I don't have a story.

I don't have a story.

A Story by Nichole Marie

Girl dreams of telling her story but doesn't know what her story is...


Is it such a bad thing that I can write a story better in my head than I can on actual paper? That typing it out doesn’t seem to help much either? I mean, you hear about those girls, and yes sometimes even guys who start off with how their whole life is like a movie or a silly story or lame melodramatic reality television episode, but not me. I only have bits and pieces of my life that feel like that, and sometimes, I wonder what it would look like on television or even printed on paper with page after page making a best seller, but no. This my friend is reality and the only way that would ever happen is if I took the time to write down each and every one of my insane teenage thoughts and we all know that that’s just pure insanity. No, I’m afraid the only way I’ll ever get my story out there is if there is a big break in advanced technology and I can place this little chip in my brain and everything I think can be transferred to some file that I could later come back to and edit and turn into some amazing story… ha! Like that would ever happen. I mean really the chances of technology even getting that good are slim to none in this day in age. It would take centuries to even come up with a prototype and even then you still have to work out all the bugs and kinks and s**t. My best bet is to write as much as I can of everything that I’m thinking and hope it turns into something great.

               In case you haven’t figured it out already I ramble and along the way of rambling I come up with crazy ideas, which is why I’m sure I have the friends that I have and the friends that love me. Trust me when I say they love me, one time I rambled on about how hats shouldn’t be against dress code and my friend Malory pushed me into the street, but then she decided she loved me too much and jumped into the street to save me… she broke her arm that day. Ha! Okay, I’m totally joking, that never happened, but that is another thing about me, I like to make s**t up. I just can’t help it it’s in my DNA something that I just had no choice over. Whether or not that’s true I’m not exactly sure, I mean who is sure exactly how a person develops their sense of humor, it most certainly can’t be hereditary, it has to be developed or something…. Anyway! Back to my story… oh that’s right, I don’t have one yet.

© 2010 Nichole Marie

Author's Note

Nichole Marie
I was just writing down what was running through my head so basically the main character is me I guess...? Don't really know where I'm going with this so anything is helpful.

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Added on June 16, 2010
Last Updated on June 16, 2010


Nichole Marie
Nichole Marie

Seattle, WA

My Name is Nichole I live in the Puget sound so it rains a hell of a lot, which is nice. Rain inspires me. I use to write a lot but for some reason I don't anymore, but I am currently working on a new.. more..