Carnival for Vampire

Carnival for Vampire

A Story by Stephen Kim

Carnival food at a vampire carnival

Driving home from collage I would pass by a carnival in the spring every year. There were no lights visible. So I never bothered to stop. This year I decided to stop and see why the carnival was there but had no lights. Walking to the front gate I noticed all the lights were black lights. Kinda odd but made me interested to see what was going on. The sign at the gate said Magmas. The guard at the gate smiled with fangs and said. "Welcome to the carnival for vampire." And everything started to spin.
I woke up to a tugging on my finger tips I could see a old man removing my finger nails with pliers. I start to pull away and another man quickly brakes my neck, and then there is no pain. All I can do is watch what is about to become my destiny to these vampires.
The old man says to me
"The carnival "
And never says another word to me.
I start to scream and yell for help. The old man was not phased he just continues pulling the rest of my nails off.
I could move my eyes to see around me. I was in a prepping area for food. Again all the lights were black making the colors distorted. I can see the old man starting to prepare my body, by cleaning me with a rag. His work is very slow, it seem like he is trying to rush but his age is making him slow. His hands shaking as he ties a metal cord around my wrists and ankles. Then with a set of clippers he removes my fingers and toes. Removing the bones he places them in a blender. Another man comes in and starts to help the old man with the prep work. I begin to yell profanity at the men, but again no reaction from them. The old man cuts through my wrists and hand them to the other man to debone. Now handing him my feet to debone. I can't see what he is doing but I hear a wisp in a bowl.
Moving the metal cord up to my knees and elbows he twists and secures the end. He begins to cut and has some difficulty I can see my body shake as he struggles to cut though. The other man look at him as to help but doesn't. The hole time I am screaming and they have no concern of my screaming. Handing my limbs to the man he reaches in and twists his fingers around the vains
Pulls the veins out of the meat and then debones my limbs. Together they pull the skin from my freshly cut limb. I can hear a tearing as the skin is separating. Cutting the skin into squares he puts them in a deep fryer deep for skin chips. As the man chops the flesh in chunks the old man puts the chunks in a meat grinder struggling to crank out the meat. As the meat come out it falls on a try the man takes the try. I can hear the vampires ordering food as the door opened. I am being served raw to the vampires of the carnival. The old man continues to cut away as the only thing left is my head and torso.
Then the man puts me in a sling on my side. And says.
"Many people will dream to night about the carnival. And not one will see a vampire in there dream." All I can do is scream. Just then a heavy set woman comes in and takes me out the door. She then hangs me on a hook. Looking out the window I see a couple walking by. I look to my sides and up and down were I can see others like me dismembered. Laying in a sling on our sides screaming over each other, as the vampires gather around from the screams,looking at us for inspection to drink from.
The carnival.

© 2015 Stephen Kim

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Added on December 13, 2015
Last Updated on December 13, 2015
Tags: vampire, carnival, Horror, short story


Stephen Kim
Stephen Kim

PA, United States Minor Outlying Islands

My name is Stephen Kim I like writing short stories I love anything with imagination that requires an open mind. more..

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