Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Moonbeam Rose

She woke the next morning to the sounds of fighting in the hall just outside the door to her sleeping quarters. Getting up she went to the door and opened it trying to find out what was going on. She walked out to find an older gentleman standing by her room screaming at a younger one. “She’s one of them. She’s going to kill us all. We should kill her first. Get out of my way here she comes.”

The younger man turned and it was Homicide. “Tahiri, get back into your room where it’s safe.” He said as he pushed the older man back a bit. The other man wasn’t going to be held back any longer and drew his blaster, pointing it at her chest. Tahiri watched as he pulled the trigger. Homicide heard the shot go off but couldn’t do any more than hit the older man in the face knocking him out as the shot sped for Tahiri.

She held her hand at her waist palm facing the floor as she waited then moved her hand off to the side. The shot followed her hand movement and hit the wall causing no harm to anyone. She smiled a bit as Homicide looked at her in surprise. “You’re a Jedi? Or are you Sith?” He asked. She shook her head not answering his question in front of anyone who was standing in the hallway. She looked down at the man at Homicide’s feet and sighed as she turned and headed back into her room. Homicide followed her, leaving the man outside for his buddies to pick up. “So what are you?” He asked as he leaned against the little desk that she had in the room.

“I’m a Jedi knight. I’ve been training at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy.” She smiled softly at him as she moved around the small room. “I want to become a Jedi Master one day, but I don’t think that I am good enough to do so. I’m not like the other students who can control their feelings. I’m kind of raw like that.” She blushed as she spoke. It was the first time that she’d told anyone other than her master that she wanted to gain the rank of master herself one day.

He nodded and smiled back. “Are you okay though? I mean you didn’t get hit by the shot did you?” he asked as he looked at her arms.

She laughed softly as she shook her head letting her hair slip over her shoulders. “No, I’m fine, the wall might not be, but I’m alright.” She wondered if Master Skywalker would be proud of her. “It was a trick I learned from my master.” She sighed as she leaned against the wall. “Well I guess I’ll just lock myself up in here for the rest of the trip. I mean I would really hate to have a run in with that guy again.” She said softly.

Homicide looked at her and smiled. “If you hide away then you’ll never live up to your goal of being a great Jedi master someday.” He said as he watched her carefully.

She smiled a bit. “What do you know about Jedi?” She asked as she pushed off the wall and sat on the bunk that was her bed.

“A lot more than you might think I do.” He said in a slightly cold voice. He smiled softly then. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to be so cold to you. Look I’d better go and let you get on with your day. See you around Tahiri Veila.” He waved then turned and walked out leaving her alone.

She pulled her legs up onto the bunk and crossed them, shutting her eyes she let herself fall into a meditative state. Images flashed before her eyes. Her and Anakin standing in the forests of Yavin 4 as the Yuuzhan Vong attacked all around them. Master Ikrit’s death back on the forest moon. Her being separated from Anakin and captured by the Yuuzhan Vong. The endless hours of torture and pain that she endured at their hands as they tried to break her. When she wouldn’t break they tried to shape her into one of them, erasing many of her memories and placing new ones it the empty areas. Anakin fighting the whole way to save her from them, him finding her standing side by side with them as he called her name. Her telling him that Tahiri Veila was dead and Riina Kwaad had taken her place. Him telling her that no matter what the Vong had done to her, she’d still be his best friend. His repeated claims of loving her as she turned dark on him, as Riina started to take hold of her more and more after the death of Mezhan Kwaad. Their rather narrow escape from the Vong after one of the once shamed ones gave them the chance. Their promise to go and fight together, then the mission to Myrkr and his death there. The blinding light that took him from her, or so she had thought.

She opened her eyes as more tears slipped down her already wet cheeks. She pulled her knees up to her chest resting her head on the tops of them and cried. Now she was a day out from the Heart, a day away from seeing him again. Her heart hurt so much right now. She had thought that he’d been dead this whole time. The whole time she’d been fighting this internal battle with herself to keep going and not to quit. She’d made sure that she lived on and kept fighting after his death, even thought she really hadn’t wanted to. She sighed heavily as the tears kept falling, she was about to give up again when she’d found the holo on her desk back at the academy from Shada, then to see Anakin in the background. It had opened all the old wounds again. She sighed as she wiped her eyes as she stood up. She needed something to eat. Looking at the time she noticed that the day had passed while she relived the past. She sighed again as she reached the door and walked out, heading down the hall to the galley to grab something small to eat then head back to her room for the night.


© 2008 Moonbeam Rose

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Poor Tahiri

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I love reading all that you write my love. You are a truly gifted writer and never forget that.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Moonbeam Rose
Moonbeam Rose

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Hey there, my name is Kat. I love to write, especially fanfiction and poetry. I am a huge Star Wars, Twilight and Harry Potter fan. I also RPG as a few characters in each aspect. I am a very proud Wic.. more..