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Through The Eyes, Chapter 1

Through The Eyes, Chapter 1

A Chapter by SpiritedTales

A question.

Tick tock tick tock.. The sounds of the secondhand of the clock rings out everytime to me like gunshot.I look around the classroom,seeing if there' was anything particularly more interesting than my test.

"Kazuo! Get back to work!" The teacher ordered, looking up from his desk and glaring at me with eyes that could kill.I quickly put my head down and started to read my work.So, if 6 times 7 is 35 and you multiply it by X it should equal.. wait is that girl staring at me? I thought wildly, peering out of my purifial vision. She is too.I can see her eyeballing  my black dress shirt,then my grey-black hair. Does she have some kind of problem? We're doing exams and she's checking me out?

"15 minutes left till I collect exams!" The teacher announces, pulling out a his red pen and relishing the thought of marking. Damn! I gotta get going! 20 questions in 15 minutes? I began to attack my test.

15 minutes later..

"Alright Class! Bring your papers to the front and be ready for dismissal." ,He ordered while clicking his pen.The other students got up slowly, still reading answers as they went to the desk. The girl beside me gets up and half-runs to the desk ,adding the test to the pile and turns around, trying not to look at me again, and sits down silently.I'm the last one to get up and add to the mass of tests.The bell rings and everyone screams with joy as they run outside the classroom,bumping into each other in the process.

I walk out calmly and head to my locker to collect my bag.Ahh finally! My last exam finished! I thought in my head, while putting my books in my bag.I close my locker and walk towards the exit of the school. All I gotta do now is head to the store to get my ramen and head" Kazuo! Wait up!".

I turn around, instantly recognizing the voice."Oh hey Hojo whats up?"I said.After   catching his breath for a few moments he finally asks"Hey, how was your math exam?".

I took a moment to think and replied,"Interesting".Hojo and I started to walk ,talking bout the exams and how hard they were.Me and Hojo have been friends since we were freshman at highschool,and since then, his style has never changed.This guy has black hair and black eyes, but its not the eyes that makes him who he is, it's those goggles he always has around his neck and his free spirited personality. The teachers got mad at him for always having his goggles in class, but eventually they gave up since he never listened. Anyways , when we got to the market plaza, it was no surprise that there would be a crowd.There's always a crowd on Friday afternoons, because people put on acts sometimes.The act that's being put on now seems to be a fire-breathing act.

" Wow! I gotta check this out! I might be able to get in and make some money",he says very fast ,"Are you coming?".

"Sorry I kinda have to go,mom says she needs me home as soon as possible" I decline,Hojo just shrugs and runs off.I turn and start pushing through the crowd, trying to pry my way to Namine Food Store. Before I could get there I bumped into the girl that was staring at me in class.I turned to see her walk by not even noticing who I was, then it hit me, instant coldness.

I started to feel really cold in my chest and I crossed my arms in hope to keep heat. Why is this happening, Why am I so cold!? I thought rapidly, while still clutching my chest.My knees buckle and I'm on the ground, still holding my chest. What is this!? This isnt right! But then the coldness goes away. I lift myself off the ground and look up ,I was instantly shocked. Everyone was frozen! It was like time has stopped! I look around for any movement,only to find nothing in motion." Hello!? Can anyone hear me?" I said, moving from person to person in the crowd.

Then I heard a whisper, "Its almost time....", I turn around towards the sound, only to see one. "Who's There?!"I called out, starting to panic."One person won't be.." the whispers comes again. "What do you mean!? Whats happened to the people? Why aren't they moving?!" I scream, in hopes that the whispers would answer. "Its almost time...." The whisper says, then the coldness comes again more powerful then ever.

I'm on the ground in a flash, clutching my sides. "AHH WHATS HAPPENING" I scream out.

"Uhh hello? Are you okay?",I look up to see woman in a green dress ,standing over me with a concerned look.I scramble up and look around,it seems a group of people are now ignoring the act and staring at me now.

" Umm yes I'm sorry, sore stomach." I reply,trying not to feel embarassed. "Ahh ok,it looked like you were having a heart attack." The woman laughs while walking away.I placed my hand on my head and shook it,"What the hell happened?". Then it hit me, that girl from class.. I bumped into her.. that may have caused this.. but how? I impose the question to my self over and over,but came up with no answer.

" Kazuo! Why did you have to make a scene? You made me burn someone!" Hojo whines walking towards me.

© 2010 SpiritedTales

Author's Note

Chapter written when I was 14, it shows as the grammar and punctuation is bad.

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Added on January 28, 2010
Last Updated on January 28, 2010
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Belleville, Ontario, Canada

My real name is unimportant, but only the attempts at writing I make. I love writing as it is the only way to shape the world as I see fit, the one way I can play god. Well at first I was going to .. more..

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A Chapter by SpiritedTales