Final end

Final end

A Poem by Hope

This is the end of our journey
Can you believe how long it took for us to make it to the end?
The end of our friendship?
The memories, the tears, the laughter?
Only to realize then you were the kings fool

I offered you a welcoming hand
You took it without a stand
You stood there in silence
There I became your guidance

You were stranded and lost
Had I not saved you, you would've been dead
In return you betrayed me
You stole my pride and drove away
Leaving me, stranded and lost 
There I stood in loneliness
Waiting, searching, hoping
All because of your selfish needs

The sun had come out
But my light had burned out

Without a doubt
This friendship does not count

You'd lie, I'd cry
You'd laugh, I'd snap
Only then have I begun to realize 
you wanted us all for your entertainment

Every time we'd split
You're eyes would lie

You said she doesn't care about me, and said I don't care about her
You said I used him, and said he was cheating on me
All those words were just a script

I now burry this hatchet
For this is now over

© 2011 Hope

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Nice :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was a very good poem, and I really liked to read it. It's surprising how many people are really like that in real life, and you sumerize that well in your writing.

I especially liked the lines 'The sun had come out/But my light had burned out' A simple line, yet it spoke very loudly. A very well written line.

A few small things (and may I stress that these are VERY small things). You had two small spelling errors. In the third to last stanza, 'lit' should be 'lie and in the last stanza, 'barry' should be 'burry'.

Other than that,this was a very well written poem. Keep writing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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