Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Moonbeam Rose

Tahiri Veila walked down the crowded halls of the Jedi Temple and sighed as she turned a corner. She was on her way to go and see Master Skywalker. She didn’t know what he wanted with her this time. She knew that her training had been slipping as of late as she wasn’t really paying much attention to what the other Masters had to tell her. All they kept doing was repeating the same thing but in different voices and languages. She was tired of being told that she needed to learn how to control her anger and quit being so rash. She was tired of listening to them. They hadn’t been the ones to survive the shapers of the Yuuzhan Vong. They hadn’t had their memories altered so that in fact they thought that they were Riina. She sighed and shook her head as she reached Master Skywalker’s office. She tapped at the door still forcing back the memories and her anger at them. The door opened and she entered. The room was pretty much bare minus the desk that took up most of the room. In front of the desk were two plush chairs, Master Skywalker motioned for her to sit down. She walked up to a chair and did as she was ordered to then looked at him. “You called for me Master Skywalker?” She said softly as she brushed back her hair from her face. Her fingers brushing the scars where the worse of the implants had been.

He nodded, as he looked at her his hand resting on the top of his desk. “Tahiri, I’ve been told that you are not paying attention to the masters that I’ve placed you with. Why is that?” He asked as he watched her with his piercing blue eyes. When she didn’t answer he smiled softly at he. “Tahiri, I know that you have been through a really rough time, but please you must let us help you. We are your friends. There is no one here who would hurt you.” He said calmly as he watched her from the other side of the desk.

She took a deep breath then let it out. This was going to be harder than she though. She originally was going to come here and really let him have it, but now he called himself her friend. She didn't have friends. No one really ever wanted to be friends with her. “Master Skywalker, I thank you for your never ending support after everything that has happened to me, but I must ask that you respect my wishes to no longer be told that I am too rash. I will not change the way I am. The way that I was raised.” She smiled softly at him as she stood and looked at him from her side of the desk. “Master Skywalker, I thank you for everything that you have taught me here. I thank you for so much but I’m sorry if I’m not listening to the other masters. They haven’t lived through what I have. I’m not saying that my wounds are worse than theirs but I’m saying that they can not expect me to really understand them, just like I can’t expect them to understand me.”

Luke nodded once and smiled. “Very good Tahiri, you have learned everything I’ve been asking the other masters to teach you.” He smiled brightly as he stood up and walked around the desk towards her.

She shook her head as she watched him. “What do you mean Master?” She asked as she turned to face him.

He smiled as her again as he reached her side and took her hands in his. “My dear Tahiri, I have been testing you this whole time to see if you could handle what others might think of you now that you’ve finally seemed to be handling your problems.”

She looked at him in shock. “Testing me? For what?” She asked as she pulled away from him. She didn’t know what to think of this news. She was shocked that he would act in such a way towards her. Then she wondered why she was so shocked in the first place.

“I’ve been watching you and trying to see if you were ready for the next step in your training Tahiri.” He said as he walked back to his seat and sat down. He nodded as he looked at a datapad then smiled up at her. “You’re free to go now. I’ll send you your new schedule later in the day.”

She shook her head as she turned and left the room. Once outside she headed towards her quarters her mind still racing with the news that she’d just been given. “New training? Tests? What was he going on about?” She said to no one at all as she walked down the quiet halls. She reached her room and sighed as she entered the small area. She looked at her desk and noticed that the mail had been dropped off. Walking over to it she picked up the holo cube that was sitting on the desk and looked it over. On it was a mark shaped like a small blaster. The mark was to let her know who had sent the cube. She smiled softly as she looked for the activation switch. “Shada, you cutie. I love you so much thank the force that you are one of my few friends.” She said as she found the switch and activated the holo.

The holo showed Shada sitting down at what looked to be her desk smiling brightly as she waved at someone who was off screen. “Hey sweetness, what’s up with you? I hope that my uncle is treating you all right. Don’t worry yourself out too much though okay? I’ve talked with Jai and she said that she would gladly send for you to come and join us all here on the Heart.” Shada smiled again as she pulled at someone who was off screen to come in front of the recorder. “Hey look who I found.” She said as the young man that she’d been pulling walked into view. He was tall with short brown hair that fell to just above his ears. His blue eyes shined brightly as he smiled at the recorder. “Say hi Anakin.” Shada scolded him.

Anakin Solo waved merrily. “Who am I saying hi to?” He asked in his usual merry voice.

Shada shook her head and replied. “Little brothers. So anyways Tahiri.” She smiled as she said her name and watched her brother’s expression change to one of pure joy. “I’m sorry Anakin is being such a brat. So what was I saying before he interrupted us? Oh yeah I was telling you that Jai would really like it if you came to the Heart and stayed with us all.” She smiled softly as she held her hands together and pleaded with her friend. “Please, sweetness, please for me. Come and join us.” The holo cut off then leaving Tahiri with only a quick glimpse of Anakin and Shada both begging her to come join them.

A few days later she stood at the foot of the shuttle that was going to take her up to the Super Star Destroyer Smuggler’s Heart. She looked back at Master Skywalker and his wife. Both of who had come down with her to see her off. She smiled as she headed for the landing ramp. “Don’t worry about me so much Master.” She said to Luke. “I’ll be alright. I’ll be with your family. What harm can I possibly get into up there with them.” She smiled again.

“That’s what worries me at times.” Luke joked back with her as she walked up and into the shuttle the landing ramp rising behind her and powering up to take off.

“She’ll be fine my love.” Mara Jade Skywalker said as she placed a hand around his waist. “You worry too much you know that?” She teased him. He smiled back as the shuttle took off drowning out anything that he could have said to her.

© 2008 Moonbeam Rose

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It'll be alright Tahiri.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I have always enjoyed this piece of art my love. Everything that you do is amazing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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