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A Poem by Katherine

the result from being bullied


Why is this happining to me

What did I do wrong

Why don't they let me be

They've been hurting me for so long


Why do they hate me so

I did nothing to them

Why do they go so low

To make me feel so grim


Someone tell me how to get out of this

Just tell me what I should do

Is it true that ignorance is bliss

All I want is someone to give me a clue


They act so big and bad

Making me feel so small

Then they get so mad

When I try to ignore them all


When I try to stand my ground

And start to fight back

They swarm all around

Making my world go black


I just don't see why

Why they have to be so mean

Tormenting a person until they want to die

When the person doesn't want to make a scene


Why don't they leave me alone

Why do their words sink in so deep

I just want to go home

And cry in my sleep


© 2009 Katherine

Author's Note

I wrote this when I was in 9th grade. I got bullied on my bus. However I don't get bullied now, so that's good.

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this is a great poem...being bullied is really hard and its something really confusing to understand, but just know that most bullies are insacure with themselves and all they want is to look "cool" around other makes them think there tough....great poem

Posted 10 Years Ago

I understand you in this poem. You really capture what it's like to be bullied. "Why do they hate me so/ I did nothing to them..." It's so true. This was written during tough times obviously, but... nice job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on June 11, 2009



Henry, VA

Umm...Hi I'm Katherine Sessor and here is some facts about me. 1. I'm quiet and friendly 2. I'm a girl and I'm currently 19 years old 3. I love to read, write and draw 4. My favortie animal is the.. more..

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