A Poem by SpokenWord


The best pleasures of life 
are always the first experiences
it is our ability to live life as a virgin again
in some way, loosing yet another touch off our innocence

"Your Heavy Handed" ... she stated

while squirming left to right
trying to cover her a*s with her hand
Crimson brilliant red
flushed over red a*s cheeks

"Hold Still"... I said

while trying to be manly
in control confident with a touch of sexiness
under my unsure  skin was unsure
frail and wondering  what  the hell I was doing
I changed from a disciplinarian hand 
to a bamboo cane 
with a shaky hand I started to play
my favorite standard melody across her body
fine tuning each strike 
as  if playing a piano on a mid summer day
and it was then that she screamed

"Stop.. Stop.. Please!"

Her  eyes swelled with tears
causing mascara to run freely down her face
her bottom lip trembled 
as her brawl past sweat from its glands
it was that image that broke me
as I realized her reaction  made me 

"Rather Hard"... I sighed

No quarter gave or gained
I continued pushing her over the edge
her body trembled 
and legs clinched
as she came all over the floor
a puddle of satisfaction
that gave away her true lust
as she crossed that thin line
between pain and pleasure

She sat on the floor at my feet
clutching my leg 
her security blanket 
and with tearful eyes she looked up at me
and thanked me 
in the sweetest of ways 
so I held her into the night 
How could I have enjoyed hurting her so good like that
when all this time I thought I was slave to women
How is it possible for me to have enjoyed 
the beautiful pain she endured for me?

© 2015 SpokenWord

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Added on December 29, 2015
Last Updated on December 29, 2015
Tags: BDSM, switch, pain, pleasure, Domination, submission, Sadist, Masochist



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