Rhythm Recycled *With Evoca

Rhythm Recycled *With Evoca

A Poem by Li Li

Not sure about the recording yet... may do that part over. Self productions don't always go so well. Lol.






It beats...






It's The Rhythm....


It found me young and restless,

in need of forming me,

into what it wanted me,

to be....

It  manipulates me,

seduces me.

Like a transfusion it's in my veins,

and what you're hearing is its conclusion.


On how to take soul and give it spirit;

and I...


fear it...


So now...


I am...


The Rhythm....


The meter of the melody.

Science of the sound.

Motive of the metronome.

Where the forte is found.

Sharpness of the stuccatto.

Balance of the beat.

The rapture of the rhapsody,

is what I complete....


I am the face of rock n' roll.

Classic build,

hip hop, R & B soul.

Country grammar;

with jazz personality.

Conducting calm, collected, compositions,

from an orchestrated mentality.


There was a reason Bach struck those keys.

Why, Beethoven composed those, symphonies.

And there's a reason why that same bloodstream,

exists in me....


I am....


The Rhythm....


Through each beat....




I speak....

© 2009 Li Li

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Featured Review

I had to listen to it again to focus more on the words. I was captured by your voice and ambiance that it gave. Your voice is incredible! But to the poem.......

I love feelings expressed about something as intimate as music and melody. You words compliment an incredible vocabulary and detailed appreciation for the smallest of sounds and cords....

"The meter of the melody.
Science of the sound.
Motive of the metronome.
Where the forte is found."

Beautiful poem Alicia!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Very interesting indeed, I liked this a lot, well done.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Beautiful flow.. I absolutely love this piece! Very vivid depiction of our art. Rhythmic and perfectly performed.. I aspire to be as good as you someday.

Posted 6 Years Ago

You are not only a poet..but a talented musician. Like music falling of the sheet...it flowed...and beautifully so.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Yeah, I love this. Beautifully done!

Posted 11 Years Ago

LiLI you may not remember me ... i went to say hello to Carl and saw your comment so i came to see what you were writing about these days.. really blown away reading/listening .. this is GOOD girl!
it is smooth like velvet , confident and so powerful.. makes me want to write something strong .. this is very good ! Matter of fact it is great.. you do have the rhythm!

Posted 11 Years Ago


Hawksmoor...From The Bleed.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I love this poem it sound as good as it is written.
great write

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Is there No end to LiLi's talent. This is a amzing delisious peice of Poetric Evoka and Spoken Word. Soft and like Velvet but strong in its composistion and it delivery. Rhythm it's what drives us to write to sing every thing in life needs a metor. I like the way this peice begins in the fact that LiLi didn't find the Rhythm the Rhythm found LilI a young and restless LiLi saw that she was a little rough round the edges. But saw potential and thought "Hey Girl You need some poetry in your life" so it worked in her nurtured her brought out her talent and even tho she may have kicked and screamed Rhythm keep believing in her never taking her eyes off her talent and her ability to put words on a page. LILi's award for poet of the year is a much for Rhythm as it is for Alicia.

I love the lines "Like a transfusion it's in my veins" It's drives us inspires us quickens us wakes us up keeps us watchful intrested we write as poets not because we need to but because we have to. That's Rhythm
the beat the life force The hope that something better is coming. She has alwys been here as LILI eludes to later and she will always be here to bring forth a new generation of poets singers artists and dancers.

There is top- notch Aliteration in this peice about a third of the way down Metronome Forte Metor Beat all get naned checked in what is the best peice of the poem for me. The words used in that aliterated section were well thought out and covers about every angle of Rhythm. There is Rhpsody in the Melody. Amazing
So having taken us through the different beats of Rhythm LilI is not content she then takes us on a musical journey that spans the decades from Jazz to RnB Soul Classical. ( no opera lol) The masters of that genre get checked later... There is so much in this peice .

Bach Beethoven (Legends ) are cmpared to in the last stanza not that LilI believes she is up there with the classical masters if you thought that you were mistaken. The only reason she is comparing heerself with them is that the same Rhythm that flowed so evidentley in thier blood is the same Rhythm that flows so eveidently in hers.
Awesome amazing and a brilliant brilliant peice
Much Love N Respect

Posted 12 Years Ago

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OMG! Fabulous & Fantasmick! I loved that you had audio everything just fit. it was like i was on a vacation from the office for a few short minutes i could feel the sand and the breeze and smell the salt water. I went to the BEACH you took me away.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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