Do some rebellion or something

Do some rebellion or something

A Poem by Quinn

So I joined capitalism 
and the weirdest thing i found was that everything is true?
it's exactly how i feared and imagined and that's not good
Like I was commuting on the train - among all the others - breathing in and shuffling in the stale air oblivious to others whilst very very aware
And I was going one stop further than most so I squeezed into the side to make space and then I realise, as people filtered out, there were f*****g loads of us on that train this morning, where exactly did they stand
Now maybe they sat under tables or merely became part of the scene, maybe they all did pyramid gymnastics, or simply played  sardines
But I imagine it was something different - that just proves how I feel about work
We all just became smaller as our souls were drained from us by an old guy with a smirk 
The worst thing for me
is that it's not just on the way,
that we all feel so taken aback 
that loss and confusion holds on for the whole day
No wonder we have no time for rebellion
With mouths to feed, bills to pay, tv to watch and people to f**k
So when you're next commuting 
On a train that smells like death
Just remember that you're being a puppet
And I don't know - maybe try to rebel or some s**t...

© 2017 Quinn

Author's Note

Hope you enjoyed please rate xx

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very good keep writing very good thing at rebellion

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thank you, I can't wait til I get to perform this one

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1 Review
Added on June 13, 2017
Last Updated on June 13, 2017
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Glasgow, United Kingdom

Sad AF. Dysfunctional AF. Queer AF. He/Him. Trans-guy. Bisexual. I am a first year university student in Glasgow who has been writing poetry since 2014 to varying levels of success. I also perf.. more..

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