Chapter Two.

Chapter Two.

A Chapter by Sonya

Sighs seemed to be really common as of late. Her life was at that stand-still point, where it was only work, rest, binge, shop, work, rest, and repeat. She sat on her rickety bathroom toilet, scrubbing away at her keyboard with the toothbrush she used. Thinking that the coconut handsoap would take the dirt out of it later.


After this she had to clean up the mess she made last night from the binge on deep fried tacos and then go shopping for cat-food as well as the s**t ton of paper for the fliers for next weeks Party at the office. Ranona sighed-once again-as she finished with her keyboard. Hopefully the spacebar wouldn't stick anymore-God, that was annoying as hell.


She stood up shifting the toilet seat back into place and brushing off the pink-red furry cover. Looking into the full-length mirror she twirled at the strand of hair in her face. Maybe she would get some hair dye to make it red... Like her toilet-seat cover only redder, and darker. Yeah, that might lighten her mood. And she'd paint her nails an electric blue.


Setting the toothbrush on the sink ledge, only for it to fall in it, she went out to her living room. Disgusted by the mess she made herself. Wrappers all over and ranch dressing packets open. Hell, the living room air was now stained ranch and it made her nose sour. She went around with a wal-mart bag, stuffing that and anything else inside. The gray kitty lazily lounged on her recliner. Tail flicking and eyes watching her every move. Like she was getting ready to pounce and tackle Ranona to the floor like a wild predator.


Later, she found herself walking into the bathroom at Wal-mart, throwing up in the stale water of the toilet. The food was taking effect after so long. She had to get it out before she could buy the cat food and peanut butter and jelly. Otherwise the pimply, obese girl at the counter would try to wiggle away in disgust with her short as f**k legs.... Strange, she was in a cursing mood today. Something was bound to happen.


And happen it did. She had a stalker. Facepalming as she walked by the fishtanks with the swarming red and white fish. How on earth had this happened? Was it what she said last night? Time will tell? So she was going to get kidnapped and forced to perform oddities for this man?.... Well, then again. He didn't seem like he'd do that. Strange as he might be. Though his eyes reminded her of the cat at home.... Ready to pounce.


She peered over her shoulder as she picked up the largest bag of cat-food she could find. Thinking maybe it would fend him off if he tried anything. He was as tall as a tree. A giant. He was also wearing a pair of cut-off shorts. Ladies shorts. As wrong as it was, she could still say- Thank GOD his legs weren't hairy as a beast and thank GOD they were athletic looking. ( Though that meant he could probably pick her up and run in a second to capture her.... Maybe she was just paranoid. )


Another creepy thing, he was wearing Mandals. Brown, strap on, girly as hell mandals. The only thing manly about him was his plain white t-shirt and shaggy black hair... As well as the scruff he had going on.  He was strangely thin yet muscular, athletic she supposed, was the word. His face was especially strange. Thin structure, yet wide eyes. A very narrow nose with a knotch in it that wasn't too big or too small.


She realized she was still looking at him and he was eyeballing her with those huge hazel, cat eyes. Coloring in embarassment she got that shocked feeling in her neck and stomach. Snapping around, she hurried to the cheap food. His face still in her mind, she also noticed the very full lips, that didn't seem full since they fit his face a bit widely, oh but they were. She slowed down after 5 seconds, but she managed to get there in less time.


She realized she left the bag of cat-food, cursing herself she turned around to go back to get it when it was in her face. She almost jumped out of her skin. Looking up ( and up ), Ranona realized it was the stalker. Holding it out at arms length and staring at her with those eyes. Those huge eyes that felt like they were stripping her skin, muscle, and peering deep inside to the bone and core.


"You left this behind after you stopped looking at me and ran off in embarassment, which I found amusing." He spoke quick, and excitedly though it seemed to be monotone, he had a rather deep and smooth sounding voice. Slowly, she took it and as soon as she touched it he dropped it into her hold, making her stumble forward. Snapping his arms at his side, he said, "My name's Lanex. Lanex Waye."


"Stephanie." She said with a nervous chuckle, avoiding eye contact while staring at his facial features. Anything to look at but those eyes. There was no way in hell she would give her name away too. And his was so strangely suspicous! "Well, it's been nice meeting you!" She ran off without a second thought once she purchased her items.


Her business was taken care of and now she was trying to drive away, her turqoise clanker for a car rumbling. She was nervous and acting hurriedly like she was late for something. But she wasn't! And it irritated her that she let this happen! She berated her self, "Stupid-stupid-stupid-stupid-STUPID!" She hit her head against the steering wheel once-twice. That's when she saw him in the rear-view mirror. Shouting at her in a melodic way and pointing accusingly.


 "You Liiiiieeeeeddd!"

© 2011 Sonya

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Oh, that was so, so funny. I very-much-so like this story so far. My only question is how did he know she lied about her name? Because he saw/heard her cursing and banging her head on the steering wheel?
I hope the next chapter is up soon!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I'm crazy, not a lot of people really know me, I have way too big of an imagination, and I love food. I also like to sleep. more..

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