A Stage Play by Stefen_Play_writer

Follow the lives of three teen teenagers struggling to survive high school. As they go through their journey and face problems from all directions, causing some to stand up and others to fall.




Stefen Matias


Natalie- In Grade 12, never follows trends and has been bullied throughout her high school career. Always questions current trends and is a leader. Attempts to be a passive person but will put up a fight when threatened. Is Benji’s best friends and is in a few classes with Diane. Wants high school to be over with. Writer.

Benji- In Grade 12, currently dealing with the loss of love. Is clinically depressed, and has no drive to change himself. Hates home life and school life, and is the current director of the school play. Loves to be alone, and is only able to communicate with people when in a good mood. Is best friends with Natalie and is friends with Diane. Wants high school to be over with.

Diane- In Grade 12, stress is Diane’s Middle name. (Actually its Hanson) Is currently in a relationship and is dealing with major anxiety issues. Is in a ton of extra curricula's and has a week sense of self. Does not have a good self esteem and at times is easily pushed around. University is the main priority, and also the main problem. Wants high school to be over with.

Benji’s Mom- Loves Benji, but is sick and tired of hearing about is issues when he refuses to get better. Currently wants Benji to get help but due to Benji’s ways, she has no control over him and has no way of trying to help him. 

Diane’s Mom- Stressed as well with work, is a lot like Diane. Has a short temper, and does not understand Diane’s anxiety issue.

Mr. Philly- A Philosophy class teacher. Not all there, if you catch my drift. 

Sydney- Main mean girl. She enjoys the pain of others and has no sense of right and wrong. Loves to get even, party, steal boyfriends and down right be a b***h.

Taylor- If Girl 1 is happy Girl 2 is happy. Follows orders as if she is a dog. Loves to back up Girl 1 in any fight.

Courtney- Currently failing… everything. Cheater. In the school play. Loves attention. Oblivious to her surroundings.

Brad- Pig. Loves Girls, wishes girls were more easy. No filter, loves to say what comes to mind. Very relatable to Rob Ford’s comments.

Diane’s Boyfriend- Cares very much for Diane. Wishes Diane would just have more self confidence. Is easily frustrated.

Scene 1: Imperfect

(All Actors Enter in A line and face the audience)

Sydney: Imperfect, I

Taylor: M

Courtney:  P

Benji: E

Natalie: R

Diane: F

Brad: E

Sydney: C

Taylor: T

Sydney: I am Imperfect

Courtney: To be imperfect, is to lack perfection

Benji: To be imperfect, is to comeback not a hero

Natalie: To be Imperfect, is to be a maniac 

Diane: To be imperfect,  is to be an insomniac

Brad: To be imperfect, is to take the normal and not follow it, to go against society, and not abide by it's social norms.

Sydney: That line didn't even fit in with the rhythm.

(Brad realizes that he is different, the group of actors step forward and leave him behind)  

Sydney: I take pictures of myself to get comments from guys to make myself feel better.

Sydney: I let people walk all over me because I have no self confidence to back myself up with.

Courtney: People treat me like garbage because I treat everyone like trash. 

Benji: “Forget about it” they said, “you’re doing it to yourself”, they said

Diane: Everyone just expects everything from me, I don't even know what I expect out of myself at this point. 

Natalie: I dress to how I feel about myself, I am who I am, and no one should go against that.

Sydney: Well no one likes who you are, you’re weird, and different, and creepy, and you barely have any friends.

Natalie: I am who I am.

Taylor: -and no one likes that.

(Every actor besides Brad and now Natalie takes a step forward.)

Benji: I hate the way I look at the world, negative and hopeless

Taylor: My values determine who I am, and all I value are my negative qualities

Sydney: I'm sick of being the girl to be, when I don't even want to be me.

Courtney: I just wish life was a lot easier

Diane: I just want everything to fall into place for once, not crumble and burn like usual.

Sydney: Don't you have studying to do nerd.

(All actors step forward, except Diane, Brad and Natalie)

Taylor: The word flawed sounds a lot like me.

Courtney: Maybe I’m just to different for society. 

Benji: Making every wrong turn is my middle name.

Sydney: Don't you have some place to be, like I don't know.... your girlfriends place?

(Sydney, Taylor and Courtney Step forward)

Courtney: Everyone just think’s I’m some stupid w***e

Sydney: Well maybe you should of thought of that before you fucked the whole football team.

Courtney: That was a rumou-

Sydney: Save it for someone who cares

(Sydney and Taylor Step Forward) 

Sydney: Maybe we were a little harsh, but.... I have problems too

Taylor: Your problems aren't as big as other peoples. Why do you think you have an issue, you just want attention.

(Sydney Steps forward)

Sydney: Yeah I know, I’m a b***h.(pause) But, it’s just a front, I feel really bad for saying it all, but If I keep quiet, then I’m pretty sure (looks back at line), that I’d be in that line with my head down. If I take of my mask, I see exactly what everyone see's (pause) Imperfect. At the end of the day, I need to realize.(Pause) We need to realize, that no one is perfect and setting our selves to standards that shouldn't exist, is limiting our own personal growth. Being Imperfect, is being human. Being perfect.... is something that has yet to be discovered, so why strive for something that may never be possible. Why put yourself to such impossible standards when life has better things planned for you. Why care about being different, when you can care about being normal. Being normal is the problem. Being Imperfect is a solution. 

(All overlapping)

Taylor: Being

Courtney: Normal

Benji: Is

Diane: the

Natalie: Problem

Sydney: Being Imperfect

Brad: is the solution.

(Empty Stage, three spotlights)

(Everyone exits, except for Benji,Natalie and Diane, Chairs are brought in)

Scene 2: Life as an Outcast

Natalie: Hi there, my names Natalie but you can call me weird. You see, I’m not your average teenage girl, who’s boy crazed, into pink, and enjoys wearing super tight tops and super high heels I’m

Benji: (going along with Natalie) Different, I’m not a guy who likes to play sport, or is even remotely interested in cars for the matter. I enjoy sitting in my room listing to dull music and enjoying the whole alone thing. I don’t know whats wrong with me, wait (pause) what isn’t wrong with me. I think I’m just depressed

Diane: (on de- in depressed) Stressed! I’m stressed. School stress. Boyfriend. Life stress. Annoying Parents. Lack of a best friend. My life is utterly perfect. If you didn’t get that the last comment was sarcastic, you probably won’t like me. Join the Facebook page. I’m in grade 12 and I don't even want to amount to anything. I don’t know how I’m going to get through the year. All these

Natalie: Girls walk in the hallways like they know what they're doing. I probably look like a disoriented lama compared to them. I’m okay with being weird, it’s what makes me unique. The thing that does bother me is being alone, but I’ve been alone for a while, so I’m used to it. I think at this point I prefer being alone rather than with a ton of friends. I have Benji, he’s great, though he worries me, i always feel like he's on the edge of

Benji: Suicide. Yeah I’ve though about it once or twice. It’s hard okay, waking up every morning knowing that your life is probably going to be worse than yesterday. How do you live ever single day like that! How! My friends all know I have a problem and they all say they don’t want me to commit suicide but, how about if I want to, does no one think of me. Everyone keeps telling me how selfish I am, but how about how selfish they are. Sometimes it doesn’t get better, I’d rather end my life now then wait for it to one day, if ever, “get better”. That’s all i hear, “it gets better” you know what well sometimes it doesn’t sometimes it gets worse, and worse and worse and i just can’t take it anymore! Everyday!

Diane: I wake up and it’s the same thing, go to school, do my work, get home, work, work some more, eat if I'm lucky. Where does it end! I feel like a breakdown is going to happen at any given moment. My diagnosed anxiety isn’t helping, thats for sure. (beat). Everyone has a past, but not everyone has a future.

(All Lights Up)

(Each character is to be acting even when they are not speaking. An idea maybe to allow the character to go through a series of tableaus)

(Benji is sitting in his room, he clearly is upset. Benji tends to pace and throw around objects to express anger, objects should be thrown off stage. Stage should be split in three, each section being right center and left)

Benji: Everyday it’s the same thing! All the emotions and voices in my head, all the pain and loss. Everything inside me is dead. I feel dead. It’s like I’m screaming from the inside and yet know no one can hear. All the flashbacks, the things people say in the hallways run through my head, every single minute of the day. 

Benji’s Mom:(from offstage) Can you be quiet up there, were having a Benji free day down here and your ruining the effect!

Diane: Study. Study. Study. Is that really all I have done today its 11 and I haven’t even started chemistry homework yet. (Phone rings) Babe, I can’t go out ... I know it’s been like this all week you have to understand, babe... babe come on don’t say that... fine go hang out with her. See if I care... that’s not funny... okay well I didn’t take it as a joke... okay whatever bye... love you too... (Phone call ends) Sometimes I feel I’m forcing myself to say I love you just so I don’t have to deal with the questions as to why I can’t say it. He doesn’t get that what he says hurts my feelings and that I’m trying too. 

Diane’s Mom: How long are you going to be up Diane?

Diane: I don’t know mom as long as it takes to finish all my work.

Diane’s Mom: Are you kidding me! Why didn’t you start this earlier I’m sick of you keeping me up all night! Hurry Up

Diane: (To herself) I’ve been working on this project all week...

Natalie: I’m just sitting here, being my boring old self. At this point in my life, I just want to give up. Why go to university when I can stay home and leech off my parents. I think that’s the best option for me at this moment. Who needs school when you can just cruise by on using your parents? Maybe I’ll become an author, you don’t need school for that. I could write about the terrible life I have had in high school and how anyone reading it should quit while they are ahead. It will be the book that forces new drop out laws across the world to lower to 13. I think I can live a good life off of that. Have a few pet cats here and there and I will be set. Cats are great listeners... especially when you are talking to them as you shake the treat bag behind your back. My life.

Benji: I’m so sick of

Diane: Dealing with (overlapping) 

Natalie: My life (overlapping)

Scene 3:  Homework, the least of your problems.

 Mr. Philly: Sorry for the move guys! Can you all just bring in the chairs and desks so we can get started.

(Sydney and Taylor walk in with a prissy attitude, they refuse to move anything and have their conversation upstage)

Sydney: So how are you and Brad

Taylor: We're …. okay.

Sydney:That sounds like a not okay.

Taylor: I don't know, he seems to be so distant lately, I think there is another girl in his life.

Sydney: No way! Nu- uh. How could he possibly pass up the opportunity to be with you! You are like the second hottest girl at school.

Taylor: Well then who is first?

Sydney: Me, duh who else were you thinking?

 Mr Philly: Thanks for the help girls.(sarcastically, Sydney then points to her ‘“You cant with us” shirt, and Mr Philly walks away, not wanting to deal with the situation)

Taylor:(pause) Okay anyways, going on with Brad, I feel he thinks were not going to work out.

Sydney: What makes you think crazy things like that!

Taylor: Well he said, “I wanna break up”, (quickly adding in) But! He didn't sound very convincing so I think he is just going through something

Sydeny: Your so right! He probably has like math issues or something, like he didn't mean that at all! You guys are fine! You will be back together by tomorrow!

Taylor: Yeah, your right! Okay now to class...

Sydney: Hahah, nice joke. Come on I'm thinking about taking an early end of the day!

(Sydeny goes to exit but Taylor grabs her shoulder)

Taylor: Early, the day barely started its the beginning of second period

Sydney: Exactly (Exits, Taylor follows reluctantly) 

(Scene takes place in philosophy class)

 Mr.Philly: Life can be related to many objects. A chair, a desk, a pack of skittles. 

Courtney: Can we not talk about skittles again Mr.Philly...

Mr.Philly: Well Courtney if you had not failed the past 2 years maybe you would not have  to listen to the skittles story again.

(Everyone proceeds to laugh, Courtney hits the boy beside her on the arm and he stops laughing) 

Benji: (Whispering to Natalie) Is it really necessary to be here? Mr. Philly I need to go to the bathroom. (He gets up, then says to Natalie before he leaves) See you soon!

Natalie: Oh Gosh, not this again (Puts head down)

(Benji Exits)

Diane: Mr. Philly are we getting an assignment this week?

Mr. Philly: Yes Diane, this is a university course! What do you expect a free ride at a 90, that’s not how things work these days missy, in Universi-

Diane: I get it Sir, I was just asking. Are you going to tell us what the project will incl-

(The fire alarm goes off)

Mr. Philly: Alright guys, you know the drill everybody up!

(Everybody proceeds to walk off stage, except Natalie leaves her sweater in class Natalie runs back in to grab her sweater followed by Brad)

Brad: Hey, wait up Natalie.

Natalie: Brad, why are you blocking the door?

Brad: I just want to talk baby girl

Natalie: Okay first, eww don’t ever call me that again and second, during a fire alarm, are you actually that stupid?

Brad: We both know it’s a drill... Now about that date next week.

Natalie: The one i said no too, yeah it’s still a no Brad

Brad: Come on Natalie, you know you want a nibble of this cookie.

Natalie: I’m actually Cookiephobic.

Brad: What’s that have to do with this?

Natalie: It’s the fear of cookies, so basically a fear of you Brad.

Brad: Ouch, that hurt, but ill survive. So Red Lobster or Casey's? 

Natalie: (Seductively walking up to Brad) Or...we can go to my place, cause my parents wont be home... then we could go to my room, and we could go on the bed (Natalie grabs brads shoulders and turns with him so she is now where brad use to be) ... and we could fold some laundry big guy. (she pats him on the chest and runs out of the room)

Brad: Are you kidding me! (Runs after Natalie) 


(Sydney and Taylor enter loudly gossiping about boys, conversation is hard to follow)

(Natalie enters girl’s washroom)

Natalie: (as she walks in, fixing Make-up towards audience, audience is a fourth wall) they really need to sell a bright neon pink eye shadow, it would completely complete my outfit!

Sydney: Oh look who pulled up, it’s my little pony, rainbow edition!

Taylor: Put her in water and she will probably change colors too! (They both laugh)

Natalie: Wow, real mature girls (claps slowly) those insults were great!

Sydney: Listen loser, why don’t you get a face before you speak with that ugly thing of yours.

Taylor: Plastic surgery can’t even help that!

Natalie: Plastic surgery can’t give you a decent personality either.

Sydney: Wow, someone thinks she’s good with comebacks doesn’t she?

Taylor: Sydney, she kind of is...

Sydeny: (hitting Taylor) Shut up, Taylor!

Natalie: Are you two princesses done fighting over who gets the bigger castle yet?

Sydney: No we just started.


Natalie: O M G is that FENDI! 


Natalie: Because I DONT CARE! (Pushes Taylor out of the way and walks off stage)

Sydney: Really Taylor, really? This is why you’re the back up. (Sydney storms out)

(Taylor follows)

Scene 4: Life’s Personal Nightmares

(Diane is crying as she walks on stage, as she walks papers drop from her hands and so do some books. Diane finally gives up and sits down and has a breakdown)

(enter Diane’s Boyfriend)

Diane’s Boyfriend: Diane! Diane! Where are you? (Diane Stands up) What’s going on, why do you need space I’m so confused Diane. Don’t leave me now, I need you!

(Diane’s boyfriend should be trying to hall her cell through the entire scene)

Diane: I just want him to be happy and right now I can’t be the one to make him happy... I clearly can’t because he talks to so many girls who he says are just friends, but I know deep down they aren't. I’m too busy to make him happy. I just want what’s best for him.

Diane’s Boyfriend: Diane, you don’t know how much I love you do you, it’s been three years, and you said… you said forever.

Diane: He was everything to me but I don’t think I am the one for him. He could have anyone out there, a girl like me doesn’t deserve a guy like him. I just take advantage of him. Yeah I do cute stuff for him but he is always the one working at the relationship and I am the one who is bringing it down.

Diane’s Boyfriend: I helped you Diane, with all the problems, all the insecurities. I was there. I want to be there, why can’t you just let me!

Diane: I push everyone away, I’m broken. 

Diane’s Boyfriend: I hope you’re not saying you’re broken again! You are perfect to me!

Diane: Why would he want someone with so much baggage? 

(Diane finally picks up the phone)

Diane: Hi.

Diane’s Boyfriend: Diane don’t leave me, I don’t want space! I’ve told you that there’s no one else. Why do you keep thinking there is?

Diane: ... (No answer)

Diane’s Boyfriend: Diane!

Diane: Because no one has ever loved me the way you do... (She hangs up the phone and walks off stage)

Diane’s Boyfriend: Diane.... No one loves her the way I do, because no one see’s her the way I do.... She’s perfect.

(Costume Change FOR ALL)

(During the previous scene a bed is set up on stage, Benji then lays on the bed and awakens into his nightmare.) 

Sydney: (backstage) Benji …… Benji ….. Benji ……. Benji (repeat)

(Benji Enters lost)

Benji: Stop! Stop!

(Taylor entering)

Taylor: (adding in) It’s all your fault Benji, all your fault! (repeat)

Benji: No it’s not! It’s not my fault!

(Sydney Enters with Natalie)

Benji: (Cont;) Natalie, Natalie Help, make it stop

Natalie: Help yourself loser. You're a lost cause ….. a lost cause ….. a lost cause (repeat)

Benji: Natalie! 


(Brad enters)

Brad: Hey Emo kid! (walks up to benji) Hows the scars going huh, freak (while pulling up his sleeves) …. scars …. scars … scars …. (repeat)

Benji: (pulling downs sleeve) Leave me alone!

(Enter in Courtney and Diane’s Boyfriend, with Lisa limp/dead in their arms)

Courtney: You did it! You killed her …. killed her …. killed her (repeat)

Diane’s Boyfriend: You should just die …. die …. die … die  (repeat)

Benji: no no! No No! NO!

Sydeny: Benji

Taylor: It’s all your fault

Natalie: A lost cause

Brad: Scars

Courtney: Killed her

Diane’s Boyfriend : Die

(Benji sinks to the ground and starts crying, everyone slowly leaves, one person at a time)

Benji: It was January 4th 2013. Me and Lisa decided it be fun to go out for some New Years party my friend was throwing. It was about 1:00 am when Lisa and I decided it be best if we left. She wanted to take the bus but, I insisted on driving her. It was late, and I was afraid for her safety. I had a few drinks, but I felt okay. We were laughing in the car, it was nice. I was so happy, as I looked forward I realized that the light in front of me was red, i hit the brakes and the car behind us slammed into the back of our vehicle. The ice made us skid into the middle of the intersection. At that point, thats all that I remember personally. The doctor told me later in the hospital my car had been T-boned. 

It took me awhile to process, and that when they told me about Lisa. She didn’t

make it through, the doctors told me not to worry, and that the crash was fatal for her, meaning she died on impact. If that was suppose to help me feel better, it didn’t. I basically killed the one thing that made me happy. I basically killed myself.  (Benji falls back asleep, after a brief pause, Benji’s Mom enters furiously)

Benji’s Mom: Benji! Benji Get Up!

(Benji awakens screaming)

Benji’s Mom: (startled) What is going on, what’s wrong with you

Benji: (Clearly annoyed) Just some stupid nightmare…. (looks at mom, then is already fed up, gets up to leave

 Benji’s Mom: Not so fast! we are not done talking about what we talked about last night!

(Benji paces as his mom talks)

Benji: (Angered) I told you already I don’t want to see a therapist, there is absolutely no point, and it’s going to get me nowhere. Some person with a degree isn't going to care about my problems.

Benji’s Mom: If you never try to get better, you never will. You’re just making yourself worse. (Pause) I think you’re doing it on purpose! You just want the family’s attention because you never had it! You always complain about no one caring about you. Well you know what Benji get over it, that’s life and me and your father don’t have time for silly acts like this. We have bills to pay. A house to clean, a job to d-

(Benji Exits)

Benji’s Mom: Why does he always run away from his problems, he’s never going to solve anything like this. For once I would like to see him face something, not constantly fall back on this whole run away tactic of his!

Scene 5: Sometimes, You need a break.

(Benji Enters)

Benji: I swear one more time. If I have to hear how hard her life is one more time I am going to go utterly insane. For once I’d like to hear her say, “Oh Benji, I understand.” Just once. Nice to know parenting has gone out the window in this house, literally I got out the window! 

Natalie: I really do love this spot, its perfect to run away to, all the stars can be seen from here, the views great. You can see the city, and every single place in town from here. I love it, it’s so peaceful, we should name the peak after us since we always come here when we run away. 

Benji: Yeah and we tend to run away a lot! (They both spread out a blanket and lay on it looking up to the sky.)


Benji: I do this a lot at home, it helps calm me down.

Natalie: Yeah, I can see how it does that

(They both begin to notice the crying from upstage as Diane walks in)

Benji: Hey Diane.... is everything alright?

Diane: Yeah... sorry I didn’t mean to ruin this get together, just.... dealing with stuff.

Benji: No it’s okay.... it’s honestly fine, do you want to talk.

Diane: No it’s quite alright.... I don’t want to intrude, you guys don’t even know me that well.

Natalie:(Gets up) No stay! Talking always helps.

Diane: (Pause) Okay...

(Benji and Natalie join the blankets together and all three of them sit on it in a semi circle.)

Benji: Okay talk!

Diane: I don’t want to weird you guys out... you’re going to think i have some sort of brain malfunction!

Natalie: Trust me honey, if anyone has a brain malfunction it’s us.

Benji: You.

Natalie: Says the recovering psychopath...

Benji: Okay that was low.... I was never even psychopathic.

Natalie: As you can see were both quite crazy ourselves so I’m sure whatever you throw at us is nothing out of the ordinary. 

Diane: It’s a mix of relationship problems and self-issues.

Natalie: Well I’m not needed here, you can take this one Benji, since you are an expertise in both fields!

Benji: Why are we even friends?

Natalie: Because.... we don’t have any other option….

Benji: So what’s going on, let’s start with the relationship first.

Diane: I love him, I really do but... I don’t think it’s going to work out. Were both going off to separate universities. He tells me he is going to try his hardest and I will be trying too. But he is going to meet someone better, I just know it. He is going to have so much free time in the city, who am I to stop him from having fun. I’m just going to lose him to someone else. I want to avoid getting hurt, so I might as well do it now, so it will hurt less than later. 

Benji: How about him? How does he feel about all of this?

Diane: He’s hurt, he keeps saying I’m perfect for him. How can someone like me be perfect for anyone? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not pretty like every other girl, I’m not funny, nor can I flirt. I don’t bring anything to the table.

Benji: Well I think you need to take some time and come to the realization that you are perfect for him. No one is actually perfect, we all have our flaws. But he thinks of you as pretty perfect. You can’t let a guy like that slip away Diane. He sounds like he isn’t the type of guy to screw someone over. I think you just need to trust him, and try not to foresee the future.... I think.... I think you need to be less like me. 

Diane: Like you.... what’s wrong with you?

Benji: Just.... everything. (Try to laugh it off) It nothing that big...

Diane: Clearly it is....

Benji: I don’t want to talk about me, do you have any idea what you are going to do?

Diane: Yeah... I think I’m going to talk to him about it, tell him what I am feeling and take it from there.

Benji: Alright, sounds like a plan.

Diane: Do you want to talk?

Benji: No... I prefer to be alone really.

Natalie:  It’s true, he really is better of alone, no offence…

Diane: Are you going to stay here long?

Benji: Well, you can stay, I think I’m going to go home actually.

Diane: Alright, I think I’ll just go home as well.

Benji: (Starts packing up) Okay, well I’ll see you tomorrow at school

Natalie: Bye Diane!

Diane: Yeah for sure, bye Benji, bye Natalie

Benji: Bye Diane, hope everything goes well.

Scene 6: Highschool at it’s finest (Costume Change For All!)

(All Exit)

(The scene starts with a bunch of people walking in and going to the edge of each side of the stage (Left and right, everyone is getting things out of their lockers, everyone should leave at different times some in groups some alone, enter in Natalie. Natalie walks around and waits for two actors to move,[they are both covering her locker], enter in Sydney and Taylor. Sydney nudges Taylor who is completely oblivious to Natalie’s existence, they both smile and grab onto Natalie’s bag using it to throw her to the floor. By this time all actors except Sydney, Taylor and Natalie are off stage)

Sydney: (Sarcastically) Oh! Is that Fendi! 

(Taylor Laughs)

Natalie: (Still on the ground) Really? I’m not in the mood to deal with you two today.

Taylor: Aww now you know how we feel everyday with you.

Sydney: Oooo that one was good! (High fives)

Taylor: It’s not like she can do anything, she’s into that whole anti violence thing!

(Sydney laughs)

Natalie: Ha-ha very funny... (Begins to get up)

Sydney: Not so fast dyke.

Natalie: Wait, what?

Taylor: Lezbo? Dyke? Hellllllooooooo you like girls!

Natalie: Okay...... this is getting out of hand you liste-

Sydney: No you listen to me! If you think you’re going to stand up to us you got it wrong girl. By the time you get up I can send a mass text message to the entire school saying how you check out girls in the locker room and how much of a lesbian you are!

(Natalie doesn’t say anything, she stays on the floor)

Taylor: That’s what we thought, let’s go.

(They both walk away with a sassy attitude. After the rest of the actors remaining walk out of the hallway, some should step over Natalie acting as if she doesn’t even exist.)

Natalie: (Once stage is completely empty) Great... (Walks off)

(Enter in Taylor; bathroom) 

 Taylor:  i really don’t get her, who does she think she is. Talking to us as if were like any other average girl in high school. Ridicules!

(Enter in Brad)

Taylor: Brad… what are you doing! This is the GIRLS bathroom if you haven’t noticed!

Brad: I know it is, but we need to talk

Taylor: Brad…. this is the girls washroom, if someone comes in here you’re going to get in so much - 

Brad: No one is going to come in. (pause) What’s going on with you, all the messages.

Taylor: What do you mean?

Brad: 56 text message, 17 voice mails, 26 e mails, 25 tweets, 20 Facebook wall posts. (Girl 2 doesn’t realize the issue with this. Pause)  82 missed calls! Are you insane!

Taylor: I don’t get where you’re trying to go with this… what’s the issue.

Brad: We aren’t dating anymore! It’s over! Hello i told you this last week. What do you not get about that statement! 

Taylor: There’s another girl isn’t there!

Brad:  Barely, she doesn’t even like me. It’s not going anywhere…

Taylor: Who is it!

Brad: No one important some girl named Natalie in my philosophy class.

Taylor: Get Out! Now!

Brad: Wait what, wha-

(Taylor pushes Brad out of the washroom)

Taylor: (Pulls out cellphone) Oh when i’m done with her reputation, she will have wished she was never born.(pause) Send to all Contacts.(pause) Done. 

(Taylor Exits)

(Enter in Actors, everyone should have some sort of mobile device on a ringtone, slowly one by one each phone goes off, all actors have now been informed that Natalie is a lesbian. The school isn’t completely supportive of the LGBT community and this should be shown clearly. Enter in Natalie and Benji.)

Natalie: Are you kidding me...

Benji: Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise.

Natalie: I am actually so sick of people.

(Diane enters)

Diane: Whoa.... what’s going on?

Natalie: Well as you can see I’m the new school target!

Diane: (Sigh)… why are people so immature. 

Natalie:(To crowd of people) OKAY ! Ha Ha Ha (Slow claps) You guys are great just wonderful, now why don’t we all just move along with this rumor and as well move on with our pointless lives.

(Enter Sydney and Taylor)

Taylor: Hey Nate.... that’s your boy name, I think it suits you better.

Natalie: Oh Hey, it’s Cruella Deville and her dead coat.

Sydney: ....

Taylor: You can’t lie that was a good one.

Sydney: (looks at Taylor displeased) So how’s life as a total outcast?

Diane: Uh... technically she’s not a total outcast.... she has us two. 

Sydney: Oh shut up, who asked you to speak?

Diane: Well actually, due to the amendm-

Taylor: But actually..... Just shut up.

(Diane steps back)

Natalie: Are you two done?

Sydney: No.

Natalie: Okay that was a rhetorical question.... I honestly don’t care. God you two really are as dumb as people say.

Taylor: People say stuff about us! 

Benji: Negative Stuff....

Taylor: It’s still stuff!

Natalie: Can we just go I’m done with this.

(The group begins to walk off)

Sydney: Hey I’m not done!

(Group continues to walk)

Sydney: Hey come back here dyke!

(Natalie stops)

Sydney: Yeah you know what I said.... Queer!

(Natalie turns and walks straight for Sydney; Sydney is scared and walks backwards she stumbles and falls down.... Taylor runs off.)

Natalie: Even if i was all those rude things you called me at least I have something you don’t.

Sydney: (trying to stand her ground) And what’s that!

Natalie: I know who i am, i’m not some fake girl built out of what society deems as right. I’m real unlike you, all you are is a toy to everyone else in high school. You’re not your own person, you’re what everyone wants you to be, you probably don’t even know who your real self is. You are no one and everyone at the same time, you think everyone wants to be you but in reality. No one wants to be you. I know who I am and I’m proud of who I am. Which is something you lack.

Sydney: Thats complete and utter bullshit, I am one of a kind.


Courtney walks in completely oblivious to the current fight still going on. She looks exactly like Sydney.

Courtney: Oh,(drops purse identical to Sydney’s) Nice outfit! (awkward pause, exits quickly)


Natalie:  Tell me when you actually believe that.

(Natalie walks off)

(Sydney sits there and then slowly gets up and walks off stage alone.)

Scene 7: Breathing is a choice

(Benji Enters, and walks to Upstage Centre)


A poem about Scars, written By Benji


Are lines showing my travels,

Are Stories embedded on the surface of my body.

Are pain written into the story of my life.


Show that sometimes life is a little to hard

Show that I’m too weak to draw another card.

Show that happiness is a complete and utter miscommunication of feelings


Fill my skin, like colours on an empty page 

Run along my arm, tracing my veins

Are a last effort chance, at some sort of change. 


Are a cry for help when no ones watching

Are the tears behind my smile, while I am talking 

Are hidden to the world, because I keep walking

Scars, are a whim thrown into the wind, in hopes that someone, will listen

Scars, are on my skin. 

(Enter in Natalie)

Natalie: So when did you write that?  

Benji: In the 10th grade, when I was going through my cutting issues.

Natalie: Oh, cool. (Awkward Pause) Are you alright Benji?

Banji: (pause) No … not really. (He reaches in his pocket and pulls out some crumpled papers) Some people left these notes in my locker … Usually I’m pretty good with handling what some stupid people say, but lately it’s been tough. 

Natalie: What do they say? 

Benji: (opens papers) Loser. Emo Kid. Lifeless. Ugly. Murder. Lonely. Worthless. Pointless. 

Natalie: (Grabbing the papers out of his hands) Your none of those stupid things Benji. 

Benji: I am every single one of those things Natalie. Look at me… every single one of those words describe me. There is absolutely nothing I can do to make myself even try to feel better, I look for a brighter side, and I can see it Natalie, but the problem is, it’s like i cant even reach for it. I look at the brighter side, and I honestly don't think  I Deserve it. I killed someone Natalie.

Natalie: Can you stop saying you killed her! You didn’t it was a freak accident! It just happened okay Benji.

Benji: Natalie, how am I going to graduate knowing she’s not here to be with me. Everyday that passes it gets harder and harder. Every breath I take is a regret. I’m slowly giving up and everyone around me see’s it yet can’t do anything about it. Why can’t you just accept it, I’m a lost cause!

Natalie: Benji! You’re not a lost cause! You can get through this, okay. Stop saying all that, you’re scaring me. You can’t kill yourself Benji, who’s going to go through the end of highschool with me, who’s going to be there during the summer, the time where we both try to figure out what we are going to do with our lives.

Benji: I don’t know Natalie. (Pause) Find a new best friend (Exits)

Natalie: Benji! (calls after,  pause, exit


Scene 8: Irony 

Mr. Philly: Jeez, they really love to use this room for teacher meeting, alights class you know the drill.

(the group of student  groan from offstage and bring on their chairs)

Mr. Philly: So class, todays final lesson before are two week exam prep is on the power of change and the ideas of the human mind. Now before we get into the topic if change, i want to relate this to-

Courtney: Skittles Sir, we get it, everything in life can be related to skittles.

Mr.Philly: See Courtney that would of been extremely funny if i was actually going to be talking about skittles. Ha! What a fool you are my dear, todays topic is not skittles. (pause) Its M’nMs !  

(Courtney slams her head into the desk groaning)

Diane: Sir, when are we getting are culminating back its been 3 weeks!

Mr.Philly: Well Diane, maybe if you had not wrote me a 26 page essay on how you think Universities purposely toy with the minds of students through pointless email notifications , and then somehow related to course content, maybe if you did not do that you would have your mark back.

Diane: I get it sir, (pause) so did you like it?

Mr.Philly: Well you se-

(Sydney Enters)

Mr Philly: So nice of you to join this class! Its great to see you; this is what your 7th time showing up.

(Sydney goes to sit down and everyone scoots away on their chairs, Sydney looks extremely depressed, Natalie notices and beings to feel bad, she scoots towards her)

Natalie: Hey

Sydney: (nervously) Hey.

Natalie: You alright?

Sydney: I guess

Natalie: Listen, i can clearly see the whole friends thing isn't going well for you at the moment, and if your ready to grow up, then I’m ready to be friends with you.

Sydney: Seriously? Why, I treated you like crap.

Natalie: Because I believe in second chances. So now that we’re friends its time you join the as you say “my little pony crew.” (they both laugh)

(Natalie takes out a piece of purple extensions and helps add it into Sydney’s hair)

Sydney: (Smiles) Thanks

(Taylor enters)

Taylor: Wow Sydney, you really have hit rock bottom.

Sydney: Shut up Taylor!

Taylor: I don’t have to listen to you anymore, I’m not your right hand, especially if your hanging out with those losers! (Diane Laughs) What so funny?

Diane: I just find it hilarious that you actually think people are afraid of you.

Taylor: (pause) I actually -

Diane: Actually, just shut up.

Taylor: (Frustrated) Whatever. (Walks towards Courtney) Hey, you look like you could use some popularity . 

Courtney: Is that suppose to be an insult?

Taylor: (pause) Yes… now make some room for me.

(Courtney shoves brad off his chair that is beside her, and Taylor sits where Brad use to be)

Brad: Sir! Courtney took my chair!

Mr.Philly: (mockingly) Oh Sir, Sir! Oh sir, please Sir! Gimme a break, they don’t pay me enough for this. (Leaves room)

(Brad sits on Diane’s desk then turns to Natalie)

Brad: So, about that date-

Natalie: If I go on a date with you will you shut up, and never ask me again.

Brad: (Pause) Fine, but I’m pretty sure after our date, you’ll be the one running to me.

Benji: (Adding In) Away Brad, she’ll be running away from you.

Brad: Whatever Emo Kid!

Benji: (Pushing Brad off the desk) Ahhhh Shut Up! 

(The Bell Rings, everyone exits, and Natalie leaves her sweater again in class, she then re enters the scene to grab it.)

Natalie: (To Audience) I know you’re probably thinking I’m super forgetful, but I swear, I did it on purpose this time. It’s really strange how everything worked out this year. Sydney and I ended up as friends, Benji’s doing okay, Diane got accepted to every University she applied for. I’m glad it ended like this. Although going on that date with Brad wasn’t in the forecast, maybe I’ll have fun. (Pause) At the beginning of the year, I thought I was alone, that no one cared about me, and my existence was completely optional. I have to say thats changed, for once in my life, I don’t think I’m going to not have a future. I decided on going through with the whole idea of becoming an Author, I have a few ideas here and there, maybe teen issues, or something that can really relate to the current generation. (Pause) Maybe I’ll just stick with my original plan to writing about the terrible time High school was. Though what would I call it? Do I even want to write a book… Benji has really got me into this whole acting, directing thing, theatre is so interesting, they way the characters can come alive on stage and how everything seems to be real. (Pause) Ah yes the name, maybe… flawed, defective, stained, Imperfection, (pause) no that last one sounds to long. Something simple, yet can say a million stories… (pause) How about this when I think about it, I’ll tell you. 

(Costume Change For ALL, Benji, Natalie, Diane; Normal Clothes. Rest of Cast Black)

Scene 9: Pain, Sorrow and Metamorphosis 

(Enter in Benji and Diane)

Benji: (said while walking on) So you guys talked... and it worked you guys are okay.

Diane: Yeah he was really understanding... I guess I was just over thinking as usual,we are going to take it slow, see where it goes. I mean we have to try right, thats the least we owe each other. Anyways, I have a ton of university applications to start so I have to get going.

Benji: Alright! I’ll see you then! Thanks for helping me set up my room and all, my moms been going through everything lately, she's so called worried I’m on drugs.

Diane: She only does that, cause she’s worried about you, we all are. See you tomorrow okay. (Diane exits, Benji Nods her off

(Benji sits down he breathes heavily) 

(Actors enter on stage, each now playing an out of character role, [Benji’s Problems])

Brad: Everyday, it gets worse and worse and worse. When are you going to give up Benji, what future do you have. You're not going anywhere after school. You don’t even have a job.

Taylor: You don’t have a family that supports you. It’s like the whole worlds against you isin’t it Benji. You have absolutely know one rooting for you.

Diane: Forgotten is what you’ll be, forgotten. Not a single person will think of you after a few months. You barely exist now. You think you killing yourself, will all of a sudden spark some interest. You're wrong, you’ll fade into the darkness.

Diane’s Boyfriend: Lisa, she’s gone. We were best friends in the fourth grade. We use to talk every single day. You killed her, you killed my best friend. 

Sydney: You think someone is going to remember the boy who ruined so many people’s lives. She was a sister, and a daughter to someone Benji. She had friends, she had a future, even with her you didn’t have many of those things. You took something away from everyone.

Courtney: I’d tell you things get better, but to be honest. They wont for you…. if you don’t kill yourself, well I’d be surprised. 

All: Just do it! 

Benji: There in my head again, the voices. No one understands what it is like to be me, wake up every single day and be reminded of what you have done. Every single day. It’s like I’m drowning, every single minute of the day! I put on this smile, but deep down I am completely and utterly dead. I’m dead. (he mutter the phrase “I’m dead to himself” as he reaches in his pocket for the bottle of pills.) I’m already dead, it’s just my physical self thats here right now. Benji’s gone, Benji is dead. 

(He reaches behind the bed and grabs a bottle of alcohol, he drinks it then takes the bottle of pills, he then lays on the bed and time passes)

(Enter in Natalie, door closes)

Natalie: (offstage) Benji, let’s go out today, I wanna do something fu- (Natalie see’s Benji, and runs over in a panic) Benji? Benji!? Benji! Oh my god. (Natalie begins to preform chest compressions on Benji, tableau) 

(Benji gets up slowly, clearly confused, Enter in Lisa)

Benji: Lisa? Is that you, how can I-

Lisa: How can you see me Benji, I’m … What did you do?

Benji:  I couldn’t do it any longer Lisa, I’m sorry okay. It’s all my fault the reason why your dead, and not here, I’ve ruined everything. I just want to be with you again! (He gets up and grabs her hands as he says that, she then pulls away)

Lisa: With me! Benji, why are you doing this, you can do so many things with your life! You can grow up, get a career, have kids! A wife, a family! You can’t get that when your dead Benji.

Benji: But, I miss you!

Lisa: Why? I’ve never left.

Benji: (confused) What do you mean, you’re dead Lisa, you left me.

Lisa: No! That’s where you’re wrong. Every night you cried to sleep, every time you ran way to your favourite spot, I was there! You never saw me but I was.(Silence) Benji, don’t do this, you have so much to live for, and I am here for you okay! All you have to do is think about me I'm here. 

Benji: Lisa! No on here cares about me. No one!

Lisa: You’re kidding right… (Lisa is annoyed). Seriously, Fine. I’ll show you. Watch, this is life after Benji.

(Enter in Benji’s mom, she’s crying, Sydney carries a candle, and has one arm around Benji’s Mom and Taylor is crying on Brad. Diane’s Boyfriend, bring in a picture of Benji and puts it on the floor. Benji’s mom wails with emotional agony. Diane’s Mom enters, with flowers, and places in front of Benji’s pictures and helps comfort Benji’s mom.)

Benji: Where’s Natalie and Diane? (confused and clearly saddened over the thought of himself dead, and causing others pain.)

Lisa: Natalie ran away from home, she couldn’t deal with living here any longer, with you gone, she had barely anyone to truly relate to. Diane rejected her acceptance, and is taking a year off because she couldn’t handle going to university with you on her mind. You were the one person she knew would always be there for her, and you always knew what to say. 

Benji: Oh …

Lisa: Yeah Benji, exactly. People do care about you, all of them do. As much as I do. (She grabs his hand and walks him back under Natalie’s hands) Im here for you Benji okay , I’m here for you I promise. Forever (she kisses Benji’s cheek as he lays there motionless and smiles, then exits) (Pause)

Natalie: Benji, come on please come through, please.

(Benji gasps for air, coming out of his coma state)

Natalie: Benji what the hell! I’m calling the ambulance, stay here! (Grabs phone out of pocket) Hello, Yes this is an emergency, my friend just tried to commit suicide and i need someone here as soon as possible. Yeah thats the address, alright thanks. Benji don't worry helps on it way, I’ll stay with you the whole time, and won’t let you leave my sight. Benji how could you do this! So many of your friends care about you! Benji, I can’t lose you, you're my best friend. (enter paramedics) Lets go Benji, they’re here (Benji gets picked up the stretcher and moved offstage as Natalie walks with them saying) Don’t worry Benji I’m here. 

(Benji exits  along with Natalie)

(COUSTUME CHANGE FOR ALL; back to normal clothes)

(Enter; Brad, Taylor, Sydney, Diane’s Boyfriend, Diane and Courtney all wait anxiously upstage right, for Benji. Some of them have We love you cards and Courtney has a Turn that frown upside down card)

Sydney: Really Courtney, Really. Turn your frown upside down. Is that honestly what your card says. 

Courtney: What! It’s made by “Hallmark” it CLEARLY has to be the most amazing card here. Plus I paid twelve bucks for it so he better like it!

Taylor: Sydney why are you even talking

Brad: Can we go one day with you girls bickering

Taylor and Sydney: Can you go one day without flexing your muscles in the mirror. (They both look at each other awkwardly, realizing they said the same thing)

Taylor and Sydney: So weird (They look away from each other)

(Enter in Natalie with Benji; Benji is on a wheelchair, they cut right through the middle of the group as they say)

(All over lapping)

Diane:Benji Benji, I’ve missed you! Diane’s Boyfriend: Hey man, I don’t know you that well but yeah, hope you’re okay! Brad: Yo Benji, sorry about that Emo kid comment, you’re not Emo at all! You’re the coolest. Sydney: Hey, I know i was totally rude to you like 3 weeks ago but, I like you now! Taylor: Hey Benji! Maybe we could chill one day, you’re actually really cute. Courtney: Whatever Taylor says, I second! 

Natalie: Guys! Relax! This kids on a heart monitor here.

(They all one by one give Benji, whatever they brought for him. Last is Courtney she give him the card, then goes behind him and put her finger to the corner of his mouth and raises her hands to make him smile. She walks off after clearly ecstatic, Diane stays onstage)

Diane: So how are things.

Benji: For once, great actually. (He smiles)

Diane: WOAH a smile! Someone document this! So how’s your mom I know she took it rough and all, from what Natalie told me.

Benji: Were better than ever. Surprisingly, she’s taken this chance to change herself as well. She tries to understand me more, were not perfect, but I can say I’m 110% okay with how she is right now. (He chuckles to himself) To think 7 months ago was the last I love you i herd from her, other then yesterday.

Diane: Thats so tragic. Okay my house later tonight, you too Natalie!

Natalie: Of course, I’ll be right over, you make your way there and I’m just going to help Benji out of this wheelchair.

Diane: Alright see you, see you both soon! (She Exits)

Natalie: You okay.

Benji: Yeah, that was a surprise with everyone and all.

Natalie: Told you people care about you.

Benji: Whatever you say Nat. 

Natalie: Ew, I hate when you call me that. Stop.

Benji: Okay, I’m going to go home quickly and tell my mom, I’m at Diane’s. See you there okay.

Natalie: Yup, see you! (They both exit

Scene 10: The Next Chapter of Our Lives

(Diane Enters, she fixes the room and makes it more girly in some aspects)

Diane: (As she fixes her room while on the phone) Yes babe, I’ll make sure to call you everyday, and we can Skype… Yes I know, no boys. Babe come on you actually think a boys going to talk to a girl in bio chemistry… Exactly. (Knock offstage) Okay Natalie is at the door, I’ll text you later…. Love you too. (Hangs up phone) 

(Enter in Natalie)

Natalie: Hey -

Diane: (grabbing arm and dragging to the bed) Okay so I did a few minor changes in the speech like you said, do you want to hear it again? 

Natalie: I can’t believe you’re saying this tomorrow! 

Diane: (Clears Throat)

Benji: (Runs in) WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT! I'm here! (Natalie and Diane look at Benji confused wondering how he got in) …you left the door unlocked! (Natalie and Diane both ooooh in amazement) 

Natialie: Okay go now Diane.

 Diane: Hello my fellow classmates of 2014! Hello friends, family, faculty and others who are here to witness this great moment in history. As you all know my name is Diane and I am this year’s Valedictorian. Today marks a day where our lives take onto the next chapter of our lives. It’s time for us to move on, move out maybe, or just relocate ourselves onto another path. All of us are now moving to different parts of our lives. We are all here due to the opportunities and experiences we have encountered over the past four years. Though some negative everything in high school in some way has got us to this exact moment. Though so many have taken a much harder route, we are all sitting here, accepting our diplomas and moving towards greatness. Though our futures may be quite blurry from this current perspective, we all have one. I say it’s time for us to shine. It’s time for us to sprout, show our true potential, show the world that we are a force to be reckon with, but also show ourselves that we made it. We finished, we got to the end. So as I depart my fellow classmates I want to remind you all of something. Where ever you look, even if it’s a quick glance at your phone contact list or maybe a nice drive down your old street, I’m sure you will find a great old friend who would love to share you a smile. We, the class of 2014 have a bond like no other, and it time for us to go our own ways. Take on a new adventure, do things you could never dream of, succeed, fail, laugh, make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and fall in love or fall out of love, maybe more than once. It time for something new, and it’s time for me and all of you to take another dive into our next chapters of life. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the evening. (pause) how was it?

Natalie: (stands up and claps)

Benji:It was perfect.

Natalie: (Gasps)

Benji: (Jolts out of his seat) You can’t do that to me, I Have a heart monitor on!


Natalie: THATS IT!

Benji: What?

Dianie: What do you mean, thats it?

Natalie: I know what I’m going to call the play! (pause) I know what it is! (Natalie shakes Benji Vigorously.)

Benji: Heart Monitor! (Said as Shaken)

Natalie: Sorry (To audience) It’s … Imperfect. 


Diane: Don’t you think it’s a little bit cliche to end your play with the title of the play as the last line.

Natalie: No (quickly) Its so deep and profound, bringing the emotions of the play and the titles significance to those emotions into one powerful line that delivers the exact meaning of what it is to be imperfect. 

Benji: …You know what is really cliche! A group hug at the end.

(Natalie’s eyes widen she extends her arms)

Diane: No, no to the group hug.

Benji: Yeah thats a double no for me.

Natalie: (frustrated) Guyssss! Come on, were graduating tomorrow, this is our last hug as seniors!


Benji and Diane: Fineeeeeeee

(They hug)


© 2014 Stefen_Play_writer

Author's Note

ignore spelling mistakes.

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Featured Review

I personally loved this play. A felt a lot of the characters were very relatable, Benji and Diane in particular. There were some clear archetypes which is fine, it gives the audience a sense of security, like they have been there before in school with similar characters. The only character I felt was a bit unexplained was Brad. I understood his desire, but not his motive. Perhaps a little more elaboration on why he, a fairly well liked, good looking boy dumped his popular girlfriend for the school outcast. Did something happen between them that knocked him head-over-heels?

I loved the teen angst and emotion and how you touched on everyone just wanting to figure out who they are. High school is a hard time, and especially when there is so much pressure to do well and get into university to make something of your life.

Keep up the good work! I will read your other play when I have a little more time, I have a feeling I will enjoy it!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


I loved it and I relate to it greatly.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I personally loved this play. A felt a lot of the characters were very relatable, Benji and Diane in particular. There were some clear archetypes which is fine, it gives the audience a sense of security, like they have been there before in school with similar characters. The only character I felt was a bit unexplained was Brad. I understood his desire, but not his motive. Perhaps a little more elaboration on why he, a fairly well liked, good looking boy dumped his popular girlfriend for the school outcast. Did something happen between them that knocked him head-over-heels?

I loved the teen angst and emotion and how you touched on everyone just wanting to figure out who they are. High school is a hard time, and especially when there is so much pressure to do well and get into university to make something of your life.

Keep up the good work! I will read your other play when I have a little more time, I have a feeling I will enjoy it!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Hi, my name is Stefen Matias and I'm a 18 year old writer from Brampton, Ontario! I have studied Civil Engineering at Ryerson University for half a semester and decided to apply to film school instead.. more..