A Poem by Moonbeam Rose

Writen in honor of Laurel K. Hamilton's character the vampire Jean-Cluade from the Anita Black series.


Older than I care to remember

Yet still able not to ever age

I am a Vampire

A child of the night

The son of Belle Morte

I come from a land far away

I ow settle in St. Louis

I am the Master of the city

I am in love with but one woman

I love her with my undead heart

But sometimes I know that she does not

I feel her in my head like a bit of thought forgotten

I feel her under my skin

Or is that her power over the dead?

I look across my bed at the other who stands there

His name is Asher and once was my lover

He's my second in comand

Yet I still burn for him

His long blonde hair and yes,

Even the holy water scars

I love the feel of him under me

But yet as much as I might miss it

I will not let myself goo

For we both fear ma petite

Yet as much as I fear her anger

I know that I could roll her

If I was but willing to do so

But I love that fire far too much

To watch it die

Yet still my love for the burns

As I stand here across the room from one

My long black hair curled

My blue eyes darker and deeper than the oceans

My pale ivory skn cold to the touch

For I have yet to feed

I have yet to breath

My heart does not beat

Until ma petite comes walking thru my door.

© 2008 Moonbeam Rose

Author's Note

Moonbeam Rose
please ignore any type o's.

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Grrrr.....I still want him to feed off me d****t. At least I could love him *cries* Oh well you're better than he is anyway. I still love this poem, it is as wonderful and powerful as when you first wrote it.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on April 4, 2008


Moonbeam Rose
Moonbeam Rose

Santa Maria, CA

Hey there, my name is Kat. I love to write, especially fanfiction and poetry. I am a huge Star Wars, Twilight and Harry Potter fan. I also RPG as a few characters in each aspect. I am a very proud Wic.. more..