Through The Eyes, Chapter 5

Through The Eyes, Chapter 5

A Chapter by SpiritedTales

Last Chapter I post till people read. Most likely no one.

[Enter Hojo]

"Ma! I'm home!" I announced slamming the front door behind me, and laying my bag on the wall so I could take off my shoes.

"Yeah! I'm in the kitchen!" I heard my mom answer. I hung my coat up, grabbed my bag and went to the kitchen to see what mom was doing. As soon as I walked in, something soft flew at me and before it hit me in the face, I said a quick, "Wtf!?"
I grabbed the soft thing and it turned out to be a towel, I looked up and saw my mom doing dishes. I groaned, putting my bag on the counter and taking my place beside Mom, drying the dishes.

"Soooo how was school?" She asked, placing a pot in the drying rack. I grabbed it and started to dry it off, saying, "Ahh, its like prison for those who can't go to prison."

I put the pot away when I was finished with it, only to come back to see many more wet dishes in the rack. I resumed my drying while mom asked me, "Prison eh? Who's your warden?"

"Her name is Kobayashi and she gave me an inmate today called Masumi Kai, Koba even decided to make us do community service together," I replied, putting some dried plates and bowls away. My mom stopped what she was doing and looked at me, giving a very serious face.

"Hojo..... What did you do?" She questioned me, holding a dirty knife in one had. I looked down at the knife and stammered, "Ahh! Nothing, I just forgot my books that's all! For the assignment we have to research a Shogun in the family and I figured that I could search the study for a book."

My mom shrugged and turned back to the sink, the knife nearly jabbing my stomach. "Ok, there should be a book in the study, get it after dishes." she muttered, cleaning the knife, and placing it in the rack.

"Okay let's see..... Ah where is that damn book?" I whispered to myself, dragging my finger across the countless books in the stand. I threw my hands up in despair saying, "I can't find it!"

I sat on the step ladder that was usually used for mom to reach the top shelf, and looked around the study. Ok, I checked the 2 bookcases there, and the one behind me...though it might be in the desk that was beside the fireplace. I pondered, standing up and walking toward the desk, opening the drawers. Hm... Family pictures...some paper... my lost yo-yo... ah-ha… is this it? I thought, taking out a big red book labeled "Shoguns of the Hojo Period." I opened and read some pages, determining that there were no Hojo Shoguns, but a Hojo Clan. It turns out that the Hojo Clan made a Shogunate and was never able to become Shoguns themselves.

"It'll do," I said, getting up and heading out of the study and down the hall towards my room. I open the door and turn my light on to my messy dark room.

"Ah, Home sweet home," I smiled, stepping over the mounds of clothes and my snowboard, to my desk. I sat in the chair, put the book in my bag, and turned the computer on to update my blog. After an hour of typing up my entry titled" The Mountain Of Pwnage," I figured I should head to bed without supper cause mom goes to work late like she always does. I left the computer on so it could play through the music playlist I put on, took my shirt off and laid in my bed. Ahhhh, good nights sleep, head to school, do the project with the cutie, bug Kaz, head home, sleep, and repeat, I thought, smiling. I closed my eyes, and saw a sudden flash of Masumi in my mind; I open my eyes again, thought about what I saw for a moment, and closed them again. This time, not seeing anything, I started to fall asleep.

[Enter Kazuo]

I laid in my bed with my arms under my head thinking about what happened today. The shivering black figure behind Eriko… The knife… It vanishing… but worst of all, Eriko not seeing it… Is something wrong with me? I got out of bed, walked over to the computer chair and sat on it, picking up the picture and examining it. Maya.... I wish you were here right now... You would help me... you always helped me with everything, I thought, eyeing the picture of the long-haired girl standing by a wall poster. I put it down and laid back in the chair.

"Why is this happening?" I whispered, rubbing my eyes and looking at the clock.
"Its 11:13... I should go to bed." I said, returning to the bed and I closed my eyes, slipping off to sleep.

"Ha-ha! Push me Kazi, Push me!!!" I heard a voice say. I open my eyes, I wasn't in my bed anymore... I was at a playground… I looked at the person who asked me to push and my eyes went wide with shock. It's Maya. I stopped pushing her, the swing came to a stop, and Maya turned her head making her long black hair wave to her left side.
"What's wrong Onee-chan?" She asked.

"Y-your... dead...."the words barely come out. Maya tilted her head and raised one eyebrow.

"You been hanging with Hojo way to much Onee-chan! If I was dead I wouldn't be here you dummy!" She said, getting off the swing and facing me. She was wearing the exact clothes from the picture, the pink turtleneck and the brown skirt… It can't be... She took a step forward.

"Onee-chan?" She grabs my arm and tugs on it. I look at her, still giving the wide eyed look.

"What? Huh? No it can't be… no it just can't... This is a dream! It HAS to be!" I screamed, grabbing my head from the rising pain, and falling to my knees.

"Onee-chan!" She screamed, getting on her knees trying to assess the problem. I look up and my eyes went even wider, not with shock, but horror, because the shivering figure was back and was holding that grizzly knife again. I tried to move but I couldn't, I felt pinned down by some force. The figure raised the knife behind her, and still trying to help Maya I tried to scream for her to move. The words wouldn't come out. The knife came down and struck Maya in the back,the blade piercing her where her heart was.I screamed in horror as her blood sprayed on the ground and on my face. The figure raised her in the air by the knife, Maya's eyes going dark, she slowly said," Kaz... Help..."
The figure then pulled out a katana and sliced her   in half with both blades, the blood splattering everywhere.. On the swingset, on the sand, and all over me.Maya's dismember'd body flew apart, her top half landing only   a few feet away, her head facing me with a dead expression. I stared at the blood that was on my hands and then look at the blacked figure holding the knife, it turned around and slowly vanished.

"MAYA!" I screamed, while I sat up, sweating all over my bed. I was breathing heavily. I put my hand to my forehead, wiping the sweat off.

"It ... was just a dream?" I panted. I lowered my head, and whispered, "I'm sorry Maya..."

[Later that day at school, Hojo]

"Kaz! Wait up man!" I called out after class. He hasn't spoken to anyone today; I got to find out what's beating him. Kazuo kept walking down the crowded hallway
"KAZUO! STAND STILL FOOL!" I screamed out. He turned around and waited for me to push through the packs of students.

"Hey man, what's happened? You haven't talked to me all day! At least you can do is go to history with me," I said to him, hitting in the side of the head with a book playfully. He sighed and continued down the hallway with me behind him. I asked him, "What's wrong?" countless times, but he didn't answer me. When we got to class, we were the last group of students to make the bell. Kazuo went to the back of the class while took the seat in front of the book-reading Masumi.

"Hey Class!" Kobayashi said, coming into the class, closing the door as she came in. She walked in and grabbed checklist.

"Attendance everyone," She said, then starting to call out names. I put my head down low, and very slowly turned my head to look at Masumi out of my purifial vision. She was really into that book, it was a big black book labeled "Misery." I stared at her for awhile 'till I got hit in the head with a chalk brush that had been thrown at me. I sat up quickly and looked at the annoyed teacher.

"Mr. Masaya, I know your at 'that' age, but looking at girls and neglecting to acknowledge that you're here is disrespect to me. Please try to pry your ways from your interest and pay attention?" She commanded, her eyes narrowing. The rest of the class   laughed, I sunk low in my seat and said "Yes ma'am."

"Good, everyone please turn to page 32 and do questions 1...2..." her voiced droned off while I returned to secretly looking at the book worm, Masumi.

"And he was that last shogun of Japan. Any questions?" She asked, putting the text book down. Crickets would be heard if there was any; Kobayashi took the silence as a no, and dismissed us. The class left, including the anti-social Kazuo, Me and Masumi stayed for the project.

"Ok, so I brought the book," I said, pulling the red book out and laying it on her desk."

"Oh, such a big book. Never knew lunatics read in their spare time," she taunted.

My eyes narrowed.

"At least I wasn't reading that Stephen King crap," I retorted. Masumi gasped and said angrily, "You stupid b*****d! He is the best writer ever!"

I yawned. "He can go choke on biscotti," I quoted.

"Whatever, let's just do this." she said, opening the book, and pulling out a pen and paper.

"Yes, let's, before you bore me with more Stephen-the-biscotti-King crap," I sneered. For the next hour, we had many arguments, how the project would be presented, how it should be written, who should hand it in, and finally back to Stephen King. But those wasn't what set her off. I packed my stuff and stacked the project together and stapled it. Masumi got up and grabbed the project, but a black case fell out of her pocket when she did. She went off to the teachers' desk to give Kobayashi the project, and I picked up the case and figured it was for glasses. I opened them and found to round spectacles, I smiled, I got something to tease her with now, and I laughed at the thought. She came back, and saw me holding the glasses.

"Give me those!" She demanded reaching for the glasses; I moved them out of reach.
"AHAH I didn't know that you were a nerd! Nice glasses! So big!!!" I sneered. Masumi kicked me in the shin and grabbed the glasses while I fell down to the floor.

"YOU JERK!" She yelled, storming out the class.

"Aw crap" I said to myself, while rubbing my shin.

[The next day]

I walked into the class with Kazuo (WHO WAS STILL BEING ANTI-SOCIAL), and today we were early and even beat the teacher to class. I took my seat while Kazuo trailed off to the back, and we waited 4 minutes 'till the rest of the class filed in. I craned my neck, hoping to see Masumi, but I never saw her... Even when the bell rang, she wasn't here. We went through class with no disruptions from me, because I wasn't looking at Masumi. From time to time, Ms. Kobayashi would look at me and smile and turn back to the board, continuing the lecture. At the end of class, I asked Ms. Kobayashi where Masumi was and she lightly told me, "I don't know, the office doesn't either, she kind of disappeared," and walked out. I punched the board, and said, "Crappers with milk, I really did it this time."

I look at the board to see that I cracked it 4 times, each crack where my knuckles were. I looked around to see if anyone saw and quietly made my way out. The next day, it was raining all day, and throughout that day, I searched the school for the possibly traumatized Masumi. To no avail did I find her, she wasn't anywhere! Not the library, cafeteria, eheheh, the girls washroom, and even at history. When school ended I gave up looking for her and decided to walk home in the rain instead of bothering my mom for a ride, much better this way 'cause it's like a shower while moving. I walked down the road from my school and turned left, going towards the old playground. The playground was fairly large, sand boxes for the children to roll in, slides to pretend to snowboard off, and swings to jump in the air to practice hang time… ahhh, good times. When I got there my green jacket and I were soaked from the trenches water the rain god cursed us with today.   I started walking through the playground and noticed someone on the swings. I walked a bit closer to see that it was no other then Masumi. I walked up to her and asked, "Hey...What's wrong?"

She had her head down, she muttered," Don't talk to me… Go away."

I leaned against one of the swing set posts and said, "So, why weren't you at school for the last two days?", though I think I knew why. She refused to look at me still, and she quietly answered, "Because."

I continued to ask her questions such as, "Why weren't ya here?" and "Where were you at?" And then she finally snapped. She got up, looked at me and screamed, "Because life is hard!" I stared at her awhile, besides being soaked; she had tears all over her face.
"Masumi.... what's happened?" I asked slowly, trying not to agitate her.

"My parents are getting divorced! My dad got drunk one day and hit mom! I LOVE THEM BOTH BUT HE'S LEAVING ME! AND MOM IS LEAVING ME TOO! THEY THOUGHT MOVING WOULD BE BETTER BUT IT WASN'T… HAPPY I TOLD YOU, YOU IDIOT?" She screamed.

"Oh... sorry… I didn't know… what's going to happen now?" I asked, still trying to not make her upset.

"I… don't know, "she sobbed, starting to cry harder, her knees hitting the sand. I bent down and touched her shoulder.

"Masumi… it's gonna be okay… I'll find someone to help you out," I cooed, she shook her head.

"No one can help me! My parents are leaving me alone! They said I have to take care of myself!" she sobbed again, putting her hands to her face to hide the overflowing tears. The rain wasn't letting up, and it got harder, we were completely soaked now.

"Come on, get up, you will catch a cold," I said trying to help her up, she pushed me away though and screamed, "I don't need you help!" and started running away. I ran after her, she was just at the slide before I caught her and pinned her against the slide.

"Calm down! I'm trying to help you!"   I screamed back to her, and then my eyes widened. She looked beautiful in her soaked state... should I… should… she… yes… I… oh, man...

I tightened my grip on her shoulders and leaned in, forcefully kissing her soaked lips, salty by the tears. Masumi's eyes widened through her tears, and she raised her arms to push me away, but then… she put them around my neck. We kissed on that slide in the pouring rain all night… and it was… the best day of my life.

*Below: The night(

© 2010 SpiritedTales

Author's Note

I have more chapters up 'till 18, if lots of reviews, I will post more.

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