wolf mother

wolf mother

A Story by StarGoddessTrina

Once upon a time a sweet and loving girl loved her mother but the mother was wicked and despised her daughter Sara. Sara was never loved by her mother only the villagers and wolfs that took care of her. Her mother hid her far in the woods so not even he husband cold find her ki and si loved the baby and took good care of her until a farmer came out looking for livestock he saw the wolfs and the child without thinking he shot ki Sara CRIDE and filled the forest with shock Si after hearing Sara ran to her and saw a man with her mate and child angered by that she stood back and leaped but he took out his gun and shot si and ran for the village he stopped and looked at the child he knew her from the village he said
Villager:"you poor thing out their all alone come and will go home"
after awhile word got around that Clarisse’s baby was given back to her, her face filled with jealousy but she knew that the only way was to wait till he husband had died The Si knew her plans and kept an eye on her every day Sara would go and walk the woods she felt safe with the wolf’s "I love you Sara:"mama"
she had just had her 3ed birth day but her father was getting more and more ill her mother finally killed her father on her 7th birthday she felt nothing her hart was in ice Sara saw the pain in her mother’s eye’s as much as her mother hid it
Mother"why do you look at me you no good brat Your eyes scold me from God ..So STOP IT!"
Sara went out with si
Sara"mama Mother is in pain has God turn his back on her or has she turn her back on him."
Si looks at Sara with a willful look
Si:"She has left God for sin and the evil inside is so strong it has took in over God wants all his children to be with him just like I want you to be with me but Lucifer has frozen your mothers hart"
tiers well up in sara’s eyes
Sara:"how can people listen to such lies and let their hart become black and empty "
Sara looks up at the sun
Sara"oh I have to get home “si looks scared "
Si:"let me go with you"
they walk home si hides at the window she see Clara holding a gun at Sara head
Mother"why do I feel nothing it all happened when I had you it your fault I Loathe you with all my soul"
"sara’s eyes fill up with tears "
Sara:"how can you fill love win all you do is hate! so many people love you"
Clara starts laughing
Mother'' who loves me the women who killed her spouse the man she so called loved and why can’t I feel love from God like you everyone loves you God the villagers and him I’m not loved so why should I give love"
as Clara cranks the gun Si jumps onto the mother
Si:" You fill no love, is that what you think Lucifer has taken your hart and covered it over in ice and stone you have left God and that is your fault not my cubs"
she looks into si’s eyes Mother:"you’re from him God has sent you to kill me and take me to hell well GO head TRIE"
*BANG*as blood kissed Sara’s face she cried
Sara:"Momma pleas don’t die" but it wasn’t si that got shot it was Clara
Mother:"finally I can face him ,God who gives me punishment you tried to avoid me by sending this wolf to drag me down to hell heh so just wait until I get there "
Mother I love you “as she waited her mother last words wore
A tear ran down her face
Si:"in the end she cried for you so her hart at the end must have melted”
Sara:"I love you to mother and you mama so please stay with me always and forever."
A flash of light lit up the sky and for a brief moment she saw her mother and father looking down on her smiling in happiness she new in her hart all along her mother loved her she smiled and whispered
Sara"I love you too".


© 2008 StarGoddessTrina

Author's Note

I did this when i was 7 so its old but i hold it dear 2 me :)

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Added on November 22, 2008



hevan, FL

hi im 16 born in oct i love anime and manga i wright varry neet as u can probely guss teehee more..

ch.1 ch.1

A Chapter by StarGoddessTrina