Through The Eyes, Chapter 2

Through The Eyes, Chapter 2

A Chapter by SpiritedTales

Rain and More Questions.

"HIYA! Come on Kazuo!   You can do better than that! Move your feet boy!", Ken Hattori screamed, swinging his kendo stick with surprising speed. I ran at him making a diagonal slash at him, of course it didn't work, beating my grandfather at kendo is like beating Hojo at snowboarding, impossible.

"Pah! You need to keep practicing!" My grandpa said , maneuvering his stick underneath mine and hitting out of my hands. The stick flies across the room and lands loudly on the mat. Walked slowly to retrieve it, Grandpa sits down and crosses his legs, "Something is troubling you, I can tell when you move... Its not as... graceful.", he commented.I looked down at my stick and picked it up, getting it back in to the usual stance.

"No Kazuo, that's enough for today.We won't achieve anything with you being so down. Oh your mother said to run home quickly ,something about your wedding preparations   Bwahahah.", My grandpa boomed with laughter. He grabbed my stick and headed out of the brightly coloured dojo. I walked out of the dojo and into the change rooms to get out of my kendo robe and into my normal clothes. I was in the middle of tieing my shoe when I realized, where's the other one?

" Grandpa! Wheres my other shoe!?!" I screamed, looking around the change room.

"Ahh, Teta probably took it, that dog is such playful thing.",he answered, I murmur, "A nuisance too. TETA! HERE TETA!". I hear the jingling of dog tags as a shoe-bearing white dog came in. I grabbed the shoe out of Teta's mouth and wiped the saliva off.I notice the marks of where she has been gnawing as of late. I looked down at Teta with evil intentions , she in turn looks up in hope that I throw the shoe.I shook my head and muttered to the white maned canine,"Thanks for the shoe ,Teta." I put the shoe on, grabbed my bag and petted Teta then proceeded out to the entrance of the Dojo.

I opened the sliding door , and instantly my mood went worse. A downpour of rain has been issued outside tonight, and I have been fated to walking in it all the way home. I looked down at my gnawed shoe then up at the rain again. I groaned," Hope mom did laundry today.",and started walking in the sheets of rain and into the night.

Hattori House,1 hour later

Who is that girl.. What happened at the market place... Why did it happen.. Those questions continue to float around my head as I lay in my bed staring at the white ceiling above me. I sat up and positioned myself at the edge of the bed. I looked around my room, trying advert my attention to something else. I spot my computer, thinking that it had to be fixed. Then I noticed my mass of books in the corner that mom has told me to sort through for the last 3 days.Then my eyes came to a rest to the picture that was on my desk.I got off my bed and sat in my black computer chair, and grabbed the picture for a better look.

The picture showed three people, Me,my mother, and my sister Maya, and this picture was probably took about 2 years ago or more because Maya has been dead since then.Maya was my younger sister by one year, she was killed because of cancer that had it's way with her heart. I remember when   Maya died, Mom left and didn't come back for 2 days, she told me that she needed some time. I rubbed my thumb over Maya, staring into her cheerful eyes.Maya... You were completely healthy.. How did this happen to you? "Kazuo! Supper!" I heard my mom call from downstairs, "Ya, I'm coming" I grumbled. I slowly placed the picture back onto my desk and retreated downstairs. "Wow. Whats the occasion?" I asked, walking to the kitchen sink to wash my hands.

"Well, Aunt Kay is coming in from the airport, she came overseas. So think of this as a 'You finally visited' party." She said. Aunt Kay wasn't an actual relative, it was just a title given to her cause she was around a lot.My mom smiles and says," She has a daughter too, bout your age."

Great, another scheme my mother cooked up I thought. My mom was the kind of mother that always tries to find the 'right' mate for her kin, but right now I think she just took the initiative of a female of my age coming down. I sat at the table and rested my chin on my palm and said,"What are you trying to do now?". " Well, Kay said that her daughter was recently added to the class about 2 weeks ago. She told me she sat next to ya." My mother's smile grew bigger when she said that last sentence.

"Wait, did you say she sat next to me? In what class?" I questioned, my interest grew like a balloon. "Kazuo settle down, I was told she sat next to you in... ahh... I think it was math class. Though I don't understand how she could move her child so near exams." She pondered, while she set the table with utensils and placemats. So the girl from the market then, I never knew she was related to Kay.I got up to get myself a drink from the refrigerator, still thinking about the recent news. My mom stood at the sliding door that connected the kitchen to the outside and stated   "Boy, the rain is really coming down, hope it doesn't flood anywhere again."

Due to the rain lately, our basement has been flooded twice , which limited us to not using the spare bedroom down there or the storage room.I sat down again, placing my drink on the table and turned to stare out into the dark rainy night. If she's coming again, will what happened at the market happen again? I thought, returning my thoughts to what happened at the Market. My thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

"Oh Its them! I'll go get it, Kazuo you better get all prettied up for you-know-who" She wooed, running out of the kitchen and towards the door."Ya, maybe its time I got some answers." I whispered, remaining sitting at the table. My mom comes back to usher me to the door,"Be a gentleman!" she said. So I opened the door and laid eyes on the two girls in front of me.

" Hey Kazuo!!! Long time no see!" Kay came in hugging me while wearing her pink   and very wet jacket.

" Hey, nice to see you too." I replied back, wiping the beads of rain off me.I turn my attention to the next guest who wore a black jacket .She quietly comes and says a quick,"Hello" and moves to where the rest of the group is.I stood at the door way for awhile thinking the piercing sensation will return, but it didn't. The only cold that I felt was the open doorway that I was standing in, I shook my head,"Its the same girl but then what happened earlier?" I said to myself,closing the door. Everyone was stationed in the living room at this time, My mom was on her usual   leather sofa, while the Kay and her daughter were on the couch. I grabbed a chair from the dining table and added it to the group. Kay and my mom were talking about trips and what they have been up to the last few years.

Right now   I focused on the girl, trying to determine still if she was apart of what happened at the Market. I notice the girl's physical features now, she had long black hair that came to her waist and sparkling dark purple eyes. She also wore a black sleeveless shirt and a yellow skirt.Now I know that she is Kay's daughter cause Kay had the same purplish eyes, but instead of black hair, Kay dyed hers purple for kicks.

"... So I finally brought my daughter back here with me, I hated that I left her with the grandparents for so long." I heard Kay exclaim. My mom turns her attention to the girl now,"Hey, I forgot your name what was it again? Ereeka?Ericka?" she asked.

The girl   replies back with a soft voice,"Eriko".So, I finally get a name, though I pity the fact that I didn't hear it in class.

"So, Eriko, how do you find school?" ,my mom continued questioning."Umm... Its okay.." Eriko said shyly.

"Do you talk much to Kazuo?" My mom asked, hoping for some good news." Well.. We haven't really had much of a conversation...You know with the exams and all." Eriko replied, still   quietly." Mom, think its time to eat? The food is probably frozen.." I said trying to get the night over with before my mom tries to do anything stupid.

" Ahh! I forgot!", my mom screamed running to the kitchen. Kay got up and followed her to the kitchen ,saying something about helping. So, there we sat, me and Eriko , in this lonely living room. I decided that she had nothing to do with what happened at the market, it was just coincidence that she was there. I might as well make conversation, I looked at Eriko.

"You think you did well on the exams?" I asked her politely. She said a simple "Yes"." What classes did you have?" I asked her. Took her awhile to answer,looked like she was thinking over her answer but she did tell me,"English,Science,History and... well you know I have Math." She said,I nodded my head to the last thing she mentioned. She fingered had her hands together and she fidget a little. I watched with great interest how she kept doing a sort of handwashing action over and over, eventually she noticed I was observing her and stopped, feeling mortified at the same time.

"HEY! IT'S SUPPER TIME! GET YOUR BUTTS IN HERE BEFORE I EAT IT ALL!", Kay hollered from the other room. Eriko immediately sprang up and moved into the other room, while I calmly got up and follow her. Supper was short for the amount of food that was on the table, nobody ate too much. Eriko didn't say much at all since talking to me in the living room, the last thing she said was a quick "Bye" when her and Kay left.I cleaned up the table and did the dishes. When I was finished,I wiped my hands on a towel and started up the stairs   when mom caught me halfway up.

" Hey Kazuo, Eriko was kinda cute. Don't ya think" She said while nudging me with her elbow.

" Give it a rest, anyways I'm going to bed" I sighed, continuing to my room. I entered my room,closed the door and sat on the bed. Though nothing happened there's still something weird about that girl, when I look at her, I feel something...familiar. I will have to talk to her when I get back to school next week. My cellphone rang suddenly and made me jump, I walked over to my desk and answered it,"Hello?".

From the other end of the line I heard Hojo scream" KAZUO! GUESS WHAT!?" I held the phone from my ear ,still hearing him. I reply," What". I had to pull the phone away from my ear again for this," Kazuo! Pack your things and bring your Thermos! You and me are going on a trip!". I sighed, every adventure I have been in with Hojo usually ended up in both of us getting in trouble or him doing something stupid. I asked," Where?".

He screamed his answer so loudly that I dropped my phone on the ground,"WE'RE GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS!!! WHOOO!!!!!"

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Author's Note

Punctuation issues continues.

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