Through The Eyes, Chapter 3

Through The Eyes, Chapter 3

A Chapter by SpiritedTales

Mountain Of Love?

"Kazuo!!! Wake up Man!!!! You're not getting anywhere sleeping in your bed!", Hojo hollered, grabbing my foot and dragging me out of my humble resting place.

"Uhhh.. whazzat? Oh Hojo, what are you doing?", I grumbled while I picked my self off the floor. Hojo glared at me for 5 seconds and finally said one word: "Mountains". Ahh, thats right I thought. Hojo called me last night about finally having the money to get to the mountains finally. I threw my blankets back on my bed and sat on my computer chair. I began rubbing the sleep that clung to my eyes. Hojo was practically tap dancing around my room, "I'm going to the mountains, I'm going to the mountains.", he sang. I opened my eyes and looked at my clock," You woke me up at 6 in the morning.", I moaned, slumping back into the chair. Hojo jumped onto my bed and mimed as if he was snowboarding with it,"But it's for a good and righteous cause!". I shook my head and stood up from the chair. I stretched my arms, grabbed some clothes and left the room to the bathroom. When I closed the door, I could hear small scratching noises from the door, "Stop!", I roared while laughing could be heard from the outside.

Hours later, On The Plane

"Hey!!! Can I have some peanuts?! PEANUTS OVER HERE !!! SEAT C1!!!" Hojo yells at the old flight attendant, wildly waving his arms. I was staring out at the clouds and the green world below, thinking what would happen if the engines blew out. I turn my head to see Hojo paying a very annoyed flight attendant   (that kind of ran away, probally to make sure Hojo didn't yell again.)

"Kaz! you gotta try these peanuts! They are SOOOOOOO good!," Hojo says , offering me the bag, which I push away.

"Aww, come on Kaz! Live it up a little, We are heading to the mountains to some powder! We get to Pwn the wannabes!", Hojo says through a mouthful of peanuts.
"You do realize I don't want to go back on the slopes, don't you?," I say slowly, looking out to see some geese flying.

"Then why come? hmmmmm? You want to touch your feet in the nice, fluffy ,hopefully not yellow snow?" Hojo smiled, throwing a peanut at the sleeping old man in front of us.
"I came here for my 15 birthday. Me,Mom and...Maya.",I whisper.

Hojo smile fades away, he looks down at the bag and says, "You never told me you came to Shiga Kohgen with her... If I knew I wouldn't of chose this mountain..."
I turn around and grab some peanuts.

"Yeah, I know. Look, I'll try to have some fun. I know you been working hard for this so I won't try to bring you down." I told him, eating the peanuts." Okay, are you sure though? We can always go to a different mountain,"   Hojo offered, now in a serious face. I look up and smile "No, use to coming to a mountain where the Olympics were held and just go home now is there? Besides, we're already on the plane" , Hojo looks at me and blinks, " I'll pelt the pilot with peanuts until he turns around."

"Its fine," I say again.

Hojo sits back in his chair and just asks,"Did she board well?"

I smile and said, "She would of beat you into the soft, fluffy yellow snow."

Hojo smiles and looked into the bag, only to see nothing inside.


Later, at the resort.

Me and Hojo stood at the foot of the mountain, staring up.

"So... you and Maya came here for your birthday?" Hojo asked ,very wide-eyed.

"Yeah" I reply, carrying my board with me to the lifts, Hojo was behind me with his board in hand. Hojo and I stood for couple seconds before the chair revolved and started to take us up the mountain. Hojo was looking wildly around, catching in all the sights and pointing at the people who were falling down. Seven minutes later, the lift met its destination and propelled us off and left us at the top. "Hmmm. Wussy begginers hill or the super, pwning, expert, godly, death hill?" Hojo thought out loud to himself.

"Ill go on the beginners, need to work out the kinks I s'pose,"   I said, making my way to the start of the hill , and kicking off from it. Hojo shrugged and went to the opposite hill.

[Enter Hojo]

"WOOT! YA!!! IM OWNING YOU, YOU, AND YOU!!" I said, screaming at all the people who weren't going 100 miles per hour. I manuevered my way down the hill hitting various jumps. Oh! That's a big jump! I thought to myself, scoping out the large ramp, Lets do it!

I was like a white streak with my white jacket and ski pants on, that was hurling its way to the ramp, and when that I went off that ramp, I caught tons of air. "O-M-F-G YESS!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed, and my scream was heard all over the mountain. When I finally landed, My knees shook, and made me lose my balance, thus making me collide with an unfortunate girl. We fell down on top of each other.

"Watch where you're going!" the girl screamed, getting off of me and was patting the snow off herself.

I got up and screamed back, "Your the one who bumped into me you klutz!"

"Whatever, just don't do it again, you jerk!" the girl replied, getting back on her board, and went down the mountain.

"Pfft, stuck up girl.", I whispered to myself, as I got up and continued the same path. When I got to the bottom, I didn't see Kaz anywhere, so I decided to go back up. He'll wait for me down here I s'pose, If not I'll see him back at the hotel. I got up and ran to the lift, only to find that I was gonna share the seat with another person.

Oh well, Guess I'll have to make friends somehow, I thought to myself.

I got beside the person just in time before the chair revolved and took the person up.

When I got on , my board jabbed the other boarder in the rib I said a quick ,"Sorry!"
The boarder snapped, "Then don't do it again, jerk." I stiffen and turn, the other person did too.

"ACCK! It's you!!" we both blurted out, scooting away from each other.

"Great, 10 minutes with an idiot, my day has been made," the girl groaned.

"Hey, I'm not the one who bumped into you, you bumped into me, stupid!" I snapped.

"Well, what about your retarded landing alongside your freakin' retarded recovery? Oh then don't forget your retarded collison with me!" she snapped back.

"Well anyone would plainly see a guy that's 6 foot 2 go towards them on a board, you   freaking bat!" I argued.

"I wouldn't need to see you if you didn't suck at snowboarding!" she retaliated.

"Oh? I suck? At least I wasn't going the speed of snail crawling through mud!" I screamed back.

"Whatever, don't talk to me you freaking idiot," she replied angrily.

"Fine then," I said, turning to look down at the scenery. A couple minutes go by, I turned and looked at the girl. She was pretty cute actually, she had nice long blue hair that went past her shoulders and onto her blue jacket, sparkling blue-ish purple eyes and was probably athletic due to the fact that she was here. She turned her head and looked at me.

"What the hell you looking at?" she said menacingly.

I turned and said, "Nice weather eh?"

She didn't answer me. We got to the top and went seperate ways, not before she turned and stuck her tongue at me and said, "I hope you choke on a freakin' biscotti."
"Heh nice," I said to myself, taking my board off my foot and sat down to look at the mountains.

Wow, can't believe I'm finally here! This place was better then I imagined. I took a deep breath.

"Ah, that's the smell of pro snow!"   I said to myself, laying back on the snow. Ah… though I'm here, I made a terrible impression on that girl, she really was cute, too…

"There you are!" I heard a voice say. I sat up and saw Kazuo coming towards me.

"Where have you been? I was waiting at the bottom forever for you! Did you fall off your board or something??" Kazuo asked, walking to where I was and sat down next to me. I sighed.

"No my friend. It's much, much worse. I'm afraid that poor little me… has fallen in love."

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