Nothing!!” Rie said in an unconvinced tone, “Really? I don’t know about that. Why does Hiroyuki have such a huge smile on his face?” Itsuki was nudging his elbow at Hiroyuki and asked, “Yeah she’s right! That seems suspicious!” Hiroyuki said, “Well you see Eiko just ki-” 

Eiko screamed out, “We were just kicking back and enjoying this beautiful ocean view!” Rie rubbed her chin and said in a doubtful voice, “Yeah right.. You two clearly aren’t looking at the ocean. Your backs are facing it.” Eiko started to panic and shouted, “We just turned our backs for a moment! See, now we are looking at the ocean!” Eiko grabbed Hiroyuki’s hand to turn him around. Rie and Itsuki both grinned from the sight. Itsuki said in a playful tone, “How assertive of you, Eiko, to grab his hand like that. That’s so romantic!” Eiko cried out, “You guys quit it!!” Rie had an idea popped in her mind and said, “Oh I got it. Don’t tell me that you two kissed!” Eiko immediately went silent. Rie moved closer to see Eiko’s beet red face. Hiroyuki said in a jolly tone, “Yes, Eiko kissed me on the cheek!” Itsuki whistled and said, “Way to go Eiko, making the first move like that.” Rie gave her a thumbs up. Eiko used her other hand to cover up her embarrassed face. Her hand was still firmly holding onto Hiroyuki. 

© 2021 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 40 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I would also like to shoutout to my friends who help me edit all my chapters! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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