Analogue Clock

Analogue Clock

A Poem by Quinn

Spoken poetry performed last night, the form works better spoken


And there you are again, don’t even want to look at the time, you know it’s late so you just lie there, listening to the clock in your head

Tick tick tick

It’s all you can heart but its not all you can think, all you can think about is all the mistakes you’ve made, all the problems you’ve caused, all the people you’ve hurt

Tick tick tick

Echoing on and on in your mind as you try to fall asleep but the ticking just goes on, and you give up. You sit up rub your hands together, run them through your hair and try to feel something valid and all you think is, what am I doing this for

You lie back down and try to think of all the good things in the world, anything to stop the relentless

Tick tick tick

And you think about the wonder in a childs eyes as they tell their parents about the beauty of a new born chick and you laugh to yourself because you know that kids from the middle of the city and has never seen that but it’s enough, for a moment, but not for long

Tick tick tick

And you’re back lying there

So you try again, something that inspires you like when you come in over a city in a plane and you see the lights all the hopes, dream, all the love and movement and you feel uplifted, for a moment

Tick tick tick

You’re back lying there and you can feel everything, too hot, too cold, too loud, too quiet, too pressing you can’t find the right position in your bed and you know, you know you can sleep there, you’ve slept there before but you don’t know how, because everything is wrong and nothing is right

Tick tick tick

So you think of one last thing, the hug of a good friend, the warmth and you feel good til the clock reminds you, and you remember, you can’t be there for them whether that’s because you’re 400 miles away or because you’re not enough, and suddenly you’re back and that’s all you can think

Tick tick tick

And you know it’s all in your head, because you don’t own an analogue clock


© 2017 Quinn

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Added on March 21, 2017
Last Updated on March 21, 2017
Tags: emotions, feeling, time, sleep, lack of sleep, stress, pain, emotion



Glasgow, United Kingdom

Sad AF. Dysfunctional AF. Queer AF. He/Him. Trans-guy. Bisexual. I am a first year university student in Glasgow who has been writing poetry since 2014 to varying levels of success. I also perf.. more..

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