Clearing of the Paths

Clearing of the Paths

A Story by Hope

Serenity, a rare mystical creature stumbles upon human footprints outside of her cavern, finding rubbish. The rubbish begins to cause problems around the forest, as she finds her way around...

There once was a creature, a mystical creature, with wings, in fact her wings were like a monarch butterfly, her body was like a tiger, a white tiger, and her eyes were blue as the sky, her name's, Eternity.
Eternity is a rare mystical creature they call, Siberian Monarch Tiger. Eternity lives in a cavern hidden deep in the forest. Surrounding her were large trees filled with beautiful majestic birds, their wings almost blending in with the leaves while they soared in the sky singing of joy and wonder of what a beautiful evening it is, it’s the season again when all the butterflies hatch from their chrysalis, and begin to spread their wings.
The far west of the cavern lays a crystal clear ocean, every evening Eternity would walk along the shores waiting for the fish to come out of hiding beneath the large rocks, she watches as the dolphins swim by in graceful movement, they suddenly stop to say, “Hello!” and “Good-bye!”, and off they went.  Right along the shore lays another cavern, it was quite small, but inside lived another Siberian Monarch Tiger known as, Serenity. Serenity is still young and always full of energy, Eternity would help Serenity with her shell collection, they’d walk along the shores looking for shells.
Serenity saw Eternity in the distance hunting for fish, Serenity rushed over to Eternity in excitement,
“You ready for some more shell hunting?”
Eternity ignored Serenity and kept focusing on the rocks, “Why haven’t the fishes come out yet?”
Serenity glanced over to Eternity, “Well, when I was  just a tiny cub you would tell me it takes patience, maybe if we look for shells we could find some fishes! Plus, I’m needing of some new shells for my collection.”
Eternity nodded and they began walking along the shores for shells, and hopefully catch some fish.
By the end of the day Eternity managed to catch a few fish, just enough left to save for tomorrows breakfast.

The very next day Eternity was awakened by a strange stench, outside the cavern were trails of foot steps, human foot steps, Eternity hasn’t seen a human in ages. Following the footsteps she found cans lying around, not only cans but scraps of paper, cardboard, plastic bags, bottles and shattered glass.
From high above a tree stood a majestic bird,
“Just look at this mess! I guess no fly training today, training these young birds would be much too dangerous! Until this mess gets cleaned up these young birds will stay as nestlings.” The bird spat with anger.
Eternity looked up at the bird in sorrow, “It won’t be long for this mess to get cleaned up, me and Serenity will clean this mess and find somewhere to put all this junk, we don’t want to wander out of the forest into human territory, who knows what could happen.”
The bird nodded in appreciation and headed back to her nest with the rest of the mother birds.
Eternity continued on following the foot steps, making sure not to step on any broken glass, from the distance she hears a faint cry, she hurries along the trail leading to the ocean as the crying begins to get louder and more closer.
By the ocean Serenity laid flat on her stomach, Eternity noticed something sharp in her paw,
“Serenity! What happened?”
Serenity began to calm down, “Well, I was walking along the shore to find more shells and I seemed to have stepped on something sharp.”
“Let me see your paw, I’ll try to get it out”
Serenity sat up and lifted up her paw, Eternity was able to figure out what was stuck in her paw, a piece of glass,
“Stay here, I’m gonna get some leaves to wrap around your paw for later”
Eternity rushed to a close by tree, and picked up some green leaves on the ground to wrap around Serenity’s paw, and quickly  ran back to where Serenity had laid before,
“Stay calm, and do not make any sudden movement”
Eternity sheathed her claws and began to slowly poke out the glass with her claws,
“That HURTS!”, Serenity whaled.
“I know it’s gonna hurt now but it’ll hurt even more if you keep it stuck in there!.”
Eternity managed to poke out the glass from Serenity’s paws,
“Serenity, it would be best for you to soak your paw in the salt water, it will sting but will also help heal the wound, it’s a good thing the water is nice and cold. Once your paw starts to numb up I’ll wrap the leaves around your paw, until then, you’ll be needing some rest, it should heal up soon.”
“Thank you Eternity”, Serenity rubbed her head against Eternity’s neck and limped over to the ocean to soak her paw,
once Serenity’s paw became numb Eternity wrapped the pieces of leaves to her paws, Eternity nudged Serenity gently,
“It’s best you get some rest, I’ll save you some fish for tomorrow, I’ll clean up some of the area so no one else will get injured.”
Eternity walked along the trail picking up pieces of cardboard’s to use later on, and rushed to her cavern in case of any more visits from humans.

The next morning Eternity awoke from her nap and bit a piece of one of her fishes she had caught yesterday, saving two for Serenity, she quickly hurried to Serenity’s cavern and lied the two fishes beside Serenity where she still slept.
She began hurrying back to the cavern to pick up the pieces of cardboard she had saved and quickly hurried back to the ocean where she began to lay out the pieces of cardboard so she could lay the different objects onto them.
Along the trail she began to gather the empty cans and push them closer to the ocean where she lied them onto a piece of cardboard, doing so she continued carrying down objects and laying them onto the cardboard, leaving out the pieces of glass for later.
Eternity caught a familiar scent from behind, Serenity must have awoken from her long rest, “Good morning Eternity!-What’s this?”, Serenity’s paw must have healed a bit overnight, as she is walking slightly  normal now.
“Good morning Serenity, looks like your foot is beginning to heal! I decided to lay out the objects, since I can’t seem to find any other way to throw them out, maybe we could find good use of the items instead.”
Serenity wagged her tail in excitement, “Oh cool! Can I help?”
“Well I’ve mostly gotten every object, except for the broken pieces of glass, I’m not so sure how I can carry the glasses over here.”
They both sat in silence thinking,
“I know!”, Serenity sat up and padded over to the trail that leads to Eternity’s cavern,
Eternity began to follow Serenity not knowing what she’s up to, up a head Serenity began to slow down, stopping by a large but familiar tree, and began to breathe in, letting out a, “MRAWR!”, nothing happened, Serenity turned to Eternity,
“Eternity, I’m trying to get the birds to come out, can you call them out? I’m pretty sure you have a louder mrawr than me.”
Eternity nodded and began to take a deep breath letting out a massive “MRAWR!”,
A majestic bird that was seen earlier from Eternity came flying out of the tree hollow, landing on a thick branch,
“Hello there! What is it that you’ve called for?”
Serenity turned to Eternity bowing her head in appreciation, and quickly turned facing the majestic bird, “Hello! Sorry for the bother but we’re needing of a favor.”
“As you can see some of the objects on the trail has vanished, thanks to my friend Eternity, but she is unsure of what to do with the glass, so I offered to help, now for my favor to you is, will you be willing to help us by carrying the broke pieces of glass onto the shore? Eternity has lied pieces of cardboard on the shore where the objects are placed, separate.”
The bird nodded in agreement,
“And for me and Eternity, we’ll dig out pieces  of  glass.”
The bird called out to the other birds ordering to help out, while Eternity and Serenity began to dig up the pieces of glass, it only took a few minutes until all the pieces of glass had been cleaned up,
“Thank you all for helping out, we cannot throw these items anywhere else, so it’ll be best we find good usage in these items!”,
everyone cheered while the birds began to sing once again, while Eternity headed off to her cavern to rest.
After Eternity’s nap she found all creatures using the items to design different objects.
All bears  began to use the plastic bags to store their fish, while Serenity used them to store her shells.
The monkeys used the broken pieces of  glass the make sculptures using sap from trees.
The birds ripped up the scraps of paper to use for their nest and hung up bottles on trees where fireflies would go in to make good lighting.
When all the objects were gone Eternity stored the pieces of cardboard in her cavern to save in case of another human, and all the young birds were now able to start fly training, and they soon became known as fledglings.
After all the hard work everyone has done they all headed back into their homes to rest for a new day to come.

© 2010 Hope

Author's Note

This story was created for my Environmental class, we had to make up with a kid like story having to do with the environment and what would help out the environment, my story was simply about recycling, being able to take an item and re-use it or make something completely new out of it.

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