My Geass

My Geass

A Poem by StatAnimalLover

The more you smile for other people, the harder it becomes to smile for yourself.
The more you want to fix the world, the more tears you will cry for other people.
The deeper you look into the amount of suffering in this world, the harder it is to be happy.
You suddenly feel hatred for so many you have never met, but don't realize that's how they got there.
Why can't we just love? 
Most people cry themselves to sleep a lot.
Most people want to change the world.
Most people have smiled for others.
Most people are the same, in the ways that they are different. 
Don't be so quick to judge, ask for judgement not to be made on yourself.
Don't be so quick to hate, ask for others not to hate you.
It makes me cry, when those I love are unhappy.
I wish that I could change the world.
I wish I had a Geass,
I'd order everyone to be nice to each other and to not think they are better than anyone they meet!
Men may not have been born equal, but we can make them equals in the eyes the see with love. 

© 2013 StatAnimalLover

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Added on April 9, 2013
Last Updated on April 9, 2013
Tags: geass, love, acceptance, power, equality, sadness, understanding