Chapter II

Chapter II

A Chapter by Linzey

Her family...

" I don't understand why she would run away from us Dave. We have taken such good care of her. Being our only daughter we gave her everything. She was the happiest girl in the world. What could we of done wrong?"
Families are the hardest relationships to hold together. They are able to easily bend and break with time.

" I do not know why she would Martha. We did give her the world. If there was something we did not give her, why did she not ask?"
They never notice how they can add stress to the normal lives of all they surround

" I just don't understand" as Martha begins to sob in her hands.
"Maybe she is just trying to find herself without our help..."
Do families not understand how secrets can make or break the souls of their children?

"If so what could she be looking for?"
But secrets of a child can hold herself together no matter how agonizing the secrets of her family are.

"That does not matter to me" says the father " All that we need to worry about is finding her soon."
Does he realize that she might not want to be found? Does he realize she might not want to be helped?

Secrets are the basis of life, of personality, and of love. Without secrets there would be no emotions towards one person than another. There would be anger, suffering, inspiration, eagerness, love, compassion, or hope without the secrets that lie within the heart. Let these secrets keep.

© 2010 Linzey

Author's Note

What are your thoughts? I know this might be sketchy but I need some tough criticism due to this being my first time at ever writing a novel.

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Hmm, i'd say this is a bit wordy again. You should turn things like "it is" into "it's" because otherwise it seems to formal. I have to say i am loving the structure of this, the whole dialogue then narration bit, really good way to get to the backstory. i'd say some of the dialogue is a little bit blunt and unrealistic, as if you're trying to get the plotline stuff across too quickly. don't feel like you have to clearly show things, do it subtley, with finesse and it'll turn out a even better,

Posted 9 Years Ago

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