A Story by Katherine

A very short story that I wrote for a class.


In her forest, Majora, a wolf fiend, was sleeping peacefully until a twig breaking sound awoke her. She sat up, alert, her wolf ears hearing more and more twigs breaking. Silently, she made her way toward the intruder. Hidden behind a tree, she sees a group of young men, searching for something. Searching for her. Cautious, they rest their hands on their swords ready to strike. Majora let out a quiet sigh, annoyed at their intruding in her forest. Quickly but silently she was walking behind them, hidden still in shadows.

"The she-wolf was here." said the man in front, as he bent down feeling the ground.

"Sir?" asked the man behind him.

"The soil is soft, traveled upon recently." the leader answered, standing back up.

"But where is she?" asked the man in last.

"Why are you intruding in my sanctuary?" Majora commanded, stepping out in the open.

"The--the she-wolf!" they yelled, frightened.

"I ask you again. What have you the right to disturb my sanctuary?"

"To rid the townspeople of your terror!" the leader stepped forth, sword drawn and raised at Majora.

"My terror? What wrongs have I done?" she asked, staring straight at the man.

"You fiend! You have killed countless people! Their blood is on your hands!" The man furious, he gripped his sword tightly.

"Yes, I have killed. Killed only to protect myself from the pain of your weapons. You, humans, enter my home and terrorize me. You, sir, are the fiends, not I." Majora growled, her eyes never leaving the man.

"They shall be revenged!" He yelled, charging Majora full speed. Leaping quickly to the side, Majora dodged his attack. Slashing her claws, she cut his arm. The other men stared in shock and fear as Majora wrapped her claw around the man’s neck.

"You are a fool. An inexperienced boy who wishes only for glory. You intrude my sanctuary with cowardly boys and a sword you can’t wield. Pathetic." Majora released the man’s neck and he fell to the ground on his knees. "I am not the enemy you shall strike. Have you forgotten my other half, Fearona? She is your enemy. The creature devouring the towns at midnight. Go to her and slay her. Thou shall leave me in peace!" After another deep growl from Majora, the men fled back to town. Sure that the men were gone, Majora headed back to where she was once asleep. Looking up at the twilight sky, she crawled into her bed which was of many leaves covering the hard soil ground.

In the night time darkness, lurks Fearona a deadly wolf fiend. As Majora’s complete opposite, she doesn’t possess a human body. Her torso and upwards was of a human but her bottom torso was that of a deformed wolf with long legs. However she and Majora have the same long brunette hair. Instead of sapphire blue eyes she has emerald green.

Fearona silently stalks her prey from the edge of the forest near town. A young woman, foolishly out, waiting for her husband to return. She does not see Fearona, nor does she sense the danger among her. A quiet evil laugh escapes Fearona as she gains closer to the woman. A horrified scream shatters the silence of the night, as Fearona devours her prey.

Morning arrives. The sun rays shining down on Majora, awakes her. She stretches and gets to her feet, ready to feed. Hunting for a rabbit, she stumbles upon a trail of blood leading from the town toward the forest’s northern edge. Following the trial, she comes to a dark cave. The scent of death swarms all around her. Shaking the scent off, she heads on.

"Fearona! Come out! Show yourself now!" Majora yelled, standing at the entrance of the cave. "Fearona!"

"What do you want?" answered a dark voice, emerging from the dark cave. "What brings you to my cavern?"

"How many did you kill?" Majora asked, her voice stern and angry.

"What issue is it of yours?" Fearona responded, crossing her arms and staring down at Majora.

"The issue of armed men intruding in my forest, seeking my death, for the horrors you placed upon them."

"Oh? Is my half-breed sister frightened of the scary humans?" Fearona mocked. "If they are becoming pests to you, then kill them."

"Killing more only brings more. I shall not have meaningless bloodshed thrust upon me! You are the fiend they shall slaughter, not I! You are their destructor, their killer, the one they fear for their lives! They shall raise their steel against you, not I!"

"Oh dear sister, you have thy same father as I. The famous wolf-fiend, Terrance. Only human innocence runs through your veins, but think they care? They do not. Little Majora, you forget father’s fate. They vanquished him! Spilled his blood. Yet you defend them?" Fearona stared at Majora, waiting for her reply.

"No, I defend no one. However, I shall not take the fall you thrust upon yourself. You hunt their kind and they hunt you." Majora broke her sister’s eye contact and turned to leave.

"Half-breeds die before purebreds. They hunt you, for you are a disgrace to all." said Fearona, still staring at Majora.

"I am no fool. Only a fool believes she shall rise upon the humans and shall earn respect from fear. No, sister. You are a disgrace to father for becoming weak. You let your wolf instinct cloud your judgment. To ambush but not sneak. To see but not sense. No hunter, only a monster. You have to hide, for you a fiend inner and out." Majora let out a cold laugh, now looking back at her sister.

"You shall die with those words!" Fearona growled.

"Big sister? Did I make you angry?" asked Majora in a mocking tone.

"You shall perish in the ground of your precious forest, then shall it and your remains burn from the flames you belong!" Fearona threatened as she lunged toward her sister. Majora tried to dodge, but Fearona was faster due to her four legs. Fearona grabbed Majora, her claws digging into flesh. Slashing her own claws, Majora scratched Fearona’s face, almost blinding her. Fearona yelped in pain, dropping Majora. Getting back to her feet, Majora leaped on Fearona’s back, slashing her neck.

"Get off!" Fearona growled, trying to throw Majora off. Majora still held on, her claws around Fearona’s neck, choking. Fearona again slashed at Majora’s claws, releasing her grip on her neck, then throwing Majora off. Majora gasped for breath as she was slung into a tree trunk.

"Foolish sister, you dare bring your sister’s blood?" Fearona asked wiping the blood from her neck.

"No sister, I shall take your life, not your blood." Majora growled, revealing her fangs.

"Then thou shall parish!" Fearona growled back.

"By your hands? I think not!" Majora lunged toward Fearona. Fearona raised her front legs, pushing Majora to the ground. Majora slashed as Fearona’s ankles, she freed herself. Fearona growled in pain. The two wolf sisters fought into nightfall. Each bleeding from slash wounds and bruised all over. Panting, the sisters stared each other down.

"I still stand." Majora spoke, her voice strained from breathing hard.

"I shall not have a half-breed be my equal!" Fearona spat, as she flexed her claws.

Before the sisters could return to their battle, the light of flames caught their eyes. "The-the She-wolves! There! There the she-wolves stand!" yelled a man emerging from the forest shadows. His sword raised, ready for combat. The flame was from a torch another man held.

"There shall be no more terror from them!" chanted another man stepping into view. He was a muscular man and he wielded a broad sword.

"Well, well. Dinner is served." Fearona said, licking her lips.

"Kill the fiends!" the men charged in attack. Fearona killed two men quickly by slashing their necks.. The tougher man pursued Majora as she tried to escape into the forest as the others gained up on Fearona. Majora barely dodged a sword slash as the man attacked her.

"You attack the wrong creature." Majora said getting to her feet.

"Fiend is still a fiend!" he said, raising his sword to strike.

"But am I a fiend?" she asked, as her wolf features disappear. Instead of a wolf fiend, now stood a young woman with the same long brunette hair and blue eyes. Majora’s torn sea green dress was replaced with a slender, unripped dress that clung to her small figure.

"Wha-what sorcery is this? You were a fiend just before!" The man stammered in confusion.

"Then your eyes deceived you. For I am just a young lady lost and so frightened." Majora said, her voice only a flirty illusion.

"My lady, forgive me. I took you for a fiend. The night’s shadows have deceived me." The man bowed and sheathed his sword. "Come, let I lead you away from this danger." He reached out his hand to Majora.

"The wolf-fiend will strike. Fearona will kill all until she is defeated. Go, brave man and destroy her." Majora said stepping back, away from his hand. He would end her illusion of her being completly human if he touched her.

"I shall not leave you alone in this dark forest." he stepped closer to her. Again Majora stepped back.

"My fear of Fearona is more greater than of this forest of trees. I ask you, end her reign. Then I shall let you lead me home."

"Alright, stay here and I shall return to you." he said as he ventured off toward Fearona’s killings of the other warriors.

"Shall you return, then you are a fool." Majora spoke when the man was out of earshot. Her wolf features returned as she ended the illusion. No longer a pure human but a girl with wolf ears and tail. She turned her back and headed toward her home, deep in the forest. She laid herself to rest and entered in sleep with a smile upon her lips.

Morning came and Fearona lay, severely wounded. She killed the attackers, but the last man was difficult. He was more skilled then the others. In the battle she lost her right arm and her tail bone was broken. She was blinded in her right eye and the left eye was blurred. She couldn’t feel nor move her back legs, for they were punctured with holes from their spears.

"How dare they! How dare pests injure me!" she growled, crawling into her cavern. Majora had escaped and fled from the battle between them. The swordsman would have killed her, but she had used her illusion upon the man, thinking he was in the presence of a young woman instead of a wolf-fiend. "Majora..." she growled, filling with rage. She whined in pain as she tried getting up. Closing her eyes, she rested.

Majora ignored the strong scent of blood from the deformed remains of the warriors from last night. She made her way toward the cavern of Fearona. Scenting more blood, she found Fearona leaning against the cave wall, her four legs stretched out, bloody and some broken. Her torso was covered in blood due to a slash across her abdomen.

"You dead, sister?" Majora asked approaching slowly toward Fearona.

"I shall never fall by the hands of pests." she coughed, blood dripped from her mouth.

"No, you shall fall by your foolishness." Majora stared down at her sister.

"My foolishness?! What foolishness? You are the fool! The one not walking in father’s steps!"

"No, sister. I know what you fail to understand."

"What shall that be, sister?" Fearona growled

"Killing more only brings more. Kill in stealth, they shall not know but kill in pride, they seek revenge."

"Pests are pests, you sister are the biggest of them all."

"Good-bye, Fearona. We shall not meet again." Majora turned her back on Fearona and began to walk away.

"It was you, who sent the pests to my domain! Was it not?" Fearona yelled.

"No, it was I who made them realize their ignorance. You, dear sister, done the rest when you killed in their town. You went to them, hunting for flesh and blood, but disrupting their lives, you brought them to yourself."

"Words, useless words!" Fearona growled again.

"Words of truth. Words that would have saved you from your own ignorance." Majora replied, calmly. Fearona spat at her sister’s feet in response. Majora continued her speech. "If you wish to hang on to life, then quit your bloodshed ways. If not, then die in your misery where you now stand." With those last words, Majora turned and walked away.

"Stupid half-breed!" Fearona growled as she tried getting up, but failed. "The town shall burn in flames of my terror!" she yelled, her rage increasing. She managed to stand up, her back legs being dragged from behind. Pulling herself along, she went toward the town. Hiding in the shadows, she watched a family outside playing in the wheat meadow. A little girl strayed away from her parents, toward the forest edge.

Fearona emerged from the shadows, snatching the little girl. Screaming in terror, the townspeople tried to save the child. Just before Fearona could feed upon the child, a spear struck her chest, to her beating heart. Dropping the child, Fearona’s body became paralyzed. Her eyes bloodshot and widened in shock. Blood dripped faster from her mouth and poured from her chest. "I...I shall not die by pests..." she let out through a mouth of blood. She breathed her last and fell toward the hard, cold ground. The town now cheered in happiness. A couple of men pulled Fearona’s lifeless, dead body into a pile of wood and then set it to flames.

"You’re death was from ignorance, just like father. Leave them alone, they shall leave you. Destroy them, they destroy you." Majora whispered from the shadows of the forest, watching Fearona’s body burn in the flames. A silent scream erupted from the flickering flames as a terror dies. Returning to her forest, Majora runs upon a young man.

"She-wolf!" he yelled frightened. Majora smiled and spoke in her soft but commanding voice.

"Why are you intruding in my forest?"

Give them no meaning of threat and all shall be in peace.

© 2009 Katherine

Author's Note

I wrote this for my english class for a project. I understand it may not make sense, if it doesn't. It has to do with BeoWulf's period. oh and if you find any misspellings or errors, i'm sorry.

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